Return to our Pleiadian Home. Part 21

Results of the Pleiadian genetic experiment

QUESTION: It is my understanding that on different planets of ours, as well as other Star Entities, a "human being" was created from the same "basic" primate; or rather, different genetic material was grown / created on each planet?

This topic is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance, especially if considered in its diversity and closer to reality, that is, from the point of view of the existence of many parallel development scenarios. However, let us proceed step-by-step and talk about “ancient” Pleiadians. Thus, approximately 28-30 million years ago, one of the cosmic Races of the Genetic Builders initiated the process of genetic perfection of biological forms of the very first Pleiadian races. Historically, this event can be tied to the current version of our planet Earth, although on other Versions of Physical Globes of ГРЭИЙСЛИИСС [GREIYSLIISS*, (Earth)] similar experiments also took place during various periods for each of the Planets, involving different Forms of Life.

In different scenarios of the Earth's development, this experiment had different results. The most successful variants, developed according to the Constructor’s required characteristics (evident presence in Self-Consciousness of highly sensitive Intellect, highly intelligent Altruism, Responsibility, Honesty, Initiative and Openness) were extradited to other physical [GREIYSLIISS] * versions, inhabited by Pleiadian Races, as well as to other planets, inhabited by various Forms of Life (dogs, cats, bulls and others). On each of them, the project continued in a new direction, which had resulted in an exorbitant selection in Cosmos of humans and animals, depending on the dominance or recessivity of various human and animal genome parts.

Thus appeared beings of the following types:

  • Beings, bearing a human body and head of other, non-human Form;
  • Beings, bearing human head and the body of the animal or a bird;
  • Beings with the wings of different birds or mammals, with, and without membranes.
  • Beings with hair, or without;
  • Beings with variable head and body forms;
  • As well as beings of diverse variety

Often several Races have settled on one planet for the purpose of natural selection or with the purpose of amplification of certain specific features, such as intelligence, sensuality, strength, endurance to various factors (cold, heat, radiation, pressure, buoyancy, volatility, etc.), and so on.

Most often, the corresponding conditions were selected throughout different Versions of the Earth, although experiments on other planets were also carried out, including Planets in the Andromeda Nebula Galaxy (although there is no Information exists regarding the distribution of "earthlinged" Pleiadian people throughout the Great and Small Magellanic Clouds). Somewhere, people survived due to a greater degree of intelligence and gradually subjugated other Races, while in other places the survival genes, inherited from the anthropic ones, had assisted them in the process of genetic Evolution.

The most rapidly evolving representatives of the most ancient terrestrial civilizations, whose genomes have formed the basis for the modification of various Pleiadian Races, became the cornerstone of the most Pleiadian civilizations, which, while developing and advancing, gradually spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. For the period of approximately 15-25 million years, the human biological Pleiadian Form has demonstrated its versatility and multiple subtleties, pertaining to the development of our type of Consciousness (intelligence, sensuousness, altruism), gained popularity and became very common throughout the Cosmos.

Approximately 2 million years ago, when, due to the peculiarities of evolution into plasma Forms, the Pleiadians had faced multiple issues of a genetic nature (they did not experience the same issues with the bioplasma Form transition) a repeated experiment was implemented. This historical event, stretched into different regimes of Space-Time, can not be unequivocally and categorically linked only to "our current" Earth.

All the multidimensional and diverse-quality development scenarios of each of the physical [GREIYSLIISS]-Versions in Space-Time are not represented by the large standalone form of a globe, as many of you imagine, but are rather holographically and interpenetrically interconnected by the Resonation Principle, while synchronizing with variations of all other Versions.

Roughly speaking, imagine an incredibly complex "Rubik's Cube", every single cube-scenario of which resonantly interacts with millions of its neighboring cube-scenarios. Each of the scenarios is also "broken down" into a multitude of internal spatially temporal "cells", which in turn represent the entire multitude of all possible variants of different events, coded in it. Each of the "cells" is structured by an infinite number of interconnected segments - Configurations of our solutions, which are also structured by causal relationships that "stretch" into our previous scenario...

What I have just tried to describe is an extremely conditional and primitive model, as it reflects the standpoint of the subjective Observer, who seems to be in the center of the Universe. More credible is the attempt to imagine this entire infinite vibrational Multiverse Construction in the form of an infinite multi-level "Mobius Super-sphere", however, only the especially gifted people can do this!

By analogy with the Rubik's cube, the infinite "Mobius Super-sphere" consists of zillion "daughter spheres", each of which represents our particular decision, conditioned by the presence in the Self-Consciousness of a package of causal relationships with our other decisions in a variety of neighboring scenarios. Inside, each of the zillion "Mobius sphere-decisions / solutions" is structured by an infinite number of "Mobius spheres-events". Within each of the "sphere-events" is a set of "scenario spheres", each of which again leads to many other neighboring "sphere-solutions", structured by their "sphere-events", which in turn through many other "sphere-scenarios" leads us to the ever-emerging new "Mobius spheres-solutions" ...

