The future life of Earth and extraterrestrial life

The future life of Earth and extraterrestrial life

Possible scenarios of the future – happy and sad perspectives of man’s life.

It is good when we care about not only our personal future, but also about the future life of our planet and the entire human community. Interest in predictions of the future may not be quite idle — it is important for us to imagine what the effect of our today actions will be. If we are aware of the opportunities of the future, we can influence our present day and consciously get closer to the desired goals, whether in personal life or on a global scale! 

This article gives a brief overview of the future forecasts which the author of Iissiidiology, Oris has studied in profound meditations. This future can be depressing as well as beneficial for people. It can even go beyond planetary existence, and all these probabilities — it is our choice. Let us talk about the most obvious scenarios of the future of Earth, which the author of Iissiidiology, and not only he could see. 

Prosperous intellectual-altruistic society

People in such a society develop balanced intellectual and sensual aspects of life. There is no more need for a military, law enforcement and financial systems as we know them now. When alternative sources of energy are developed and matter itself becomes vulnerable for the synthesis of new substances and objects, access to the resources is very simple. It is impossible already to speculate on the resources for the sake of pricing, competition and separation of powers. The sense is lost of trading the resources and fighting for them. Therefore, the administrations and authorities are redefined. 

How will it be possible for people with the current mentality? The fact is that, with the steady development of high sensuousness and intelligence, people become less dependent on rough instinctive and aggressive impulses. In some scenarios, people themselves gradually become conscious, while in some, people have a catalyst for the development — inversion-ray refocusings. What does it mean? 

The inversion-ray refocusing is a transformation of the mind and human biology due to the penetration of solar wind plasma into the hole in the Earth’s magnetic field. The consequences are global restructuring of the planet’s ionosphere and magnetosphere, of the natural processes and human biology. Inversion-ray refocusings allow an individual to self-realize in a new earth civilization, which successfully expands to other planets and contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. We will talk later about the exploration of other planets, but for now will continue to consider a future where a community of people has become harmonious-intellectual-altruistic. 

Due to this refocusing people rapidly get rid of the unconscious part of the psyche — rude, aggressive, instinctive urges. Accordingly, they get the architecture of the brain and hormonal system reconstructed. The release of stress hormones and the activity of the brain lobes responsible for biological survival will no longer be required. What is remarkable: man recognizes himself as a representative of a new, improved Human species — a bioplasmic form, just with a mutated brain, hormonal system and different, bioplasmic structure of DNA. Kind and reasonable, intellectual-altruistic attitude to each other and the world is natural for the bioplasmic People. Positive thoughts and feelings, which we now have available only sometimes, comprise the usual basis of the psyche of the bioplasmic People. 

This scenario for the future life, as well as others, is quite possible. Modern people have the makings for the intellectual-sensuous development and the desire to live in peace and goodness. So one day, when 30-40% of the world’s population develop the best human qualities, people will be able to recognize themselves in a world where dreams of such a future become reality. In fact, there will occur a gradual refocusing of human consciousness into one of the future worlds by virtue of the multiworld principle. 

Is the brighter future of Earth the only option for us? Not at all. It was said above that people will be able to acquire a highly developed bioplasmic form if 30-40% of people are mentally ready for it. If the current way of life (survival, in fact) will remain to dominate on the planet, one day people will find themselves in the future, which will tempt even more to aggressive survival. The choice of the future depends on what levels of self-consciousness, which subpersonalities of the psyche and in the choices of an individual will be active over time and in particular, at the inverse-ray refocusing. In other words, an individual chooses own future based on the values that he has developed throughout the life: love or hate, intelligence or stupidity, joy or depression… 

It was said above about what future is waiting for us with the conscious development of sensuousness and intellectuality in balance. However, another future is probable whose most obvious perspective can be embodied in a technocratic, selfish-rational society. 

Technocratic society

Such a future forecast will come if the intellectual progress of developed countries continues to rapidly rush forward, and the mental development of people remains at a very low level. It is easy to imagine, assuming that the race for efficiency in the systems of finance, military defense, education, medicine, etc. will only increase financial and social division between people. The growing difference in the welfare of people will create even more tension in the society. Once we will get a technocratic human society in case we do not increase the status and importance of the feelings of unity, mutual assistance, responsibility to humanity and mindfulness along with notorious efficiency. The gap between social classes will be so obvious that people will get the same slave-owing system that was in ancient times. However, the new system will look more cultural, clever and graceful. And in some scenarios, it will be extremely technocratic when artificial intelligence will enslave the human. Similar options for the future are reflected in the novel “We” by E. Zamyatin and in the movies “the Terminator”, “Matrix”, “I, robot”. The consequences of the devastating impact of technological progress without the development of morality are shown in the films “Equilibrium”, “Time”, “Road” and a cartoon “The Valley”. 

These are the two likely prospects for the future of Earth — intellectual-altruistic or technocratic community. Of course, they are possible in different variations, assuming that the current world is developing its course without a third world war and massive natural disasters. We will not dwell on the disastrous consequences of such scenarios. They are much more clearly modeled in the disaster feature movies. 

Back to the opportunities of realizing oneself in a completely different body after an inversion-ray refocusing. You can find yourself to be 

  • bioplasmic Earthling,
  • possibly a resident of another planet!

As a result of this refocusing, people can combine their minds with alien forms, belonging to more or less aggressive or benevolent representatives of extraterrestrial life as well as the ones very similar to current humans. The principle is the same concerning where an individual “ends up”. It depends on his achievements in self-development at the time of the refocusing: which intrinsic values the individual has raised at the appropriate levels of self-consciousness, that kind of civilization and the planet will “fit” him. Highly developed, intellectual-altruistic civilizations are presented in other space-time dimensions on the stars of Sirius (triple star), Alcyone, Pleyona, Taygeta, Maia, Atlas (in the Pleiades constellation), Procyon (the Small Dog constellation) and others. Technocratic civilizations are represented by the stars of Alpheratz (the Andromeda constellation), Elektra (the Pleiades constellation), in the Cassiopeia constellation and others. 

Where will we be in the near or distant future — it is up to each of us. We are related to all of these scenarios of the future, some of us more, some less. In our mind, there is a diversity of motives so far — from rough instinctive to highly moral ones. They create for us “crossroads”, in which we have to choose which motives, subpersonalities and levels of consciousness we should give an advantage in everyday choices. Of course, there is an opportunity to get to the worlds a favorable future, and Iissiidiology has tips for directing the refocusings of our consciousness there. This direction is called the Human development direction, which will lead its followers to the life of a cosmic Human. If you are interested in the prospects for the favorable development of the human, we invite you to continue reading on the links! 

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