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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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§ - Electromagnetic (wave) nature of thoughts, aspirations. How they use it in modern psychotronic devices to manage Consciousness.

This article is not to scare some people by saying there are total control of our thoughts and Self-Consciousness or that “bad guys” enslave “good guys” with psycho methods. Quite the contrary… Fortunately, due to the nature of Life and the structure of the Universe it is impossible to “enslave” anyone against their will. At the same time, it is obvious that very powerful methods may be used currently to control thoughts and behavior. There are such devices as UHF or EHF generators, transmitters, laser, ultrasound, infrasound, X-ray, millimeter and submillimeter wavelength range radio and ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet, isotopic, gamma transmitters etc. Nevertheless, We are quite confident that when people have additional information, they are able to with stand any “external pressure”. As they say, “Forewarned is forearmed”.

These are universal sound Cosmic Codes АИИЙВВФФ 

{AIIYVVFF}. Iissiidiology gives the codes to people which are already able to meditate on these codes to get the most TRUITHFUL information themselves without any assistance. Also this is for ALL other people, because in the future everyone will have an opportunity for such a kind of meditation on Cosmic Codes.  

What are universal Cosmic Codes? 

The universality of Cosmic Codes is that these combinations of sounds can be reproduced by any inhabitant of each of the "physical" (3-4- dimensional range) types of subjective realities.

They exactly match the certain synthetic conditions of Forms and are adopted to the specific characteristics of the various physiological systems of sound reproduction. They maximally reflect a more subtle, "internal" meanings of phenomena, processes and relationships. The variety of advanced space communities “pass” the “inner” meanings not by verbal way (with words and sounds), but using “form-images”. These “form-images” are structured by “emanations” of Thoughts and “psychonations” of Senses.

Through the specific combination of different sounds each AIIYVVFF-Code reflects more truthful quality state of Energy- Plazma then you perceive now in current groups of Space-Time Continuums. Each AIIYVVFF-Code also defines the semantic range of many other advanced civilizations’ individual features, their universal conceptions about “themselves” and the "surrounding world”.

The codes will greatly make easier the establishment of mutual understanding with our Space Brothers in Mind. As it will enable them to perceive the codes in accordance with a quality of vibration of its universal “form-images”. These “form-images” reflects the true meaning of AIIYVVFF-Codes, which is understandable by each of space civilization.

Due to the specific characteristics of different races and civilizations speech organs, the codes are distorted very strongly and peculiarly by pronunciation in different languages and in different ways. Therefore, the Sound Cosmic Codes truly become effective only when the majority of people will have   ability to communicate at the level of telepathy.

Read more about universal Cosmic Codes here.


This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 3

3.0192. In the conditions of exhiberation in Focus Dynamics of human subjective Realities of the given dimensional diapason, SFUURMM-Forms represent certain different-Qualitative sets (spectrums) of electromagnetic oscillations (as well as of plasma, chromatic, acoustic and others). I would like to underline once again particularly such circumstance that all SFUURMM-Forms (and structured by them UU-VVU-conglomerates) have wave electromagnetic manifestation nature. The phenomena which we determine as «human,» «personality» represents by its nature a densified «bunch» of electromagnetic waves (therefore the level of development of civilization depends on what frequency most of its representatives were able to reach). Human with its developing intellect is only a tiny part of slloogrent energoinformational Space (on our Planet — Noo-Sphere), to which it is always possible to «connect» in a particular way in order to get from there necessary for us Information, after all human Thoughts, Feelings, and Desires are material.

3.0193 It is very important to know and understand all that because you often do not think that all your Thoughts, Feelings, Desires and Aspirations (Interests) possess the same wave nature as focused by you NUU-VVU-Configuration, and as well as any other object of the surrounding your World. It is important waves from which qualitative Levels of your Self-Consciousness structure SFUURMM-Forms used by you in Focus Dynamics because that influences not only results of continuously carried out by you refocusing process, but also your health, wellbeing, psychical reactions, intellectual abilities and spiritual potential: the more all possible energoinformational signs combinations peculiar to your more qualitative «personal» Interpretations (which in your subjective «now» already structure more favorable variants of development scenarios) will be present in your «current» SFUURMM-Forms, the faster you will be able to resonationally «shift» your Focus Dynamics in these STC groups.

3.0194 That circumstance influences not only your interactions with surrounding reality, but also its selective attitudes towards you «personally,» which do not always turn out to be useful for you and often are not controlled by you in any way. Resonationally overlaying («self-projecting») qualitatively corresponding them wave spectrums of Focus Dynamics of your «personality,» SFUURMM-Forms, via peculiar to them nutation, actively influence the process and qualitativeness of your psychical reactions, causing either the feeling of horror, fear, stupor or the feeling of joy, passion, bliss and creative inspiration (for example, when the repetition frequency of electromagnetic field of SFUURMM-Forms of you external surrounding coincide with the frequency of alpha rhythm of your brain, in your Perception system may origin various depressed states, conniptions, panic attacks and whiplashes of fear). Any tensor attitude towards something or somebody indicates predominance in FD of the given person of impersept interconnection relative to signs combinations of f-Configuration of subjectively perceived object, subject or phenomena. Not having possibility to enter resonational contact, the given selective dissonance forms between FD of Form-Creators of different Self-Consciousnesses Forms corresponding — surdousive — SFUURMM-Forms: miscommunication, criticism, disappointment, offend, irritation, aggression and so on.

