Author’s Foreword. About Iissiidiology

Before starting a detailed description of fundamentals of the entirely new (to you) Knowledge called “Iissiidiology”, I would like to answer the question that will inevitably appear in the mind of everyone who will be interested in this Information: “In what way all this, very detailed and unreally correlated, information was obtained, that so logically and naturally depicts the unimaginable and inexpressible (in our Perception) picture of absolute Existence of All that Which we define in Its endless totality as “the Macrocosmos”? It is impossible to truthfully answer this question, because I would have to explain to you such things that can instill only doubt and surprise in anyone’s mind, and my statements would seem more like delirious fantasies.

In addition, being fully aware of “the methods used against dissidents”, I know that extremely distrustful guardians of various governmental institutions and services, after hearing my truthful explanations, would force me to undergo humiliating tests checking the validity of my words with the help of various “lie detectors”, and truth drugs. I am sure that after saying the truth I would have to explain the stated Information in various courts in front of claimants who are no more normal than me, as well as to undergo examinations in medical centers as a unique experimental subject. And, of course, I, being a complete dilettante in science with agronomical(!) education, would have to repeatedly and completely uselessly prove my own mental adequacy to various scientific institutions, “committees on pseudoscience”, and simply to competent scientists who are completely not ready for perception of any point of view that differs from theirs.

In order to defend myself once and for all from similar excesses, explanations, and claims, I reject in advance any accusations against me such as “intended deception of people by way of publication of misleading information” and officially declare to all my readers: everything stated in my books titled “Iissiidiology Fundamentals” and in numerous “Commentaries” to them is neither scientifically proven, nor authentic, but is the phantom of my limitless imagination and individual vision, just like the whole world that surrounds us is a result of an intricate game of our subjective mind, modeled and constructed by our inexhaustible Imagination. My Imagination simply has no limits typical of your conceptions! You may consider Iissiidiology as just a beautiful fairy tale or science fiction. But, as is often the case, that which now many perceive as a fairy tale, in time will become real, just like an irrepressible flight of thoughts and a brave fantasy perceived by scientists as an obvious sign of author’s insanity, someday become real research instruments and household appliances and replace old scientific theories with more authentic and effective ones. Indeed, everything is very relative in our world.

I think there is no point for me to prove that any item and object around us, before becoming part of the so-called “outer reality”, has undergone all stages of its own manifestation from a certain stable idea and mental image (diagram, drawing, project, picture, model) to a real form typical of it now. This principle of “materialization” of stable fantasies, imagined ideas, and constructive conceptions is being daily realized not only by engineers, inventors, designers, and builders, but also by technologists, programmers, psychologists, geneticists, physiologists, biologists, composers, poets, writers, dramatists, screenwriters, directors, housewives, and by all other people. In the same way my Knowledge scrupulously and in minute detail (similar to a detail working drawing!) described in Iissiidiology books, which now seem fantastic to you, if many people sufficiently concentrate their attention on it and apply efforts necessary for its realizations, also has all chances and possibilities to soon become an integral part of the outer reality.

Only when you prove otherwise, you can find me out in a lie or catch me in a deception! What can we really discuss here, if any individual Conception about something or someone, being based on particular speculative impressions taking into account the limited quantity of discernible features, is absolutely subjective, i.e., putting it mildly, it is not true? Ancient sages were correct stating that any pronounced word is a lie. Therefore, because of an extreme limitation of our Perception systems, each of us, irrespective of what he/she would – consciously or unconsciously – declare, is a source of false Conceptions that at best reflect only one – from among countless possible ones! – side of the ultramandane Truth whose hidden Meaning cannot be explained in any words. I also do not deny the fact that I obtained all details of my individual fantastic studies, the interim result of which is represented in the iissiidiologic Knowledge, during deep Meditations (fortunately, no one has any claims against Meditations, – everyone has a right to fantasize at one's own discretion!); later I have consecutively described them in numerous books for many years (beginning from 1994).

