§ Characteristics of higher “personal” Self-Consciousness. Resistance to dissonational manifestations in the “outer world”

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Characteristics of higher “personal” Self-Consciousness. Activation the connections with Flaks levels. Resistance to dissonational manifestations in the outer world and fortitude. Molecular process in the brain. Myelination of axons.

1.0313 The greater the activity of the higher «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators in the Focus Dynamics of «a personality,» the more stable and deeper its ability to react in a balanced way to all possible dissonational manifestations of any Self-Consciousnesses Forms of the outer reality, and to tolerate any hardships, misfortunes, losses, disappointments, and all possible depressions that accompany necessary svilgs-spherational transformations in the information space of this Self-Consciousness Form (between the Form’s Form-Creators and Info-Creators of its individual ODS). This high-quality state is sometimes also called «fortitude.» It should be noted that its expression directly depends on the presence (in «a personality’s» Focus Dynamics) of higher-quality and stable energoinformational interconnections between the bio-Creators of the prefrontal cortex (they are responsible for decision-making, and correct «the personality’s» behavior in society like an orchestral conductor) and the bio-Creators of amygdala (they regulate your lower- and medium-frequency emotional states).

1.0314 If we consider molecular processes that provide realization of various psycho-mental states, it is possible to say that higher-quality interconnections between the bio-Creators become possible because the bio-Creators of neurons that provide transition of high-frequency Energy-Information can protect nerve fibers by an electrically-insulating capsule (that is, perform the so-called «myelinization of axons» that decreases diffusion of impulses and increases diameters of the axons; at the same time, the glutamate signalizer is just an instrument but not the main cause of myelinization); owing to this, a much greater number of all possible different-qualitative combinations can be formed between neurons. It is much easier for such «personalities» to use high-frequency motivations to control their negative psychological reactions initiated in their Focus Dynamics by the low-frequency bio-Creators of amygdala.

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