Immortality Conceptions. § The gateway of illusions is a very delicate balance of conscious choice

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0017 Einstein, who postulated the theory of multidimensionality in physics, and a scientist who till the end of his Life studied problems in cosmology with a philosophical eye, observed that you cannot solve problems using the same level of consciousness that created them.

10.0018 It is equally true of us: we are unable to change our outer reality (which we experience and feel inside ourselves every single moment) until we are attuned to the same Level of Self-Consciousness with which this reality was created by us.

10.0019 In order to choose what we want — the circumstances we desire — as reality, we must be internally prepared to look beyond the apparent Illusion proposed to us sometimes obtrusively and sometimes carefully by the outer World.

10.0020 For example, if you want to see a sick human being get healthy, you must completely imagine him as healthy; you must feel, see and perceive him exactly in this way in order to exist together in a reality (which is new to you both), where the recovery has already happened. This is possible because it always initially existed in his Life and in yours.

10.0021 Remember: your DNA carries the potential for various possibilities for your development at every moment of your Life; that is why you need only to learn how to choose wisely the necessary direction from your entire evolutional legacy. There is always a wide spectrum of favorable probabilities of any event occurring which you can choose at your discretion.

10.0022 However, don’t forget that there is a very fine and delicate difference between a wish for a new possibility and an active pursuit of it through your Thoughts, Feelings and Faith. It is only through the latter that your creative will strongly impels you to manifest in the reality you want. It’s important that you know also that your speed of movement in the necessary Direction of creative development immediately decreases when fears, prejudices and doubts cloud your Self-Consciousness.

10.0023 In order to choose such a quantum possibility (which can be realized with different degrees of probability in many points of Space-Time at once), we must not just think about it but try as feasibly and as confidently as possible to become this possibility, this desired reality of which we dream.



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