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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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§ - The natural mechanisms of balancing the population on Earth in the future possible scenarios of civilization development

Many people are concerned about the following issues. There are many today still live to survive themselves at the expense of others. Such states as hate, anger, rage, envy, jealousy, greed etc. are absolutely normal for them constantly. At the same time there are people understanding that these manifestations have nothing to do with real Human qualities like Positivism and Responsibility, Mercy and Compassion, Acceptance and Understanding, Openness and Tolerance, Oneness and Altruism. Is it fair that they live together? How all these groups of people can co-exist in the nearest future? To understand the answers completely it is necessary to know such conceptions that are described in details by iissiidiology as Many World existence, Qualitative States of Self-Consciousness Levels, Rezonational Principle, Principal of Immortality and others. Anyway, it all depends on the quality (frequency) of vibration of our individual perceptions about the surrounding world and ourselves. Depending on personal behavioral reactions to a particular event or type of creativity, any forms of self-consciousness become aware of themselves exactly in the life’s scenario that they would have "deserved”. It is simply impossible to cheat so-called law of rezonation! Please read these quotes from Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 15 to everyone to know more.

15.17739 I must admit that we are living on the eve of a rather short, in terms of time, and powerful, in its intensity, period of the greatest changes in the quantitative and qualitative composition of the entire world’s population. There is countless number of various prophecies made by representatives of different historical periods; they indicate the special condition of time where we «currently» subjectively exist. Similar periods happened before; however, due to the powerful inertia of Self-Consciousnesses Focus Dynamics, as well as Space-Time rotationally organized by it, such transitional stages have stretched for decades or even centuries. Conversely, «modern times» represent quite a different matter! Due to the rapid increase of qualitative thinking and sensuousness, an individual refocusings throughout different-qualitative Continuums’ groups has also become proportionally faster which, in turn, is subjectively reflected through Self-Consciousness of different «people» as a series of sharp qualitative changes occurring both in the «personal» Life of each «individual» and in the states of the global «human» community. Now only two-three years are spent on the implementation of events which previously required decades, and now they are being radically changed literally in front of our eyes.

15.17740 One thing is certain: the total share of intellectual and altruistic «people» who predominantly view themselves not as a consumerist ballast, but rather as a creative and constructive part of global society has soared tremendously in recent decades. Yet, the proportion of those who think primitively, and these who think intellectually, but selfishly still prevails in the Focus Dynamics of the «human» Collective Consciousness. These diverse types of Creative Activity forming the resulting Vector of the overall Focus Dynamics of the entire «humankind» currently correspond approximately as one in three. This explains the high degree of psycho-mental imbalance throughout Space-Time continuum groups you currently focus which in turn engages certain Form-Creators’ Planetary Mechanisms aimed at maintaining the integral balance between different-qualitative Self-Consciousnesses Forms to commence the implementation of peculiar to Them corrective-regulatory functions.

15.17741It is absolutely justified because simply none of the «future» global high-qualitative reforms intended to improve the degree quality of your Self-Awareness and spirituality are possible due to the presence of such incongruous and different-qualitative on own evolutionary development, composition of the «current human» community. The essence of these reforms boils down to the notion that Self-Consciousnesses Forms which serve as explicit carriers of low-frequency types of destructive energoinformational interconnections are fundamentally unprepared for adequate perception of new highly intellectual and altruistic Ideas serving as the basis of all human relationships in the «future» favorable Continuums’ groups (more corresponding to the signs of the lluuvvumic Direction).

15.17742 At the same time, their professed egoism is a normal and necessary condition for the synthesis of different-qualitative Experience in lesser harmonious Continuums of our simultaneous Existence. Therefore, in such cases, most of the selfish-minded and primitively-thinking «people» commence the massive refocusing into less-qualitative Continuum groups which more resonate with their Conceptions while the most qualitative part of the «humankind» begins massive refocusings into more favorable development scenarios magnetizing the «people» (who are substantially intellectually developed but somewhat selfish, as well as these who are altruistic, but still somewhat egocentric), by their spiritual Ideas. Having been manifested in a more qualitative environment, both groups swiftly synthesize, within their Self-Consciousnesses, the СФУУРММ- [SFUURMM]-Forms of the more developed people and become equal active participants in the highly creative evolutionary changes in the global human community.

