Back to yourself and forward to a true humanness

Open your mind and heart and get the infinite source of positive energy and creative power. Forgive, love, comprehend, dream, and find creative solutions with our techniques.

Ayfaarian meditations are the important process of balancing psychic states, personal self-development, and thorough cognition of the world. They help to define and maintain core values of your happiness and life sense. Everyday practice of our meditations makes mental state positive and mindfulness permanent. Read more…

Types of meditations


Let your body free from mental tension, restart your biological system and harmonize instability of psychics. Learn to be an Observer of your mind and body.


Filter your thoughts and interests and focus on the purpose for the meditation. Make it effective by abstracting yourself from the outer world and develop mindfulness.


Develop your imagination, use images for self-analysis and self-reflexion. Find suppressed problematic emotions and mindsets and your core values.

Song meditation

Listen to songs with high-sensual meaning and tune yourself on unconditional love and deep comprehension of everything.

Sound Cosmic Code meditation

Repeat the unique words in meditative state to reveal the deepest sense of Universal Laws, cosmic civilizations and your personality.

Meditate with our recordings​

Meditative music

Meditative music can become your best companion in meditations and day-to-day activities. 

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