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Iissiidiology and its author

Oris, the author of Iissiidiology

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Iissiidiology is the knowledge about the tight connection between a human and the world around. It is about you, your children and parents, friends and enemies, about the reasons of everything happening to everyone. Besides, Iissiidiology is about how we could change the present, the future and even the past. Without mysticism, magic, blind faith or big shallow words.

Iissiidiology is about consciousness, information and energy, which every person uses every day. It is also about creating strong loving happy relationships with people from family to humanity. In addition to a detailed description of the interaction between man and the world around him, Iissiidiology proposes a vector of development for the human community – a positive, Human development direction (HDD). To describe the Universe, a human and the Human development direction in the universe, the author of Iissiidiology – Oris – combined in this knowledge information from his own profound meditations with scientific justifications from quantum physics, neurophysiology, microbiology and psychology. On this site page you can find answers to your questions by means of Iissiidiology. Do not be afraid of the terminology abundance of terminology – here you will find articles and media of the basic level. Every item was translated from Russian into English. The page is updated regularly.

Join the study of yourself and life – study Iissiidiology together with us!

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Benefits of Iissiidiology

  • Understand people and yourself

  • Harmonize relationships

  • Make wise choices in life

  • Attract positive situations

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