Life in many worlds in Iissiidiology

Life in many worlds in Iissiidiology

Consciously or not, we “attract”, like a magnet, corresponding worlds and scenarios.

Excessive attachment to your loved one, drug dependence, uncontrolled emotions or illuminations “from above” — we have been always interested in the reasons for such kinds of experience because their consequences are fateful for us. “Could my life be different?” each of us asked ourselves at least once in his life, “Why everything happens the way it does?” And a man is sinking into the mental simulation of other scenarios of his life, or an individual event. Sometimes modeling comes naturally: every day we remember past things, fantasize about the future, plan tomorrow, live some of the imagery in dreams and meditations, feel and foresee intuitively probable events. The ideas about other versions of events and even life are possible for an individual partly due to the principle of many-worlds multiverse (parallel universes) — one of the fundamental principles of the macrocosmos. 

No matter how fantastic the multiverse phenomenon looks like, it affects us every day. Where to go to study or work? Whether to enter into a family relationship with this person? Thinking, we simulate the thoughts of our future and listen to the feelings and response of its options. Intuition, déjà vu and other effects of consciousness can also help us to get information from other life scenarios in other worlds. It’s just that we are accustomed to consider the other scenarios imagined. Iissiidiology claims that they are as real as our current life. And our “doubles” are also real there. Yes, some of them are very similar to us reading this article, and someone has a different haircut, hair color, clothing style, living conditions and even health. 

What are the worlds of human existence? 

In different worlds, not only our doubles differ, but the circumstances surrounding them do. In one scenario, the sky is clear today, in the other scenario, it is cloudy, and in the third one, it started to rain in the morning… These many worlds are slightly different from our current one. You are also slightly different in each of these worlds: due to the different weather, you change the mood and plans, the day is developing differently, and in the evening you are the owner of a different experience. And there are worlds where today’s date even has other historical events that do not happen in your current world: somewhere a third world war has been deployed and all our goals in life have been changed abruptly. 

What the current I have to do with parallel scenarios in parallel universes? Why should I know this? 

In each world, there are our doubles, whose lives seem unrelated to ours. However, the connection between us is strong: this relationship shapes our destiny. At times, you meet a stranger and feel an unfounded vivid sympathy or strong dislike about him. This can be explained by the influence of the experience received by our counterparts in the parallel scenarios, worlds. Unexplained fears, visions, feelings and impressions are the echoes of the events unfolding in other worlds for clear and obvious (in those worlds!) reasons. 

Human life experience acquired in other worlds and scenarios affects his current scenario and even more. 

Given that, we choose by ourselves the worlds, in which we self-realize in every moment. We have to choose which kind of experience we should receive now, which one we should receive later, and which one we should discard. The choice may be automatic and unconscious (without thinking, we brush our teeth, dress up, close the door when entering the room), and deliberate (we plan a conversation, choose a color for decorating, give a name to the baby at birth, etc.). We have to decide how our day will go and what kind of relationship we should build with our environment. Consciously or not, we “attract”, like a magnet, corresponding worlds and scenarios where we get the necessary experience. We choose an experience of walking in the rain or under clear skies; an experience of laboratory research or long distance travel; an experience of a bachelor or a large family parent. Thus, we are not really in any world, but in the one which corresponds to our notions about life, people, about ourselves and the biological needs. 

How a man, his mind is combined with the suitable world? 

Human consciousness superposes by the frequency of vibrations with the corresponding world on the principle of resonationness. Resonationness is the same resonance (from Latin resono — I respond), coincidence of frequencies (remember physics), but concerning consciousness. 

Every moment consciousness, its focus resonationally shifts from world to world several times per second. In Iissiidiology, this transition is called refocusing of consciousness. This means that consciousness focuses, concentrates on a narrow-directed interest — one of many available to it. The focus of consciousness superposes with a world in which the biological body and the perception system of an individual suit best for the implementation of this interest. The focus of human consciousness constantly displaces through the parallel universes or worlds in accordance with the most active interest — the most urgent need in obtaining experience (on the principle of resonationness). An individual can both consciously send his refocusings into interesting to him, life scenarios and “move” (refocus) from world to world unconsciously (automatically). How and why some kind of refocusings take place, read here

Does this mean that we can influence our future? Can we change the past? 

We can. Refocusings of an individual affect not only his personal life and immediate environment. The study of multiverse with Iissiidiology allows one to build consciously most of his refocusings and understand the use and meaning of refocusings of other people. Increasing the level of awareness of refocusings, we are improving not only the personal quality of life but also the quality of life for all people, country and humanity as a whole. Indeed, it is possible to end up in the worlds where we live better, where there is everything we and our loved ones require, where there are no wars and global problems of mankind are solved! To get into such worlds, one needs to understand that he has to persevere on the path of self-development into such a future. Then, an individual actively interested in such a society and in own compliance with it will realize himself in these worlds sooner or later, according to the principle of resonationness. 

Read how refocusings of consciousness continue after death, what options for the future are waiting for us on Earth and other planets and how man will change in the future — on this site! 

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