Taking into account all stated above, I hope that those of you whose Self-Consciousness Forms don’t have any spiritual Intuition and a burning Spark of Self-Knowledge will categorically refuse any further study of my science-fiction thoughts and will occupy their due place in “the History of human development” initially prepared for them: the one of furious detractors, merciless judges, and haughty critics of all that which contradicts conventional views, conceptions, relations, and dogmas (both religious and scientific ones). Instead of them, thoughtful and deep-thinking followers of the Information which I state in my books will be represented by inquisitive and curious researchers of “their own inner nature” and of the outer reality, by those who are already able to find crumbs of Truth where no one anticipates to find them. All the newest cosmological Conceptions about the Macrocosmos and the human being which I have combined under this unusual title (“Iissiidiology”) are dedicated to such active discoverers and intuitive re-constructors of much more perfect and harmonious human Realities of our near and bright “Future” in their own Self-Consciousnesses. Our fascinating “Future” will show who is right and who is wrong in this devised dispute.

And now, when the most obvious reasons for possible incomprehension between me and my readers have been eliminated, I would like to start a closer and more trustful communication with those who are not embarrassed or confused by such words as “fantasies”, “fiction”, and “lie”. The biggest complication that appears when communicating and trying to understand the absolutely new (to your Perception system) high-quality Conceptions is that the current (usual and understandable to you) mental-feeling stereotypes used by your Self-Consciousness Forms to structure your outer reality not in the slightest degree reflect the ultramundane Essence and the deepest Meaning of Information that forms the basis of words and sentences which I have carefully chosen and adapted to your existing subjective Conceptions about “yourselves”, about your environment, and about the Macrocosmos’ structure in general. The larger part of the iissiidiologic Knowledge is in no way linked with the Information which you have already known from other, even the most authoritative and fundamental sources. But you should not be surprised – these are simply completely different (but far from the only possible ones!) subjective points of view onto the same phenomenal and noumenal events of Life around you.

Therefore, I am asking you to perceive the contents of my books not as absolute assertions or dogmas, but as a more or less successful attempt to describe That Which, taking into account the current development level of the humankind’s Collective Consciousness and yet quite limited human abilities in a high-intuition perception, simply cannot be described in any other, more detailed and comprehendible to you, way. The presentation of this New Knowledge is complicated by the fact that the more I manage now to introduce, into the Collective Consciousness’ Focus Dynamics, completely new fundamental Conceptions that provide a truer understanding of the Principles according to which all illusoriness and nonlocal nature of your outer reality are formed in your Perception systems, the more of them all of you will have to reject soon to replace them with more authentic and more universal iissiidiologic Conceptions of the future which will be able to reveal deeper, inexhaustible contents of the eternal Treasury of Truth the only Source of Which is your Self-Consciousness. Such qualitative renewals will continuously take place in your Self-Knowledge process – year after year, century after century!

These “anti-dogmatic” features of a gradual study of different-quality Conceptions within the New Knowledge are typical characteristics of any “future” scientific branches. The epoch of the so-called “experimental scientific development”, in which scientists can rely in their studies only on facts accumulated in experiments that are later used within a certain theoretical paradigm, is inevitably leaving into the irretrievable past. Now it already becomes quite obvious that any scientist needs to have a detailed theoretical model of a researched object in his/her Self-Consciousness, including its possible interactions with the environment, long time before the commencement of a scientific experiment, because the cognition process itself, as well as individual specific influences of complex Formo-structures on the course of each experiment are globally and deeply interlinked with Information that structures Self-Consciousness of a cognizing subject (scientist, researcher). Therefore, as subjective Information which is used by a researcher to establish various logical-analytical interrelations in his/her world view can have an active influence on expected results of conducted experiments, so can structural features of the Macrocomos’ Formo-systems studied by the researcher actively impact not only on functioning of his/her brain, but also on subjective reactions (the Focus Dynamics) of his/her Self-Consciousness in general.

