§ Personal Self Consciousness and humanity Collective Cosmic Intelligence. Focus Dynamics are defined by information

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Personal Self Consciousness and “iceberg” of humanity Collective Cosmic Intelligence.  Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness gives Consciousness to Energy-Plasma. By differentiating in the 2.5-4.0 dimensional range, we become subjective and separated. However, our Focus Dynamics are defined by the quality of information in the Configuration.

1.0289 After quite primitive and instinctive reactions of the Form-Creators of the collective unconsciousness, including somatics (functioning of all systems in the biological organism) and psychosomatics, the next, higher-quality category of creative manifestation of the human Focus Dynamics is the «personalized» Self-Consciousness. I mean by the «personalized» Self-Consciousness only that part of our Focus Dynamics which is structured by narrowly-specific SFUURMM-Forms of our «current» (within the 2.5-4-dimensional diapason) Conceptions about «ourselves,» about possible relations with our outer reality, about a probable character of our interconnections both with other people and with all representatives of other Forms of Collective Cosmic Intelligences. I notionally subdivide this subjective part of the human Self-Consciousness into «lower» (elementary Focus Dynamics of the Self-Consciousness Form-Creators of the LLUU-VVU-Direction) and «higher» constituents that differ from each other in frequency ranges of manifestation typical of the SFUURMM-Forms that structure them: the former are manifested in resopasons from 2.5 dimension to 3.5 dimension, and the latter — from 3.5 to 4.0 dimension.

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