Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § The Principle of Covarllertness

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

1.0212 The Principle of Covarllertness is the ability of heterogeneous information fragments to combine (resonationally interact) with each other according to certain features with the formation of joint complex-configuration information combinations (SFUURMM-Forms, UU-conglomerates) in Energy-Plasma. Any Form of reflection («projection»), in Space-Time, of the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics in Self-Consciousness is structured by an infinite set of diverse but resonationally corresponding (to each other) combinations of all possible fragments of Information, whose general Meaning is determined by the quality and particular manifestation conditions of the Focus Dynamics of each Self-Consciousness Form. Any of these combinations has its own focal Configuration (NNAASSMM or «the Module of qualitative manifestation»), and the structure of its interconnections, in turn, is also organized by certain types of Energy (VLOOOMOOT — «the Creative Potential» or a manifestation diapason of particular resonational interconnections between Form-Creators) that are typical only of this energoinformational combination. Each of these combinations is formed because there is a certain degree of similarity between their heterogeneous information fragments in types of Energy and Information that structure them.

1.0213 Due to the infinite diversity of all information fragments, the degree of compatibility between them is totally individual in each particular case of their focus combinations: it is determined by particular features in some conditions, while other conditions imply completely different features. For example, if we consider such a subjective feature as «white color» as a determining condition for the formation of an information combination in the creative realization of your Focus Dynamics, then the complex-configuration UU-VVU-conglomerate that you activate in the information space of your Self-Consciousness may be resonationally structured by SFUURMM-Forms that have this very feature but radically differ from each other in their information Essence: «white paper,» «white flowers,» «white snow,» «white nights,» «white pigeon,» «white clay,» «white sugar,» «white salt,» «white hair,» and so on. The more complex (with more specific features) the organization of the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness Form, the less SFUURMM-Forms can become activated in (join) it from the Focus Dynamics of other people.

1.0214 The degree of covarllertness of various heterogeneous features in the Focus Dynamics of different «personalities» becomes especially important during the so-called inter-formtype and «interpersonal» refocusings, when, at the moment «Death of a personality,» an innumerable set of different-qualitative versions of all possible resonational overlaps («merging») of individual information «parts» within the focal Configuration of «the just-deceased» person with covarllert «parts» within the focal Configurations of living people simultaneously happen in Space-Time. Each focal Configuration is structured by many UU-VVU-conglomerates that are typical not only of its Focus Dynamics but also of the Focus Dynamics of «personalities» (both considered «dead» and living ones) simultaneously manifested in different Time Flows and Continuum groups*.
*See details about «postmortem» refocusings in the books series «Immortality is accessible to everyone

1.0215 The specific character of covarllert interconnections that form each information combination determines the resonational point of a focus («local») manifestation of Information in particular conditions of Space-Time: higher-quality — «highly-concentrated» — Information structured by a great number (volume) of different-qualitative informational interconnections (that, however, are covarllert among themselves!) is manifested in the Macrocosmos with the help of higher-frequency Energy and forms more universal dimensional Levels of manifestation of the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness. And vice versa: the Focus Dynamics structured by a lesser volume of covarllert Information are typical of the focal Configurations in lower dimensional diapasons. The same applies to different types of Energy; the degree of covarllertness between these types is also determined by the quantity of identical features of Information: undersynthesized (in subjective perception, of course!) Focus Dynamics can manifest only through SFUURMM-Forms of low-frequency Levels in the information space of Self-Consciousness, medium-synthesized Focus Dynamics can manifest through medium-frequency ones, while «deeply» synthesized Focus Dynamics can manifest only through SFUURMM-Forms structured by high-frequency types of Energy and Information.