Any researched object and the subject that cognizes it (and also everyone who is psycho-mentally at least somehow related to this process!) represent one open system which is modeled in Self-Consciousness and structured by a countless set of different-quality energy-information interrelations that appropriately influence realization possibilities of each other. Absolutely all universal properties of the Collective Cosmic Intelligence which we call “the Macrocosmos” can be deeply cognized and effectively explored only by Self-Consciousness proper that represents the Macrocosmos to us in the surrounding world through absolutely all Forms of Its endlessly diverse multidimensional manifestation. Using such words as “Macrocosmos” and “Collective Intelligence”, I never – neither here, nor in my further writing – mean any anthropologic and religious conceptions (“God”, “Absolute”, and the like), but only attempt to focus your attention on the obvious or yet hidden (from your Perception systems) presence, in every Form of the outer reality, of such a specific mechanism for realization of a systemic Self-Consciousness as an immanent (i.e. integral) property inherent in all Formo-systems (in our perception diapason – from quanta to Universes) that structure the whole Macrocosmos.

According to classical science, all Forms in the outer world with specific properties (for example, speed, mass) in no way depend on a subjective researcher who studies these properties, and all existing theories are designed only for their description. This statement implies that we and objects which we study are parts of a common, objectively existing world, which means that properties of other parts observed by us correspond to our measurements and subjective notions! But how this can be, if no elementary particle of the outer world occupies a particular status and place in Space; instead, it exists only as a part of more global spatial structures? This status becomes a particular subjective Conception only after the researcher in one or another way registers this particle in Space, determining at least its main parameters – shifting dynamics, and mass. But if the researcher had a more perfect Perception system and manipulated more universal measuring devices (that is, occupied a completely different “point of observation” in Space in terms of its quality), parameters of the particle discovered by him would have been be different.

Indeed, we ourselves have devised all elementary particles which we have discovered and used, we “have pulled them out” of the general universal Focus Dynamics first of all in order to make it more convenient for us to manipulate our Conceptions about the outer reality. For example, electrons and their properties are very convenient not only for explanation of cloud tracks in a Wilson Chamber and flashes of light in a cathode-ray tube, but also for interpretation of many other phenomena. Our current Conceptions of various quark families (proton-neutron pairs, pi-mesons) also provide us with an excellent opportunity to explain in a particular way the properties of protons and neutrons in an atom nucleus, while understanding that certain particles are structured by various combinations of subsubnuclear particles made it possible for scientists to formulate a principle that gives a simple explanation of their properties. In other words, we need electrons, quarks, and other elements of our outer reality until they fit well the model that comprehensibly explains causes of subnuclear particles’ behavior. As soon as this model of the World structure ceases to satisfy us, we will develop different Conceptions instead of them.

Any subjective “World picture” whose details are consecutively manifested in our Perception system with the help of our interpretations (thoughts and mental reactions generated by us) represents a particular model and a set of relative rules that interrelate each part of this model with a qualitative mode of our observations; this is why it cannot be absolutely independent from abilities of our Perception systems mainly determined by the development state of the brain. As it is known, the human brain’s functioning mode is determined by the quantity of functional connections used for processing of all details of incoming Information: the more complicated the model analyzed by an experimenter, the higher the quantity (volume) of different-quality interconnections of more complex Information “loaded” into the brain, and, consequently, the more neuron connections must be activated in the brain to establish a logic structure of results obtained during the research.

In the nearest versions of our “future”, scientists will use very complex technical equipment in their experiments based on the newest physical theories; these experiments will have the most important value not only for the brain Evolution but also for an increase of the Focus Dynamics’ quality in human Self-Consciousness Forms. This means that scientists of the new generation will have to develop and apply absolutely new (non-traditional for the current science) research and cognition methods so that to choose, from among many intuitive guesses and theories that appear on their basis, more reliable abstract ideas that will be used for modeling new constructions of even more perfect experimental research equipment.

What is the reason of this? The reason is that the molecular mechanism which we define as “mind” or “intellect” that provides functions of thinking, analysis, and mental reactions (but in fact it represents just the lower manifestation sphere of our Self-Consciousness’ Creative Activity) is extremely limited in its realization abilities and in most cases it is not able to provide logical reasoning and sound arguments (with a detailed analysis of all cause-and-effect interrelations) to motivate the majority of judgments, reactions, and solutions initiated in it. This is not only an apparent evidence of the fact that our brain is not a true and only generator of all our Conceptions and choices, but also a proof that each of us (as well as all other creatures) has much more universal – non-molecular – mechanisms of Information exchange between our brain and Self-Consciousness, and also between our Self-Consciousness and the collective Subconsciousness; the discovery of functions of these mechanisms and their purposeful activation will open completely new possibilities and immense perspectives for researchers of the New Knowledge.

