Immortality Conceptions. § Any affection in life corresponds to a certain protoformic Direction

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0570 Maybe these cause-and-effect relationships between “people” and Proto-Forms, in particular concerning those of “the Mineral Kingdom”, will help some of you to find the reason of a seemingly pathologic attachment to precious stones as adornments, which is expressed by many modern beauties and which, by the way, often bears no relation to greed or to hoarding wealth.

10.0571 I am sure that due to such an attachment many “people”, who are obsessed with a strong passion for gold, platinum, silver, or even for iron and copper, choose to become geologists (the same is true for any other profession) for a reason, by avocation, This occurs intuitively, due to an inexplicable internal interest in something that reflects a specific Aspect of Quality which subconsciously interests this “personality”.

10.0572 A similar mechanism is at work when two “human beings” can understand each other immediately, even though they cannot come to an understanding with many others for years, or when a person lives among “people” of another nationality, race, or citizenship, or when a person prefers to stay in a particular country or region, near a sea or in a desert, in mountains or on the plain, in a forest or among interminable fields — that is, any type of manifestation of something, any particular fact of sympathy or antipathy always includes a reason which is often very difficult for us to understand.

10.0573 Even if at first you don’t believe in all of this, at least you should think this Information over. It is simply impossible to wave it aside because it is too logically, smoothly, and neatly interwoven with the Principles of general energy-information structure of the Universe, and also because it plays quite an important role in the “personal” Life of each of you.