§ Focus Dynamics of personal Consciousness is like watching a movie. Intuitive choice of better scenarios

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Focus Dynamics of personal Consciousness is like  watching a movie. By enriching with experience of “personal” Self-Consciousness we displace Focus Dynamics in the higher levels of “personal” Self-Consciousness and lower levels of the Collective Unconscious. We cut the impact of a lower “personal” Self-Consciousness. Intuitive choice of better scenarios, targeting on altruistic choices.

1.0309 The effect caused by the Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators from all Levels of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness (the first two IISSIIDI-Centers) cab be compared with watching a feature film: as long as you observe what happens on the screen, your feelings and imagination help you to «live» each demonstrated situation, subjectively identifying yourself with the feelings and choices of the lead characters. Only after the film, when you completely understand its story line and all cause-and-effect interconnections between its characters, you begin to understand the true idea of the director. That is, the «personalized» Self-Consciousness helps us to feel current subjective details of actions and of the outer reality, forming and «projecting» (as SFUURMM-Forms of UU-VVU-copies) specifically-kleksed VVU-Information into the individual ODS of our Self-Consciousness Form; the VVU-Information is gradually accumulated and becomes our Experience, allowing for our wider perception and deeper understanding of the general Essence of everything that happens to us.

1.0310 We gradually enrich Self-Consciousnesses of our NUU-VVU-Forms with more complex SFUURMM-Forms, that is, with higher-quality Experience, and obtain the possibility to include, in our Focus Dynamics, more and more complex focal Configurations of the Form-Creators from higher Levels of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness in the 3.75-4.0-dimensional diapason (and also the lower collective Subconsciousness); this allows us to use our intuition to gradually «broaden» the outlook of our Focus Dynamics by several versions of simultaneously possible development scenarios, but every time we consciously choose only the one which maximally corresponds to our creative expectations and perspectives.

1.0311 Owing to this we «restrict» the influence of limited SFUURMM-Forms of the lower «personalized» Self-Consciousness over our psycho-mental creativity and acquire the ability to perceive a full chain of essentially important events, as though making their retrospective analysis not in detail but in whole, that is, analyzing many cause-and-effect interconnections that explain how exactly a certain action influenced the manifestation of some circumstances or events in our life creativity. This ability allows us to sequentially increase the focus activity of the Form-Creators from higher Levels of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness that assess each moment of our Life taking into account not realization of immediate egoistic interests but the whole diversified Experience simultaneously gained by «us personally» and by many other our — lower-quality — «personalized» Interpretations. And this summary Experience reliably orientates their Focus Dynamics to joint collective activities, altruistic choices, and intellectual development, because the higher-quality Focus Dynamics objectively provide them not only with a better biological state of the focused NUU-VVU-Forms, but also with a manifestation in higher-quality STC.

1.0312 The Higher «personalized» Self-Consciousness is manifested in people through states of elementary (motivated as beneficial to «a personality») altruism (caring for the family, friendship, love, charity, studying philosophy, esoterica, art, religious views, and so on), positive common sense, applied and abstract thinking (in science, production, business, legal studies, politics, management, economics, and so on). These manifestation Levels include activation and stable functioning of interconnections between the Form-Creators of wave-type NUU-VVU-Forms and the Focus Dynamics of flaks-type focal Configurations that represent SFUURMM-Forms of the lower collective Subconsciousness in individual ODS.

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