Individual mental abilities of a human being are quite limited. In average, an ordinary person operates only 4-5% of functional connections in the brain. The rest of them are involved in the prerogative Creative Activity of all possible qualitative Levels of Self-Consciousness (of the collective Subconsciousness, in particular) about which modern scientists know nothing. When the quantity of activated neuron connections increases by at least 1%, a person is perceived by other people as a genius in some of his/her creative realizations. Today, it has become obvious for the majority of scientists that the human brain is constantly “loaded” with increasingly complex and concentrated Information torrents that seemingly enter the brain from external sources.

Now, even for a very superficial understanding of the information and facts that constantly and intensively flow into our Life, for a more adequate perception, systematization, and analysis of Information about the super-complex, slloogrent structure of our multi-dimensional outer reality, the current efficiency coefficient of the human brain is extremely insufficient – 95% of events that happen around us take place without our subjective participation, on the Levels either of the collective unconsciousness, or of the collective Subconsciousness. This means that we are simply not aware of them; we do not perceive them, even if we hear or notice them – the brain simply does not have enough time to respond to them in any way. Nonetheless, this circumstance also has its evolutionary benefit: finally, the naïve anthropocentrism, which is expressed in our unjustifiably overstated self-appraisal as the most complex and intelligent creatures in the Macrocosmos, is falling into disuse, becoming an atavism. We start to realize our own primitiveness and incompetence in many kinds of activity, where some animals significantly exceed and outstrip us!

Now it becomes absolutely clear that, without a conscious extension of the psycho-mental creativity of scientists to the levels of deep Intuition, any creation of completely new forms of scientific cognition that distinguish the “future” Science from the “current” stagnant state in the scientific world is out of the question. The point is that many of current widely-used ideas, conceptions, mathematical equations, and axioms were obtained by their authors in their search of the best description of some aggregation of already available facts or experimentally-found features. This means that, due to the very principles according to which they appeared, they cannot be considered as reliable, because no one knows under which circumstances, with which trends, and “connections” researchers found a solution of a particular “optimizationproblem” in every specific case.

It is no secret that in many cases this process is a “manipulation” of obtained research results to suit already acknowledged conceptions, legalized parameters, and obvious facts. This very circumstance has led to the steady theoretical “stall” in many scientific branches which we now observe. Obtaining and processing of qualitatively new knowledge accelerates exponentially; this opens access to the currently-hidden reserve of the brain and of the collective Subconsciousness, and in a few generations will lead to radical changes in properties and individual features of human “personalities”, and also to an intensive activation of many extrasensory abilities that will allow the majority of people to easier adopt and use huge volumes of very complex Information. This process will very rapidly penetrate into all fields of science, all life activities of our civilization, providing people with new possibilities for a deeper self-knowledge and cognition of the outer Cosmos.

I must note that in its “current”, yet very imperfect and, in essence, fragmented state, the iissiidiologic Knowledge which I subjectively transmit can reflect no more than 5-10% of the true Meaning and Essence of All That which I will incomprehensibly deeper describe in subsequent re-editions of “Iissiidiology Fundamentals”, and also in numerous “Commentaries” to them. This is not because my Self-Consciousness lacks more complete, necessary Information, but firstly because of extremely limited possibilities for transmitting slloogrent (that is, multi-dimensional, endlessly diverse in their quality) Conceptions of This Information with the help of existing vocabulary, and because people don’t have any suitable stereotypes that would at least in the slightest degree reflect the deep Essence of СФУУРММ{SFUURMM}-Forms (subjective Conceptions) that are already activated in the informational “space” of my Self-Consciousness and are ready for manifestation through appropriate Formo-images. But, taking into account the fact that your “current” subjective Conceptions of “yourselves” and of the outer reality do not correspond even to minimal criteria necessary for a deeper Understanding of the iissiidiologic Knowledge, I think that even the Information which I now transmit (i.e. in its extremely simplified form!) will be sufficient to radically transform the Paradigm of the “current” humankind’s Collective Consciousness into its much higher-quality state.

