Immortality Conceptions. § Priority directions refocusings from NUU-VVU into other Proto-Forms by displacement of one of the dominant

Priority Directions refocusings from NUU-VVU into other Proto-Forms by displacement of one of the dominant. The principle of greater qualities’ compatibility.

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0486 The highest priority Directions of possible refocusings from NUU-VVU into other Proto-Forms may be expressed in the following way:

  • ALL-Love + ALL-Initiality;
  • ALL-Love + ALL-Fullness;
  • ALL-Love + ALL-Presence;
  • ALL-Love + ALL-Unity;
  • ALL-Love + ALL-Knowledge;
  • ALL-Intelligence + ALL-Aspiration;
  • ALL-Intelligence + ALL-Integrity;
  • ALL-Intelligence + ALL-Essentiality;
  • ALL-Intelligence + ALL-Voidness;
  • ALL-Intelligence + “ALL-STEADINESS”, and so on.

10.0487 It’s possible to continue very long to list such qualitative Directions of a possible further development from a “human” LLUU-VVU-Form into Forms of other (“nonhuman”) types of Collective Intelligences. However, this would only serve to confirm the main thesis further, because it would be possible to fulfill the Universal Life Principle of Duvuyllerrtness of the simultaneous Existence of ALL, only when each of the Forms has the possibility to be in such a transitional state.

10.0488 This complex and simultaneous evolutional-involutional Process has its own idiosyncrasies and nuances, the first of which is the principle of a greater degree of compatibility, selectivity or preference during inertial implementation of the Synthesis of Aspects of some Qualities relative to Aspects of other Qualities.

10.0489 For example, refocusings from LLUU-VVU-Forms into Proto-Forms that have any two Dominants among the Aspects of such Qualities as ALL-Steadiness, ALL-Voidness, ALL-Integrity or ALL-Aspiration are carried out in the structures of “human” Self-Consciousness much more easily and more intensively than the same process in Configurations of Proto-Forms with two Dominants of Aspects of such Qualities as ALL-Unity, ALL-Essentiality, ALL-Initiality, ALL-Mobility, ALL-Knowledge or ALL-Fullness.

10.0490 The entire diversity of different-qualitative creative manifestations characteristic of “human” Stereo-Types (that very specifically structure frequency Configurations of NUU-VVU-Forms of various races, nations and peoples living in different historical periods of the simultaneous inertial development of the Collective Intelligence of “humankind”) is explained by the fact that each of these numerous Directions has its own (characteristic only of this race, nation or people) skrruullerrt system of preferred choices. The skrruullerrt system distinguishes Stereo-Types used by them for refocusings from Stereo-Types of each of the other Directions of possible development of NUU-VVU-Forms of “humankind”.

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