Immortality Conceptions. § Everything is! We choose any of “scenarios” of the “future”. Generality and differences of conceptions in time streams

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0421 And one more very important statement: I have repeated many times that — beyond any adherence to the dynamics of Time — absolutely EVERYTHING ALREADY IS in a completely synthesized variant. This universal Process of Synthesis “is recorded” in all inertial scenarios as a duvuyllerrt change of the degree of a synthesized qualitative state of absolutely all Forms along all initially existing Directions.

10.0422 If you look at all of Creation “from above”, without dynamics of Time, you will easily see that, although everything looks absolutely harmonious and completely balanced as a whole, absolutely all Forms “driven” by Time differ from each other in some small details (in some significantly and in some only slightly). “Here” in this particular state, a particular Form is of a little lower quality (that is, synthesized to a lesser degree) than this very Form in another state and another place (“rezonation point”) of common Space.

10.0423 For example, “here,” in this “point,” all possible states and locations of some individually manifested Forms are “recorded” with great fullness relative to other individually manifested Forms; and “over there”, there are some duvuyllerrt changes in locations of the same Forms relative to each other and to the degree of all possible duvuyllerrt changes that distinguish them from previous qualitative states.

10.0424 Duvuyllerrt quality states of absolutely all the results of absolutely all our “cause-and-effect” relations are also initially programmed in the same way. That is, all possible, simultaneous variants of the consequences of each of particular Thoughts, Feelings, words, situations, events, actions, decisions and everything else are included in the “scenery, attributes and stage-settings of the performance”(designed by “Somebody” to the last detail) which we call “our current Life”.

10.0425 Inertially “displacing” (refocusing) Our UFS along these initially programmed, duvuyllerrtly-changing qualitative states of an infinite number of different-qualitative Forms, We synthesize absolutely nothing, merely choose inertially (choose infinitely according to our rotation Cycles) what already initially is in each scenario. We choose scenario which is interesting to us in some way and which we specifically “experience” in an instant through a particular psychic state of Self-Consciousness of the Form focused by us at that instant.

10.0426 Every event, situation, circumstance, Thought, Feeling, Desire, word, action, SFUURMM-Form, — everything is already initially structured to the minutest detail by Energy-Plasma of a very narrow qualitative diapason, according to the degree of synthesis and energy-information content.

10.0427 Thoughts and Feelings with the identical frequency in the same narrow diapason, which are “individually” realized in each Time Flow, are connected by their inseparable force interconnections into certain words and phrases which are already initially programmed in the structures of each Form’s Self-Consciousness and rigidly attached to a strictly defined moment, situation, psychic state and reaction.

10.0428 But these Thoughts and Feelings, which seem absolutely identical in their quality, are experienced and acted upon in completely different ways by an Egyptian pharaoh and a citizen of Ancient Greece, or by a medieval shepherd and a modern taxi driver. What distinguishes them from each other are the different SFUURMM-Forms that compose all the creative dynamics of their Self-Consciousnesses from the same “material”.

10.0429 Every state of a Form, which is individually “inserted” into “the geometry” of its point of Space, is inseparably connected to unique (in frequency parameters) dynamics only of its own individual “starting” mechanism, with particular parameters of a Time Flow which — one and only one! — can bring a particular event, situation, circumstance, Thought, Feeling, Desire, word, action, SFUURMM-Form into effect. It does this in order to transform inertially qualitative states of Forms that participate in them (in all probable Directions of possible development initially provided for this scenario) into other qualitative states and logical consequences.

10.0430 What is modeled by very distinct — narrowly-specific — qualitative states of MENTO- and ASTRO-Plasma for scenarios that are characteristic of some inertial parameters of Time Flows (that we describe as linear: epochs, ages, years, days, hours, minutes, seconds and moments) absolutely cannot be precisely realized in other time parameters, absolutely different Forms and their states.

10.0431 For example, Time Flows initiating all the spatial and psychic dynamics of our Forms which “inlay” with their different-qualitative states all the initial scenarios referred to by us “now” as the epoch of antiquity in no way can resonate with any of the Time Flows that start up this or that scenarios using SFUURMM-Forms of our modern Life.

10.0432 That’s why NUU-VVU-Forms of different-qualitative Formo-Types, which we simultaneously focus by Our UFS at various “historical” moments of our eternal Existence (in a narrowly-specific inertial expression of each of Time Flows to which their scenarios belong), cannot biologically coincide with each other — either in Space or in Time — but can only do it informationally (by means of the “ethereal” body — the variable ethereal component).

10.0433 Although identically active Levels are structured in “people’s” Self-Consciousnesses by absolutely different SFUURMM-Forms, the difference in the degree of synthesis of Aspects of Qualities in their Configurations may be not very significant. “Now”, just as “then” (with all striking differences in SFUURMM-Forms that structure the Configurations of Self-Consciousness), there are also “people” who are equally apt to commit acts of sexual violence, perversions and murder as well as to express devoted Love and self-sacrifice.

10.0434 Why is this so? Let’s consider this in detail, because the Information which I’m going to introduce to you may leave many of you in shock. This information isn’t derived from my fantasies and fabrications, but is a natural manifestation of the entire infinite diversity of Life, determined not by my logic, but by the objective “order of things” inherent to the universal creative dynamics of all Forms of different-type Collective Intelligences.



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