Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § The Collective Consciousness

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

1.0186 The Collective Consciousness is the integral qualitative state of the Form-Creators’ Creative Activity of all one-type (that is, the ones that fulfill one Synthesis Scheme) Self-Consciousnesses Forms that inhabit Earth in the same STC group. Due to the Principle of Diffuzgentness of all Self-Consciousnesses Forms, the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of Collective Cosmic Intelligences are organized by all Form-Creators of Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure many different-qualitative Collective Consciousnesses whose Focus Dynamics can reflect Synthesis Schemes typical of other birvulyarity types; however, being manifested through Self-Consciousnesses Forms of a particular CCI, their Synthesis Schemes always have a recessive (suppressed) position relative to the synthesizing Form-Creators of this type. For example, the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of the LLUU-VVU-oriented CCI (of the collective LLUU-VVU-Entity) are realized in specific manifestation conditions of the 3-4-dimensional diapason through an infinite set of different-qualitative Focus Dynamics of human Collective Consciousnesses simultaneously manifested in different Time Flows (both «billions of years ago» and «billions of years in the future»).

1.0187 The subjectively-perceived-by-us kinds of the humankind’s Collective Consciousnesses duvuyllerrtly change each other in the slloogrent 3-4-dimensional Focus Dynamics of human STC groups every 2 or 3 generations of people, that is, when most of the people’s existing Conceptions about «themselves» and about the outer reality are naturally changed by new ones in the human community. In turn, the biological existence of every NUU-VVU-Form within the humankind’s Collective Consciousness, is provided in any Time Flow by the presence of different-qualitative types of Collective Consciousnesses that belong to many other Proto-Forms of GOOLGAMAA-A: various regions of the brain, systems and organs of the biological organism, cells, molecules, atoms, elementary particles whose Form-Creators also greatly influence the Focus Dynamics of every human «personality.» However, the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of human DNA dominate over the entire diversity of realizational biological activities, and these Form-Creators provide manifestation of all possible (in terms of Configurations ) Self-Consciousnesses Forms of the NUU-VVU-type in Space-Time.