Despite the extremely limited potential of a speech exchange, I know that, in the nearest “future” that represents more developed phases of human development, Conceptions that reflect a truer Essence of the iissiidiologic Knowledge will receive much more extensive possibilities for their manifestation and description; this will inevitably increase the speed of obtaining of appropriate mental and feeling abilities of most people on our Planet necessary for its deep realization and Understanding. But for now, as I noted at the very beginning, I recommend you to perceive my statements not as the main alternative to traditional scientific theories and laws, but as a popular scientific or a fantasy literary work that appeared with the only purpose: to make maximum use of common words and expressions, “projecting” a new, truer and deeper Meaning into them, in order to gradually increase realization possibilities and quality of the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness Forms, “reformatting” them by means of much higher-quality Conceptions. My individual Responsibility for the “final result” forces me to observe strict adherence to principles of preservation and maintenance of the quality of СФУУРММ{SFUURMM}-Forms conveyed with the Information; therefore, it is simply inadmissible “to lower” this Information below certain levels despite all my desire to bring this Knowledge to as many people as possible, because this will turn it into the same lie that structures all your “current” subjective Conceptions.

СФУУРММ{SFUURMM}-Forms that form the basis of Iissiidiology are the most perspective from among currently available ones for individual Self-Knowledge, because, with your deeper understanding of primary – “superficial and primitive” – cosmological Conceptions, their initial meaning, which has to be extremely deformed, will inevitably become more universal, deeper, and continuously improved in your Perception; this will highlight the necessity to Understand more and more complex types of relationship and deeper cause-and-effect interrelations between different-quality Self-Consciousness Forms whose Configurations structure all possible Levels of the humankind’s Collective Consciousness.

With the further development of this civilization, the Conceptions that are now new to you will be replaced by higher-quality and more universal СФУУРММ{SFUURMM}-Forms transmitted through Iissiidiology that will considerably expand and deepen the meaning of your previous subjective understanding, awareness, and knowledge. This will continue infinitely, from simple to more complex Conceptions, and further to a more and more complex Understanding of high-frequency abstract Ideas and non-local images! This is because any subjective reflections of True Knowledge cannot be based on dogmas and unambiguous assertions – with all its concreteness, it is absolutely non-local, immense, and endless in all the diversity of its different-quality versions of various realization models and modifications.

Global consequences and unlimited perspectives of the further development that can appear in modern science with a more attentive and deeper study of the completely new – iissiidiologic – Knowledge, so far can be comprehended and intuitively felt just by a few unbiased researchers and experimenters who are absolutely free from dogmatic scientific slavery. And only when the reliability of this Knowledge will be confirmed by experience of several generations of newly-thinking scientists, when its status will become universally recognized by the scientific community, and it will be effectively realized through hundreds of absolutely new scientific branches, Iissiidiology will become the foundation of cosmological Conceptions for the majority of people on our Planet.

I also would like to turn your attention to the fact that now people obtain and learn this New Knowledge in light of an extensive development of civilization that will inevitably result in a rapid exhaustion of most vitally important natural resources and a sudden ecological collapse. In contrast, acceptance and a swift development of Iissiidiology that implies a deep comprehension of ways and goals on a much higher functional level of thinking and attitude to the environment predetermines an active transition of the humankind’s Collective Consciousness to an intensive way of development.

When this very complex Knowledge appeared as an object of research, those who became interested in it had not only to begin to intensively and constantly involve hidden reserves of their brain, but also to expand individual intuitive abilities of their own Self-Consciousness. All this cannot but lead a thoughtful scientist to the conclusion that a fundamental approach to the study of this new Knowledge is the most important task for natural sciences of the started century. Now this is as evident as the awareness of inevitability of the closely-approached higher-quality turn in the history of human cognition and culture.

