Cosmic Human – the future forecast

Cosmic Human – the future forecast

What kind of humans can we become if we choose to live in a harmonious and safe world?

If you are interested in future forecasts, you can imagine what kind of human an individual can become in the nearest and distant future. In this article we’ll talk about the abilities and opportunities of the human person, which he will discover during evolution in the Human development direction. In the description of the Iissiidiological signs of cosmic future Man, you will find the direct interdependence of your mind and the state of your health, the possibility of transition from survival to a full creative life, multi-helical DNA and much more.

To live, not to survive — how is that possible? This requires that basic biological needs were met, and resources for the creative life were enough for everyone. It seems that the technological automation of production of food, materials, fuel and resources would be enough for that. However, for the way of technologies not to devalue human life, an intense moral and intellectual development of man should be carried out simultaneously. 

Cosmic Human is the one who stands firmly on these two «legs»: the development of material and moral values. He can interact with any human, animal and creature from other planets conflict-free, without damaging and losing own awareness. Iissiidiology argues that only with this approach to the development, modern man will turn to Cosmic Human, which is beneficial, but not harmful to the planet and cosmos.

Biological and psychological differences between Cosmic Human and a present human being

  • the brain is rebuilt; the activity of the prefrontal cortex prevails over the divisions of the brain responsible for instinctive reactions;
  • so-called “aggression genes” are deactivated in the DNA; the spiral chains of nucleotides are added to the DNA molecule. They allow to encode more complex biostructure of the body corresponding to the new psychic abilities; 
  • accordingly, the cellular biological structure of the body is modified. The frame of the organism is not protein-carbohydrate, but photon-gluon; 
  • intuitive superpowers are developed;
  • the experience of instinctive unconscious is transformed into the “higher” levels of consciousness and more.

For this strange Human, the conditions of life are required in which He could, at least, survive. The lack of aggression genes and instinctive activity of the brain would lead any such Human to death in the modern world, as well as in the technocratic versions of our future. In the favorable versions of future, the physical laws themselves correspond to the development level of People with a capital P. The atomic-molecular basis of matter promptly responds to the thought and feeling of the Human and rebuilds in accordance with His internal States. In such circumstances of the materiality, People should have a sustainable, highly conscious perception of life along with the absence of the “aggression genes” in the DNA in order not to kill all life around and Themselves in a few hours. For this purpose, the mentality of future Man will necessarily include two characteristics, two states: high feeling Intellect and high intellectual Altruism. 

Basic mental conditions of a Cosmic Human

High intellectual Altruism is a condition that includes the best expressions of love: compassion, conscientiousness, fairness, respectfulness, sensitivity and others. It is a condition of wisdom in combination with a detailed understanding of cause-and-effect relationships of different events. Altruism or dedication in this state are unselfish, but not stupid. Unselfishness allows an individual not to expect benefits as a result of his altruistic actions. The high intelligence endows the individual with an ability to be prepared to accept any value from life, people with gratitude and with benefit to his spiritual growth. 

High feeling Intellect is a state that combines prudence, responsibility, insight (and many others), which are based on deep knowledge. In fact, it is the state, in which the intensive work of mind is dedicated to the embodiment of high feeling ideals: love, unity among people and harmony in the relationships. This state is an intensive, yet intuitive, unlimited smart search in solving a variety of problems, from scientific to everyday. In the state of high feeling Intellect, an individual is free of vanity, cynicism and focus on personal gain. 

In the mentality of the future Man, it is impossible to imagine his further existence without these two states either among People, or, especially, in contacts with alien civilizations. The destructiveness of the current human mentality with underdeveloped intellect and sensuousness is visible in the numerous examples of aggressive contacts with humans, animals, plant life. To restore order on Earth, to establish harmonious contacts with the life beyond and to become cosmic Human, it is important to understand the criteria for the Human development direction. It is important to build your individual path to a new society, and Iissiidiology can help with this. 

The laws of the material world and the degree of human development are closely related. Iissiidiology provides both a detailed and a brief explanation of the relationship between thought-feeling activity of man and atomic-molecular processes in his body and in the world around. 

It was a brief overview of the features of our nearest options of the development into cosmic Human. His evolution continues on Earth and on other planets. And we, undoubtedly, have the opportunity to continue it where we want! 

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