Immortality Conceptions. § Immortality, collective Dream, Spiritual Goal, Will for Immortality, Love of Life

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0045 Any kind of Energy cannot be destroyed but can only be transformed or transmuted into its other frequency kinds and types, and the main property of Information is that it doesn’t diminish because of extensive use but, on the contrary, increases as if “multiplying itself”.

10.0046 Having understood that all things in existence have information as their basis, none of you will be able to adhere any longer to outmoded, conservative conceptions of your own Existence which include “Death” and the destruction of anything.

10.0047 The Collective Intelligence of a Planet represents an information-energy structure created by the interaction of immortal Consciousnesses of all self-conscious Forms which exist simultaneously in all Time Flows.

10.0048 Becoming aware today of our own Immortality is the necessary foundation on which a bright, creative, honest, happy Life for any of the dense bodies focused on by Us is built. Optimism is the common emotional and intellectual state of a human being who completely understands “an immortal state” as his own quality; that is why, with this understanding, any differences of external states cannot cause despondency in him, because he knows that he is eternal, absolutely eternal!

10.0049 Immortality is a collective Dream which society inevitably tries to attain through medical advances and technological development. Desire that is unable to be satisfied cannot appear in our Self-Consciousness at all. If a human being desires true Immortality, it means that he is deeply convinced on the subconscious level that this need can be satisfied.

10.0050 A very high Spiritual Goal is necessary to attain and internalize a real awareness of Immortality. Without a mass awareness and internalization of this across individuals, Immortality cannot be realized as a natural state of your “personal,” endless Existence.

10.0051 What you dream of is what comes true. Incredible abilities which you can’t even guess at are hidden and concentrated in every human being. The dreams of a human being directly indicate the real potential of his “personality.” For example, the possibilities of my boundless Cognition correspond with my outer world, which I infinitely cognize.

10.0052 There are many more probabilities in the possibilities hidden in us than in the outer reality. That is why, objectively, nothing is impossible and there are no absolutely unrealizable fantasies. Our outer Reality can become anything that we can imagine in our thoughts, because “the impossible” is just the natural product of a limited mind.

10.0053 In principle, every one of you has all imaginable abilities and superabilities. However, this potential is completely shackled by the limiting stereotypes and delusions which are currently a long-established part of “humankind’s” collective Consciousness. In reality, the more deterrents I remove from my Self-Consciousness, the greater the self-realization that is available to me and the more talents and possibilities I am able to access in myself.

10.0054 That is why the Path to Immortality starts from a great, ineradicable Desire for Immortality, which is crucial for you to achieve the most sublime Goal, and which then you have to put into action.

10.0055 Many things that are now commonplace were just someone’s Desire at first: houses, cities, household appliances, trees, flowers, pictures and even… animals. The Desire for Immortality and Immortality itself are impelled by a great Love of Life and by the powerful Potential of life Energy. The more considerable Goals and Objectives are filling up your Life the more joyful Life becomes to you, and the more unacceptable “Death” will become in your Perception.

10.0056 Therefore, the whole question of your “personalized” Immortality revolves around your ability to love the outer world. If you are sick and tired of everything, then why do you need Immortality? “Death” is the result of being tired of Life, the absence of goals, and dissatisfaction that compels you to justify and wait impatiently for your own “Death” as the only reliable means to rid yourself of everything that no longer brings joy.

10.0057 For the time being, Immortality has not become a norm of Life only because nobody has mastered yet the highest degree of Love for all, a boundless need for expression of which would be worthy of Immortality.

10.0058 The belief in the finiteness of Life is not natural, because it is only a result of a limited and ignorant mind. In childhood, all of us were, in essence, immortal, not knowing anything about “Death”. But then adults eradicated this nescience from our Self-Consciousnesses and suggested to us that since everything in the world “dies”, then we will also “die” one day, will “disappear” from the flow of Life.

10.0059 Later this programming turned into our firm belief, into inescapable faith, because we stubbornly attached each example of the “disappearance” of plants, animals, “people” and objects from our Life to a belief in the inevitability of withering, destruction and “Death”. In this way, each of us creates by his limitations all his diseases and desires, joy and sadness, his “short” Life and his “inevitable Death”.



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