15.17743 The least self-conscious part of the «people» refocusing into Continuums’ groups less favorable for existence also involves those intellectually developed, but having yet unsurmountable material requirements (powerful interest in various types of realizations) due to strong «interpersonal» and creative bindings. Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators of this small part of the «humankind» performs the role of generator of continuous eglleroliftive Impulses constantly orienting and psycho-mentally stimulating the life creative work of the most self-centered «people» toward high-qualitative manifestations. Thus, one part of the most widespread «middle» range out of all «people» fractionally refocuses into the inferior-quality existential scenarios structuring more-qualitative Continuums, while the other part refocuses into more-qualitative scenarios of less favorable Continuums. These are the most fundamental Vectors along which the universally-individual Self-Consciousnesses Focuses multi-polarization is carried out through the slloogrent areas of the corresponding Continuums’ groups.

15.17744 Every inertial development stage of any of «human» civilizations has specific mechanisms of qualitative balancing of destructive dynamics arising between powerfully dissonational Self-Consciousnesses Forms. In addition to large-scale catastrophes and natural disasters, such «mechanisms» include the following:

- various forms of drastic increase of the particular part of the general spectrum of solar activity emission intensity;

- inversion-ray cosmic phenomena leading to a sharp increase of various types of high-frequency Energy-Information concentration in the inertial dynamics of near-Earth Space-Time; this powerfully enhances all inter-qualitative Synthesis processes and leads to massive «posthumous» refocusings of all biological Self-Consciousnesses Forms into the Continuums’ groups more corresponding to them;

- powerful magnetic fluctuations greatly affecting not only the increase in cardiovascular and other diseases, but also the considerable increase of various technogenic disasters in enterprises such as industrial, transportation, resource ones, and so on;

- global climate and environmental changes promoting all possible mutations in our biological organisms that either increase or significantly reduce the adaptive capacity of the НУУ-ВВУ-Forms we focus;

- multiple mutations of «deadly» viruses and bacteria mostly affecting the low-frequency Self-Consciousnesses Forms while having virtually no impact on the more developed «people.»

15.17745 Due to the increased urgency for all of us — in the current development period — of the last subparagraph, I consider it necessary to remind you that the «human» body represents by itself the aggregation of not only a few trillion of, actually, human cells, but also of more than 100 trillion (!) of bacterial, viral, and fungal Self-Consciousnesses Forms. As you can see, so far, in this bio-conglomerate of Life, bio-Creators of the «human» genome are not prevailing at all because other bio-Creators of the non-human (proto-form) cells exorbitantly introduced into our organisms are leading in terms of constituting the total number of all possible DNA structures in our bodies. This is the whole evolutional meaning of the Self-Consciousnesses Forms’ diffuzgentness allowing each Proto-Form’s Form-Creators to develop the necessary energy-information interconnections synthetic basis with other protoformal Form-Creators in order to «reproject» into even more universal Forms inherent to their Collective Intelligences. I have repeatedly mentioned that НУУ-ВВУ- [NUU-VVU]-Form-Types biological analogs you currently focus are not actually Human, but represent a temporary, transitional Self-Consciousness Form allowing the sufficient synthesis (accumulation) of the required protoformal Existential Experience essential for Us as the «future» True Humans.

15.17746 From the standpoint of your inertial subjective perception, bacterial, viral, and fungal bio-Creators safely exist on the Planet in various qualitative conditions for nearly five billion years. Meaning, they have been actively revealing throughout different Continuum groups long before Form-Creators of the high-qualitative Energy-Plasma Levels have organized and manifested all the innumerable amounts of diverse biological Self-Consciousnesses Forms of both the animal and the plant types. Bio-Creators of the above mentioned types of microorganisms have become a sort of «pioneers» in the complicated processes of synthetic diffuzgent formation of the genetic basis of each of these biological Forms. By joining active symbiotic and genetic relationships with bio- Creators of the new organisms, these bio-Creators have actively contributed to the inertial formation and manifestation processes of increasingly more advanced analogs of biological Form-Types of each of the Proto-Forms manifested throughout the entire spectrum of 3-4-dimensional Continuum groups.