The necessity to understand that which cannot even be abstractly imagined becomes a determining characteristic for cognizing fundamentals of the world structure, giving birth to new elements and interrelations in human culture. The use of increasingly complicated abstract Ideas, Formo-images, and extremely complex СФУУРММ{SFUURMM}-Forms when studying the New Knowledge will very soon become normal for many people, which will ensure the necessary qualitative changes not only in the Paradigm of the humankind’s Collective Consciousness, but also in the structure and methodology used in the scientific cognition process. While earlier all scientific researches were based only on descriptive methods of locally observed phenomena or on local experiments for confirmation of certain theories, with the appearance of the iissiidiologic Knowledge, the main source of scientific problems will be not only a supersophisticated nature of a studied object – the slloogrent configuration structure of Information, Energy-Plasma, and the Macrocosmos, but also a complete inability to provide a sequential description of processes (Focus Dynamics) that determine the appearance of certain results in every experiment.

Even on the level of currently-researched inter-quark interactions, it is simply impossible to describe all characteristic details and special features that appear between them within the entire observed range of energy-information interconnections, because quark-level Formo-systems studied by scientists more and more thoroughly cannot be imagined as a simple set of individual elements with relatively weak interrelations between them – it is necessary to introduce many completely new terms, definitions, and Conceptions that would deeper reveal the truer Essence of such manifestation Forms on the boundaries that harmoniously unite obvious (to us) materiality with equally obvious “non-materiality”. In turn, facing the facts of further diversification of structural characteristics of researched objects, experimenters have to search for completely new and unconventional ways, approaches, and methods to study even more complex models, thereby continuously directing their Focus Dynamics farther beyond the boundaries of materiality subjectively perceived by them.

To my great regret, the currently prevailing conceptions and paradigms in modern science, which were long time ago turned into dogmas due to the orthodox vigilance and indestructibility of inveterate administrators in science, are by no means subject to even tiniest attempts of radical review. Officially, only some refinements are permitted for them, and only provided that the so-called “correspondence principle” is observed, which means that after a new refinement there will be a full restoration (as a result of the maximum transfer procedure) of all conclusions typical of the previous theory. Now such a formal approach plays a very reactionary role in the development of science, slowing down the appearance and spread of radically-new views, ideas, theories, and research methods that could help to make a big jump not only in physics and mathematics, but also in all other branches of science towards higher-quality variants of “the future”.

Here, I think, it is appropriate to note that the progenitors and creators of modern science, whose ingenious conclusions formed the whole theoretical and experimental basis of the current laws and Conceptions, had never looked at the discovered new possibilities to describe natural phenomena as the only and the most reliable ones. For example, one of the creators of quantum mechanics, German physicist Werner Heisenberg, for a long time had had doubts not only about matrix mechanics developed by him (the first version of quantum mechanics), but also about the interpretation of uncertainty relation formulated by him (it expresses a link between an impulse and a microparticle’s coordinate determined by its wave-particle nature). In the same way Albert Einstein has repeatedly emphasized that he was ready to replace the Riemannian model of Space-Time (where Euclidian geometry is applied in small areas) by the geometry of absolute parallelism (when vectors comparison is possible not only by absolute value, but also by direction). The same can be said about another founder of quantum mechanics – Paul Dirac, who never considered his relativistic equation of electron as the only possible description that could characterize all its potential states. Although all hypotheses and theories formulated by great scientists were subsequently promoted to scientific dogmas, it was done not by these scientists, but by their less talented followers who were unable to think independently and to further develop these views and ideas.

It seems that now in science it is finally time to “gather stones together”. The brightest minds of humankind are more daringly and thoroughly expressing their opinions about the long-felt need for revision of fundamentals of physics; and, based on general considerations, they are attempting to define and understand the true Nature and dimensionality of Space-Time, to analyze and reconsider from other points of view the origin of the Standard model and dimensionless “magic numbers” (force constants and mass ratios of microparticles, and so forth). In mathematics, we also observe more often nontrivial views on abstract structures that naturally appear within the framework of various formalisms not as some “mind game” and mathematical computation results, but as objective virtual entities that bear a direct relation to most complex processes of inertial formation of subjective realities of the outer world.

French mathematician Charles Hermite (1822-1901) once compared functions and numbers with “animals in the zoo”, meaning that we can only look at them, enjoy them, admire their perfection and logic, but in no way imagine them in accordance with our whims and necessities, because they all can be only as they already are. Speaking about equations of Maxwell, Dirac, Einstein, Van der Waals, and other science apologists, scientists are absolutely sure that all of them represent the Truth that was once and for all discovered and was many times proved, because all electrical installations, computers, most precise devices, and anything else which we associate with the a technically developed civilization are working “due to them”.

