We are volunteers of AYFAAR, Intellect & Altruism Center in Crimea! Some of us live and work here permanently to do our best for human development.

Ayfaarians – permanent residents, trainers.

Candidates – potential residents, future trainers. 

We are carriers of the authentic Ayfaarian, positive or intellectual and altruistic lifestyle. Optimism, unconditional love, kindness, responsibility and wisdom are our core values. To share them all in current and future, new society is our General Purpose of Life! How we put the Supreme principles into practice of material life is better described on this page.

You will notice that we have unusual names with many double letters. Each name is a unique Sound Cosmic Code or Tone Name, which carries information about the more qualitative states of individual’s consciousness. The combination of certain letters in a certain sequence in the Name: 

  • Reflects personal values and qualities a person needs to gain experience for – “the task to the reincarnation.” 
  • Characterizes us in the future, where we are much more perfect than those who we are now. These, more perfect us, have completely freed from all forms of negative feelings and embarked on the path of serving the people and other creatures. When being called by Tone Name, we affirm in identifying ourselves with such personal, core values and qualities that are inherent to us in the future. Calling each other by Tone Names, we help to activate in our psycho-mental states the lighter, joyful, positive emotions, thereby letting our entire team into more favorable future.

This information can be obtained through a deep meditation on the Tone Name. These Names are no worse or better than those to which we are accustomed. Just different vibration frequency. Moreover – individual. You must admit, how many Jonhs, Anns, Catherines etc use this name. But Tone Name belongs only to a particular person. And in it is incorporated all the best, what human is capable of now and in the future.

List of Ayfaarians and candidates

Groups of followers

Russia: Moscow

+7 903 722 45 37
[email protected]

Russia: Naberezhnie Chelni (Tatarstan)

+7 987 185 87 09
[email protected]

Belorussia: Minsk

+375 29 772 88 63
[email protected]

Kazakhstan: Ekibastuz


+7 701 530 58 37
[email protected]

Ukraine: Kiev

+38 097 438 46 37
[email protected]

Latvia: Riga

+371 2 677 25 75
[email protected]

Germany: Munich


USA: Florida

+1 347 210 28 38
[email protected]
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