15.17747 It was They who have implemented all the existing livelihood mechanisms common for the majority of carbon Self-Consciousnesses Forms: the principles of photosynthesis and respiration, assimilation and dissimilation, enzymatic catalysis (powerful biochemical reaction intensification), nitrogen fixation techniques, and so on. The entire palette of all possible biological Forms of the surrounding reality, as well as ourselves are literally immersed within the all-planetary network of their specific creative dynamics and largely consist of these microorganisms and their metabolism products. For example, lactic and succinic acids, as well as various amino acids, vitamins K, B12, B3, and many others are produced in our intestines provided for the life activity of multiple types of bacteria.

15.17748 Form-Creators of their highly organized types of Collective Intelligences fully control and direct the activities of own bio-Creators in each of the narrow-frequency resopasons of Their manifestation in biological Forms. With the ability to exchange genes not only between Themselves but also with bio-Creators of other Proto-Forms, all empirical existence Experience of certain microorganisms’ bio-Creators (of one type) quickly becomes the property of others (for example, due to the presence, in the genomes, of the so-called «jumping» genes — the transposons among which is an antibiotic resistance gene). Because of this, bacteria long known to scientists and usually considered absolutely safe for us commence — under certain circumstances — a rapid mutation process and acquire qualitatively new for them, attributes that make them dangerous to «humans» (for example, recently upgraded and steadily expanding worldwide bacteria known as E. Coli).

15.17749 In addition to the fact that thousands of gene bio-Creators in biological hosts represent diverse specific functions inherent to Proto-Forms’ Form-Creators (animals and plants alike), the functional activity of more than 300 genes (bio-Creators) of the human body is directly linked to bio-Creators of Proto-Form development Directions of viruses and bacteria. The extent of their activity in the body is determined by the vibration frequency of СФУУРММ- [SFUURMM]-Forms resonationally attracted by them from variable Directions. Therefore, as soon as the quality of «unpackings» of your Self-Consciousness reduces in frequency to a certain mode of sustainable existence, the viruses, fungi, or bacteria related to this regime become active, begin to self-replicate in the human body and cause various symptoms and disease syndromes that, in turn, entering resonational-dissonational relationships with narrowly-specific dynamics of bio-Creators of other Directions and initiating certain background svilgs-spherations within Self-Consciousness, can easily lead to the implementation of inter-qualitative Synthesis in the given frequency resopason, i.e. to the fact of «individual’s Death» tragically perceived by all people.

15.17750 There is a great number of objective reasons for unexpectedly rapid «unpacking» of all sorts of «pandemic disease» scenarios in your immediate «future.» One of the most disturbing and dangerous symptoms suggestive of that powerful destructive imbalance of modern «human» community’s Focus Dynamics which requires immediate corrective intervention of the above mentioned correcting Planetary Mechanisms is the disruption of the balance of the Earth’s biosphere due to thoughtless (or rather — mad) destruction of fundamental existence principals of natural ecosystems by «people.» As a result, in recent years, pathogenic bacteria and viruses mutations has increased sharply causing pandemics of not only already known «fatal» diseases, such as typhoid, tuberculosis, plague, anthrax, lupus and similar others, but of also previously unknown infectious diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis C, «bird» and «swine» flu, «mad cow disease,» and so on which appear and extend on a grand scale in historically unprecedented proportions. Moreover, despite of a difference in genomes, additional diseases which are inherent to both «people» and other Proto-Forms lately appear in abundance.