But few people will deny that every individual equation just sufficiently well describes a particular sum of phenomena, which are just separate description versions of some of countless manifestation signs of all possible Causes, but not the Principles that determine the existence of non-local Causes and their countless consequences locally perceived by us. Therefore, there cannot be any confidence that already discovered laws and regularities which scientists currently use are absolutely true and universal, that they, even in their very approximate version, will continue to form the basis for the New Science of “future” humankind, because the same totality of phenomena and features, which we are currently able to observe, can be described using a much more adequate Information “language” that simply cannot be invented, but can only be more and more universally deciphered and understood.

No matter how it is difficult for you to understand singularity Principles (a manifestation area, where the curvature of objects of time-space Continuums becomes infinite, or its parameters have other properties that do not allow their physical interpretation) of Cosmic Ideas and Universal Conceptions of infinite multidimensional Existence of the Macrocosmos, I have no choice but to try again and again to explain it to you until the humankind’s Collective Consciousness accumulates the necessary “critical mass” of the Self-Consciousness Forms whose development level can provide them with a sufficiently stable focus on high-quality Levels of psycho-mental creativity, ensuring a deep understanding and a complete acceptance of the iissiidiologic Knowledge. The effective development of this differently-directed process of individual Self-Cognition greatly depends on the presence, in “a personality’s” Focus Dynamics, of Intuition abilities (a higher-quality subconscious Experience) that ensure interrelations between its Self-Consciousness and Formo-Creators from high-quality Levels of the collective Subconsciousness.

I must point out straight away that, even if you think that you do not possess any such abilities (how can you develop something that you do not have?), you are wrong, because, in simultaneous multipolarization of your Focus Dynamics that structure some other development scenarios, there are always higher-quality manifestations of your “personalized” Interpretations that have not only intuitive, but even much more “exotic” abilities such as teleportation, levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the like. All of them are already potentially present in various Forms of your simultaneous Existence. But in order to actually begin to use and subjectively experience them, you need to purposefully and consciously direct the very complex and different-quality process of your individual refocusing exactly into those development scenarios, where your “personality” already operates them.

Your desire to have them, even if it is very strong, is not enough, because you can rezonationally identify yourself with the Configuration of a necessary “personalized” Interpretation only when there will not be a single sign of tensor (i.e. imperseptnost – incompatibility, dissonation) between the quality of its and your Focus Dynamics. This means that you must possess the same knowledge, Conceptions, habits, inclinations, and Aspirations that are typical of it. Is this very difficult? Yes, very! But if you apply a correct approach and a proper degree of conscious tenacity of purpose, it is completely achievable for any of you! What kind of approach is that and how to ensure such purposefulness? There is only one answer: consistently, deeply, and patiently study Iissiidiology! It contributes to mass refocusings into such scenario groups of the general development of Humankind.

Life in the mode of constant intuitiveness becomes possible only when Formo-Creators of a given “personality’s” Self-Consciousness Form are already able to sufficiently naturally and actively manipulate high-quality (for given manifestation Levels) Information, not spending a lot of effort and time on a scrupulous analysis of its logic, reliability, and correspondence with earlier Conceptions, but more relying on some subtle inner criteria, determining its quality and value straight away, without participation of subjective logical-analytical strings of the mind. Those of you who do not have these abilities yet or have them in a weakly expressed form, will be able to develop them quite quickly, applying persistency and patience in their study of the iissiidiologic Knowledge that enormously stimulates the Focus Dynamics of every “personality” in this direction of creative realizations. For this purpose, when I formed sentences and paragraphs[[2]], I strove to convey high-quality Energy-Information in such a way as to maximally activate not so much the brain centers of logic and analysis as those areas which stimulate activation of “the sixth” sense, without which all your attempts to understand this Knowledge will be useless. Now all I can do is to wish you success on this very difficult, but far from hopeless Way of individual intellectual and spiritual self-perfection.

With the Light of Knowledge and unconditional Love to you,

 [2] It is only true of the Russian version of the book, because sentences in English were restructured during translation.