§ The Self Consciousness is sloogrently. It has all of the properties of Energy Plazma. Self Consciousness structure is 90% of information and 10% of energy

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

The Self Consciousness is sloogrently. It has all of the properties of Energy Plazma. Self Consciousness structure is 90% of information and 10% of energy.


1.0382 For example, “projections” of Configurations that belong to superwave Self-Consciousness Forms of superuniversal particles (they are not-yet-discovered falhats, malsons, kla’rions, klastirons, and others), being transgressed in their typical spectrum of focus multipolarization, participate in the formation of more general quantum-level Self-Consciousness Forms of quarks and photons in our dimensional diapason whose “projections” of Formo-Creators, in turn, are organized into more “bulky” and inertial (in their functionality) modular-type (mutually complementary) manifestation of Self-Consciousness Forms of atoms (leptons and nuclei with their protons and neutrons) that combine into Self-Consciousness Forms of an infinite set of larger-scale supramolecular modules used as the basis of formation, in essence, of all organic, mineral, and gaseous Self-Consciousness Forms of our outer reality: DNA, RNA, and organelles of cells in all microorganisms, people, animals, plants, crystals of minerals; they, in turn, form Modules of manifestation of Self-Consciousness Forms of all Planetary and Star-Level Cosmic Entities that structure Modules of Self-Consciousness Forms of Galaxies, and so on. This happens in this way in each notional diapason of simultaneous manifestation of Formo-Creators.

1.0383 In the iissiidiologic understanding, any Self-Consciousness and its different-type Forms of manifestation transgressed in different-quality direction are not limited just by our typical dimensional diapason, but are accordingly (taking into account duvujllerrtly-changing qualitative transformations) extrapolated on absolutely all Levels of the simultaneous Formo-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos. That is, taking into account the Principle of slloogrentnost, it is possible to say that the simultaneous Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness potentially reflects – in each “point” of Its manifestation – absolutely all properties of Energy-Plasma universally modeled through focus Configurations of each realizational Form. The term “Self-Consciousness Form” may be subjectively interpreted as “the mode of eternal Existence which “I” (as a Cosmic Entity) can consciously perform at a given moment”.

1.0384 Then what is the qualitative “structure” of Self-Consciousness at each discretely-considered moment of Its manifested Existence in the Macrocosmos? Approximately 90% of it include Configurations of heterogeneous information fragments that are combined with each other in different ways, and approximately 10% consist of Energy structured by self-modulated rezonational interrelations established as a result of “superposition” of “projections” of kovarllert “areas” that belong to different-type parts of Information (approximately in the same way as Conceptions of the УУ-ВВУ-Form “day” become considerably more stable and get more potential possibilities of psychological realization when additional heterogeneous Information is “superimposed” and “projected” on them: “good”, “joyful”, “long”, “cloudy”, “rainy”, “productive”, and so on). Each fragment of additional Information introduces a new energy (psychological) potential – СФУУРММ-Form – into its complex-configuration combination; this means, it endows Information with new realizational possibilities (that is, we can brighter, clearer, and deeper imagine something, that is to say, quicker and more powerfully realize it through our feelings).

1.0385 In the next chapter we will consider in more detail and much deeper the phenomenon which scientists interpret as “Energy”, as well as how it is formed, what serves the basis of its formation, and which role it performs in the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness Forms that structure Space and Time formed by the Focus Dynamics – all subjective Realities and Formo-Systems of the Macrocosmos.