15.17751 Another reason for the «pandemic» scenario development is a sharp climate change which contributes not only to gradually sophisticated «modernization» of older viruses, bacteria and the appearance of large areas of their new species, but also increases the likelihood of re-occurrence in our lives of the most dangerous of previously seemingly «conquered» species of «deadly» diseases. This may occur because of widespread reactivation of anthrax burial grounds in the Arctic and tundra, as well as during archaeological excavations in Europe, Africa, America, and Asia of forgotten graves of «people» and animals who died in various historical periods of the epidemic of smallpox, plague, cholera, foot and mouth disease, and the like. The mass emergence of «deadly» infections is quite possible simultaneously on different continents.

15.17752 For example, in Russia alone, there are more than 120 000 officially registered anthrax cattle cemeteries, however, just about the same amount of natural burials have never been recorded anywhere and do not have an exact location. The same unfortunate situation with centers of bacterial and viral contamination is possible currently in many other countries. In particular, Russia and the United States are now the only countries where smallpox still preserved and cultivated in research centers as a potential biological weapon. All this acts as a planetary delayed action bomb, the triggering detonator of which is the «human» Collective Consciousness destructive state critical threshold which reaching immediately engages the Planetary Mechanism of the world’s population regulation by means of massive refocusing of «people» into groups of various Continuums, resonationally corresponding to them.

15.17753 In addition, «human» sexual activity will inevitably gradually decrease swiftly leading to a sharp birth rate decrease (this process will also be strongly inhibited by the extreme instability of the economic, political, and sociological situations accompanying «current» crisis), while the percentage of the «dying» at older age (the most conservative part of the population whose Self-Consciousnesses are simply incapable of perception and assimilation of radically new high-frequency Ideas), on the contrary, will increase greatly due to strong imbalances of the ecology and climatic factors. This fact alone will put «humankind» before the fact of global and unsolvable demographic «catastrophe» because of the collapse and complete insolvency of the «present» system of socio-economic and inter-state relations. The growth of the world population will not only cease, but will quickly decline forcing the governments of all developed countries to commence active search for mutual consolidation in order to find effective solution to this problem.

15.17754 In various development scenarios of the Collective “human” Consciousness global focus dynamics, the world's population will undergo drastic changes in terms of its qualitative and quantitative state, due to a strong initiation of any one or more of these factors in the coming decades: in more favorable scenarios, it will decrease by two thirds, becoming much more qualitative, while in lesser favorable scenarios the population will also be considerably reduced, however, the relationships between "people" will become even more egocentric and destructive. There are, of course, many other – “less extreme” and more averaged - further development scenarios, however all of them will also lead to the urgent need for a radical qualitative separations at some point in time. The time here is the only difference. This information is not intended to scare anyone in terms of inevitability of enduring of some kind of unpleasant existential changes, but simply serves only as non-superfluous reminder about the patterns and natural causes of any qualitative changes, simultaneously occurring in both - your subjective psyche mental dynamics as well as your surrounding objective reality.

15.17755 Each of you still has a real possibility and time for profound, responsible, and serious decision-making regarding which of the possible Continuum groups your individual Focus Dynamics should be «projected» into, however, these decomposition-eglleroliftive cosmic processes are becoming more and more tangible part of our everyday Life (in fact, they never cease, but only change the intensity and order of their manifestations!) and automatically correct the multipolarized refocusings of every «individual» into resonationally most relevant spheres of creative manifestations. In your place, I would not postpone «for later» the decision of this question so important for your entire «future» Existence.

15.17756 Because the Truth of our continued Existence is that the most favorable scenarios of the «future» in the lluuvvumic development Direction of the «humankind» Collective Consciousness are primarily achieved by means of creation, throughout an entire Planet, of hundreds of thousands of highly organized Ayfaars which will be industrial-environmental, cultural-educational, spiritual-transformative and social-scientific research centers — «Cities of Light and Knowledge» where all relations between residents are conducted only according to the principles of the Ayfaarian Lifestyle, that is, on the basis of high-intellectual and high-sensuous altruistic grounds of the iissiidiological Knowledge naturally and profoundly intertwined with the New science, art, and culture.