At any point in this "maze" of the Multiverse, a resonant refocusing of Consciousness into the "Mobius sphere-scenario" can occur, which no longer belongs to our Earth, but to "sphere-events" located in "decision-spheres" on the basis of another [GREIYSLIISS]-Version. Therefore, at any given moment (for example, the moment of choosing a place for a genetic experiment), Parity of Motivations may occur, which can directly influence certain vital decisions regarding the given event, but in relation to another Planetary Entity.

Therefore, it is quite possible that similar genetic experiments are implemented on other Versions of Earth. However, it is impossible to sate with certainty whether or not the same DNA-donor set was available there. I only know that the Pleiadians, Siriusians and Andromedans have accepted and continue to accept from various scenarios, the people with the most evident characteristics, peculiar to each of these civilizations, "diluting" their own genotypes by the genomes of earthlings in accordance with their perceptions regarding their own phenotypes.

Earthlings, along with all the others, have the right to change their appearance on the genetic level as they please. Most earthlings, arriving from different Earth variations prefer not to change their appearance. The faces of all people after the disconnection of their Self-Consciousness from the influence of low frequency and destructive fragmented Consciousness types of Ungs and Ssvoouns** miraculously transform; they become fine, harmonious, clear, attractive, inspired, and I would even say – purely radiant. All the distorted asymmetrical and deforming features - are reflections of vices, accumulated by our ancestors and us; they include anger and hatred, lust and jealousy, greed and deceit.

Each of these destructive passions corresponds to certain group of facial realizational mimic muscles, imposing on the appearance of any particular human being a unique imprint as well as a certain deformation. For multiple generations at the genome level, the most horrific and repulsive combinations, disfiguring our appearance, have formed. After passing through tairrlidation (photon reformatting, more information here) or Inversion Ray refocusing (quantum transition, more information here), all this, a millennium formed disgrace, immediately completely and permanently disappears from your Life.

With regard to our type of Self-Consciousness and various Development Vectors, I can state that our Forms (NUU-VVU-Form-Type) do not strictly and unambiguously belong to the human Collective Cosmic Mind (LLUU-VVU-Essence).

At the present stage of development, we, with our personal Self-Consciousness, "serve" the realizing needs of an exorbitant Commonwealth of Collective Cosmic Intelligences of different civilization types, supplementing each other with certain characteristics, and, according to jointly obtained Experience, fulfilling the evolutionary Missions assigned to them. The realization through our Forms of human attributes (highly sensuous Intelligence and highly intelligent Altruism), and not any other ones, provides us with the most favorable conditions for refocusing in the Human development Vector.

However, the vibrational range of our human genome is so wide that up to certain limits, through our Forms, the most diverse nonhuman Collective Cosmic Intelligences (and, accordingly, their civilizations) can be realized simultaneously. They all have their basic Forms (Form-Types), which exist in their own Spatial-Temporal Continuums, but due to the availability of our common genome elements, they (like us) get the opportunity to remotely manifest through our Self-Consciousness.

Similarly, we interact with our "subtle" Entities (our simisparentivnyy Interpretations), broadcasting us with a set of such intuitive Information, without which the steady and uninterrupted functioning of our Self-Consciousness would be impossible. Approximately the same goals are achieved by our Bioplasma Interpretations, utilizing us as a direct source of information and Experience, inaccessible to them. Therefore, since the representatives of the planet Sirius and Andromeda have exhibited the need in biological carriers of the human Consciousness type, they intend to solve some very pressing evolutionary issues.

Note that we on Earth and them have so much in common, that it is pointless to judge the phenotype of a particular civilization as a whole by dealing with several of its representatives. They do not differentiate based on whether you are an earthling or a representative of any other Planet; they treat anyone as equal, openly expressing the same respect, attention and understanding. This is not because one of the paragraphs of the 28 Postulates of Humanitarian Freedom obliges them to do this, but because they simply can not live, or behave otherwise.

Throughout different Siriusian Races, there are many of its members, more or less similar to various human races - the Negroid, Europid and Mongoloid ones; however, none of them are identically similar to any of the terrestrial races. There is always something, which inevitably gives away their non-earthling nature – their appearance, character, behavior manners, or movement, communication, thinking patterns and sensuality. Although for the last 2 million years throughout various scenarios of Earth’s development, an exorbitant number of possible genetic combinations were formed, earthlings still stand out from all other races by something very elusive at first sight.

* [GREIYSLIISS] - Collective Planetary Entity (known to us as the "Earth"), is part of the Collective Intelligence of the [AIILLIISS] Star Essence ("The Sun").

** Ungs and Ssvoouns – fragmented low frequency Consciousness of mental-rational (ungs) and emotionally sensual (Ssvoouns) types. They manifest themselves in the dynamics of our Self-Consciousness as, to some extent, destructive behavioral programs and patterns (primarily pertaining to aggressive external environment survival).

This is an adapted version of the cognominal article, originally written by Oris.

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