Man in the Universe — hidden connections

Man in the Universe — hidden connections

There are intermediaries between the mental condition of an individual and surrounding circumstances.

Life likes to bring surprises. Among them, really global revelations occur. They could be dismissal from employment at a, seemingly, successful career; a departure of a loved person at the time when it was going to the wedding. And sometimes it is the reverse: nothing happens although an individual does his utmost to conquer the career ladder, or goes on dates, or tries to establish a relationship with the relative. 

Often, in search of answers, an individual draws deep into own consciousness and looks for the cause in himself. When the connection between the choices and the surrounding events is not evident, one can accept, trust life, find advantages in own difficult situation. It is certainly not redundant, but what if one learns how simultaneously to find peace of mind and to find out new things about the connection between man and the universe? Iissiidiology argues that it is possible to trace the chain of cause-effect — from oneself to any events in the world. One should start with the right questions: 

  • What is the impact of unspoken, unexpressed by actions, feelings on the individual’s life in the present and the future? 
  • How do these feelings literally change the material world around the individual? 

Microcosm, macrocosm and intermediaries

The answers lie in the conjunction “microcosm — macrocosm” or in other words — in the hidden connection “the activity of elementary particles — human consciousness”. We are talking about the properties of the carriers of any interaction — elementary particles — the smallest constituents of matter. Our body and mind can not do without the activity of the particles. The voluntary or involuntary influence of people, animals, plants, natural phenomena on each other — all this is described in Iissiidiology, which links the psychology of personality with a new look at the quantum nature of the world. 

Between the mental condition of an individual and the circumstances around him, there are intermediaries that reflect his states to the material world. These are elementary particles. They include protons, electrons, photons, tachyons and many others. They provide the connection of an individual with the following. 

  • Parallel worlds and scenarios of his life. Among all kinds of development scenarios of the career, the individual is in those where he’s got fired from work. He unconsciously made a choice in favor of such a scenario, and the whole world has adjusted to this choice. This “adjustment” is governed by particles. 
  • His past and future. Some conflicts with people are long gone, but when the individual is meeting them, he can confront them, repeating an old conflict role from their past relationships. Or the individual anticipates the future success in a new project, although people around say it’s hopeless. In the end, the project acquires popularity — intuition is also not without the activity of elementary particles. 

Also they reveal the mechanism of unexplained fears. Fears of heights, sudden death, confined space, poisonous reptiles and many others are associated with the experience of such situations with a “fatal outcome” in parallel universes and worlds. 

The carriers of these interactions — elementary and subelementary particles — are involved in any interaction of an individual. By the way, mirror neurons, which help people to read the mood of each other non-verbally, also would not work without them. Some particles are specialized in the attraction of people and events “on resonance”, the others are specialized in the formation of the directions of individual life scenarios and so on. 

The most common particles in the interactions of man with the parallel universes are photons, particles of light, transmitters of electromagnetic waves. All interactions on the principle of “man — man” and “man — nature” are feasible due to the photon fluxes. The amazing thing here is that the choice of the individual, what state he is now to experience, determines which photons he will emit. The types of experience at low vibrations — fear or anger — trigger the emission of low-vibrational (ernilgmanent) photons, and the high vibrational states of love, self-sacrifice or intellectual illumination stimulate the emission of appropriate, high vibrational (frazulert) photons. Most of our everyday types of experience structure the space with permanent (normal) photons. We note that physics does not hold such distinctions whereas Iissiidiology considering the unique properties of each individual photon (and of every elementary, subelementary particle). 

Self-consciousness and quantum world connection

Self-consciousness of a man produces mental states and enables their transmitters — photons of appropriate (high, rough, “ordinary”) vibrations as well as other elementary and subelementary particles. Thus, constantly emitting photons of certain vibrations and properties, the man literally materializes the world around himself. Here we need a brief scientific explanation. There is such a phenomenon — quantum entanglement of photons and other elementary particles. Changes in the parameters of one of the entangled photons are instantly reflected in the behavior of the other photon, which may be arbitrarily far from the first one. Instantly means faster than light (300 thousand km/s), which is impossible in relativity theory, but is quite real in practice. For example, the photons emitted by the human brain are entangled with the photons from the surrounding objects. Every moment the photons of the human brain (and whole body) are being changed in sync with the photons of the surrounding world. And then the stages of compaction of groups of photons occur to material objects and natural phenomena known to us. 

Quantum entanglement is of great interest to scientists in resolving the question: does the observer influence the reality, and, if so, how does he do this? The number of answers “Yes” gets bigger every year — there gradually appear indirect proofs of the influence of the observer on the outcome of the experiment in the quantum scale. This is evidenced by experiments on fullerene molecules, rubidium atoms, as well as photons and electrons in the famous double-slit experiment. And since 2016, scientists from the universities of Calgary and Alberta (Canada) have been developing a theory of bio-photons, which are supposed to demonstrate quantum entanglement of human consciousness and the surrounding world. 

Thus, in the process of selecting a fate, human consciousness is involved on the one hand, and the properties of photons are on the other. You will be surprised at what a great diversity of worlds and conditions of life is possible for human being within them; how many options of forms of life are possible to choose. 

“Great, and are there any worlds where I have a happy family and a good job? Is it possible to earn a living without heavy shocks?” you ask. It is possible! You can understand through Iissiidiology how the same particles are arranged into a visible world. It is not enough to understand your own psyche and the motives of your conduct (you want — you try — you have mastered the profession and made money; you want — you try — you have built relationships and created a family). We can set the trends of various events and relationships, but life, for its part, completes the picture without our approval. Fortunately, the mechanisms for the completing (materialization of reality) can be dealt with Iissiidiology. You will learn about the properties of elementary particles, the properties of space and time, the laws and principles of the Macrocosmos — all these abstract principles directly form our specific life on earth. 

What is the use of considering the communications between man and the world from the position of the quantum nature of everything? 

  • The quantum world connects our experience with the events of the surrounding world. In addition, there are no barriers for particles between the parallel universes and worlds! They help us to experience the impact and feelings from events that appear in our imagination, but in fact, happen in parallel worlds. So we are afraid of what hasn’t happened yet; feel excited while thinking about the purpose, which has not yet been reached, or experience the oppression of the unhappy past for a reason. 
  • Exploring the link between different particles and human consciousness with the help of Iissiidiology, we will be able to understand the relationship not only of the worlds similar to our world but of the worlds obeying different laws of nature (“subtle” worlds; worlds where earthlings actively interact with cosmic civilizations, and others). The quantum world can tell us much about the unity and interrelatedness of a variety of worlds and creatures (self-consciousnesses forms). 
  • Elementary particles carry the information not only about past but also about future events in the individual’s life — from his Best Version of Himself, which has already built a happy life and solved all the problems that burden this individual so much in the present! Iissiidiology claims that a man will find an amazing path of evolution to a Human from the capital H — to a Cosmic Human! 

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