Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § TOO-UU-Entities

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1


TOO-UU-Entities are an infinite set of subjectively-perceived-by-us specific Forms of active and multidimensional (different-diapason) expression, in Space-Time, of realizational interconnections between Form-Creators of certain two OO-UU-Entities synthesized according to their unique features. These synthetic interactions are based on the Principle of Their pairwise combination in the general Universal Form-structure of the Macrocosmos, and, as a result, the most steady (liyllusceeve to each other) informational interconnections are finally organized, in a duvuyllerrt way (in a certain qualitative sequence) in Space-Time, between the Form-Creators of corresponding OO-UU-Entities.

1.0176 For example, our (that is, modeled by our — human, LLUU-VVU-oriented, AIY-YYA-related — Conceptions) Universal Entity (DDIIUYYI) belongs to the type of TOO-UU-Entities Whose Form-Creators are most actively involved in the Process of a deep (all-penetrating, all-combining) multidecillion-dimensional inter-Qualitative Synthesis between all possible information combinations (SFUURMM-Forms) that are typical of the two OO-UU-Entities — ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom and ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence. This infinite Process begins (of course, hypothetically!) from the two-dominant Synthesis Scheme and constantly develops (deepens) further due to an active and sequential involvement of more and more compatible interconnections with the Form-Creators of the other ten OO-UU-Entities. However, all these diverse and miscellaneous mutual combinations with SFUURMM-Forms of other stable pairs of OO-UU-Entities are necessary so that these interconnections would become maximally harmonized on the highest — multidecillion-dimensional — manifestation Levels of the Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’s Higher Cosmic Intelligence not only between the two OO-UU, but also relative to every one of the other ten PCQ.

1.0177. OO-UU-Entity is not an objective but a very subjective notion, because no one can discern and discover all types of informational interconnections that structure a certain TOO-UU-Entity. We define any of Them (for example, LLUU-VVU-Entity, GOOLGAMAA-A-Entity, SSMIIYSMAA-A-Entity, TLAASSMA-A-Entity, AIY-YYA-Entity, DDIIUYYI-Entity) on the basis of the unique subjective Conceptions which we have in this respect only at this stage of our evolutional development. I use the term «Entity» relative to these Cosmic Codes to point out the fact that no matter through which Self-Consciousness Form (among an infinite set of their diversity) the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’s Higher Cosmic Intelligence are manifested, this Form — on any Its manifestation Level — always preserves certain unique «individual features,» «individual properties,» «individual characteristics,» and «individual possibilities» (a certain analogy of «personal» characteristics) that are necessary for the Form-Creators of its Self-Consciousness to perform their collective creativity. This applies to absolutely all TOO-UU- and SVOO-UU-Entities in the Macrocosmos.

1.0178 It is common knowledge that our individual or collective relationship with our outer reality is fully determined by our subjective Conceptions both regarding «ourselves» and our possibilities, and regarding the reality and its possibilities. This is why we say «our Soul,» «our Spirit,» «our Universe»… And they — being narrowly-specifically modeled in our Focus Dynamics — are subjectively «our», because they reflect that which can be somehow specifically (in accordance with our typical Synthesis Scheme) interpreted by our Perception system using particular Conceptions. But in fact, objectively, everything in our outer reality completely differs from that which we can imagine about it.