15.17757 The process of global climate change all over Earth rapidly developing already now and being significantly reinforced by the critical environmental situation will cause «post-mortem» refocusing of an exorbitant number of extemporaneous Self-Consciousnesses Forms whose Focus Dynamics quality have dropped to extremely low limits of egoistic manifestation and almost animal-like impulsive-unconscious existence. The same applies to the surrounding animal and plant Self-Consciousnesses Forms, or rather, to the representatives of the most aggressive and bloodthirsty of the Proto-Form species known to us. Due to the climate warming, melting of glaciers, and Gulf Stream movement disorder, serious planetary changes will occur not only in the climate and animal habitat, but also in species composition of the surrounding flora and fauna.

15.17758 For example, in a few decades, the majority of bloodthirsty predators, like tigers, lions, cheetahs, lynxes, cougars, leopards, crocodiles, boas, wild boars, bears, wolves, foxes, and all kinds of birds of prey, insects, fish and plants (and others according to the degree of aggressiveness) will simply become extinct due to various objective reasons, however, not entirely! In the same species of flora and fauna, the currently existing Proto-Forms will be replaced by other, only resembling the present, peaceful and more intelligent species whose Self-Consciousnesses Forms would have been synthesized in a higher-qualitative Levels of duvuyllerrt-diffuzgent resopasons bordering with the relevant protoformal development Directions of «human» НУУ-ВВУ- [NUU-VVU]-Form-Types. Self-Consciousnesses’ Form-Creators of the new types are much more, than the «current» Proto-Forms’ Form-Creators, adapted to the FDR-Dynamics of higher-qualitative «human» СФУУРММ- [SFUURMM]-Forms; therefore They are capable of better understanding of «the future people» devoid of aggression and bloodlust and are able to reciprocate their peaceful intentions.

15.17759 It’s worth mentioning, that, in the more qualitative dynamics of our «future» favorable scenarios, the fear of «Death,» as well as currently frightening all of you, notion of the inevitability of «approaching senility» will soon completely disappear from everyday Life which will be followed by establishment of only tolerant, trustworthy, and highly spiritual attitude between these who practices the iissiidiological Conceptions. Neither sex, nor any type of selfish «personal» affection will play a major role in these scenarios, but rather the degree of harmony and individual creative compatibility involving an ineradicable and huge altruistic desire for creative realization in something really important, global, and useful for everyone. Own interests — with the support of the fundamental Knowledge of IISSIIDIOLOGY and most important branches of science consolidated on its basis — are naturally converted into a single cherished Desire — to be able consciously and faithfully to Serve the Idea of improving human civilizations.

15.17760 It is for this Reason, provided for ineradicable and unquenchable desire - to Serve everyone by all possible means - I have "currently" subjectively manifest by many of my Self-Consciousness Forms around you, however, due to my existing capabilities, I could enjoy experiencing other, much more harmonious Space-Time Continuums. On the other hand, if deprived of the opportunity to transmit high quality Knowledge regarding the Meaning and Principles of an eternal "individual" existence, my life in the current conflicting Worlds would become completely meaningless. Many of you very soon will understand and strive to the possibility of experiencing of these stunningly encouraging states of Self-Consciousness. Only then, you will comprehend a spiritual Beauty and the potential Power lies in the altruistic act of Serving! Not a single type of ambition or sexual pleasure can be compared with that highly altruistic experience! The higher Objectives and larger amount of spiritually advanced people you can Serve (not obsequiously so!), the great spiritual euphoria from this experience you receive. This is precisely the unique and exceptional state of Self-Consciousness in terms of its creative power, which in the future becomes the most effective stimulus for consequential spiritual and intellectual self-improvement.

15.17761 The most favorable scenarios will see the beginning of this advancement process already within the following decade which will be an important and fundamental turning point for the majority of «the current humankind.» Everything in the outside World will change rapidly and irrevocably with qualitative transformation not only in the direction of an increased significance of technological maturity in your Life, but also toward a more harmonious and balanced relationships in the «human» community, the degree of socio-economic stratification of which will rapidly decrease.



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