3.0195 Though SFUURMM-Forms may be modeled by both magnetic and electric fields, it turns out that with the help of generators of only electrical fields it is possible to control emotional states and all possible actions (choices) of any people, suggest any Thoughts and Feelings, intrude their short-term and long-term memory in order to correct it, promptly erase their skills and develop new (in other words carry out the process of forced refocusings of «personality» into certain development scenarios changing acquired life Experience for new), and carry out many other things not only with organisms of living creatures, but even with reactions of different physical objects and separate elementary particles (for example, of electron). Such abilities activates in f-Configuration of those «personalities» which FD:

a) are already quite universal for the given exhiberation conditions that is structured by multiple more covarllert (towards the given Synthesis Scheme!) different-protoformal interconnections (at changing conditions or current qualitativeness of FD these abilities may disappear);

b) realize in more degree SFUURMM-Forms of those protoformal development Directions for which Self-Consciousnesses Forms abilities of low nutation intuitive Perception are natural.

3.0196 That property of SFUURMM-Forms is already now being actively used in different psychotronic devices (microwave, generators of extremely high frequency, laser sender, ultrasonic, infrasonic, roentgen, millimeter- and submillimeter-wave length of radio and ultrasonic diapason, infrared, ultraviolet, isotopic, gamma and so on) for instant transmission of Information through any screens to submarines cruising in the oceans, for generation of messages or commands to Form-Creators of DNA molecules — both for increasing effectiveness of functioning of cell mechanisms and extension of human Life and for «self-destruction» (for example, activating «death genes»), for transmission in a wave way new incurable diseases, bringing fatal «Death» not only to separate people, but to the whole racial-national groups. Radiating units are capable to strike organism in a distance and almost in any weather. Communication lines of residential units are used as aerial transmitters of such waves from the source of radiation (generator): lighting wiring, telephone and radio-relay communication tools, heating, water supply and sanitary drain pipes, window glasses, fire alarm system, television, player, computer and so on.

3.0197 It is also known that emanation generated by brain and going «outwards» through human eyes is formed not only in aspectable wave diapason — Form-Creators of our visual organs are capable to emit roentgen rays powerful enough to be fixated even on photographic tape. Therefore, eyes — in certain psychical states — can also carry out function of more or less powerful «personal» psychotronic generators specifically modeling (through brain) and emanating on other people channeled SFUURMM-Forms in roentgen and in other wave diapasons. There have been already created highly sensitive screens on which there appear outlines of images when somebody fixedly and contemplatively looks at them. In multiple phenomenological researches, there have been registered cases of weight decreasing or full levitation of material objects during channeled spontaneous psychophysical impact of a person (psychokinesis), yogi levitation or just off people in a transcendental state.

3.0198 Every person has own f-Configuration as well as own diapason (spectrum) of emanation of psychic (decoherent) Energy, if tune into it, it is possible to influence with the help of necessary SFUURMM-Forms (i.e. carry out purposeful programming on the unconscious level or brain «installation») any person with the help of generator of so called P-waves (polarization waves, have frequency about 1040 hertz and vacuum velocity in million times more than the speed of light!). There already created devices capable to register these frequencies, in other words they can almost read in a distance people’s thoughts (but not the most qualitative!) without any contact with them. In fact, these frequencies are material carriers of SFUURMM-Forms, synthesized by different-protoformal Form-Creators in diapason from 2.0 to 3.5 dimension. People can identify and adopt to their Notions only those from them which are specifically kleksed on the basis of VVU-Factor. With the help of P-waves it is possible to get any information from bio-objects including their «personal» feelings, specific sensations, subjective experience and even «see» with other person’s eyes. For example, if in a special way (in p-waves frequencies) record eruption of elation from some event and afterwards redirect that SFUURMM-Form by subterransive p-wave canal to another person, the last one will also experience the feeling of elation.

3.0199 Healthy people in the states of strong psychical stress connected with Life threat or with dominating motivation to urgently achieve an essentially important goal, are capable to unintentionally cope with obstacles insurmountable in their usual state, lift huge weight, practically instantly move on huge distances and so on. There also known phenomena of short-time increase or decrease of weight of biological objects, including human, unrelated with usual the process of mass transferring, but spontaneously appearing at sudden and significant change of psycho-mental states (for example, in the states of somnambulistic automatism — sleep-walking — or at a powerful increase in qualitativeness of psycho-mental dynamic, the weight of a person significantly decreases).

3.0200 Affecting human brain with the help of SFUURMM-Forms generated in the form of light impulses, it is possible to «turn on» or «turn off» some genetically coded in the brain switches which enables to fulfill the process of direct recording of necessary Information into the memory of «personality» bypassing stages of its subterransive awareness and reasoning. That direct recording enables to get a full control over Focus Dynamics of bio-Creators of some neural chains and stimulate them to create necessary psychical state and behavior of the given «personality,» and also to implant in the memory false recollections about events which had never happen in reality, but only in imagination (through UU-VVU-conglomerates of subterransive ODS — in other parallel development scenarios). With the help of direct impact of light-coded SFUURMM-Forms it is possible to fully control operation of all motor functions of sleeping organism, control its neuronet and suppress activity of separate nerves (for example, remove painful syndromes in post-stroke states, in case of diseases which cause spontaneous movements, and also when people suffer from muscle atrophy, paralysis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and other neuromuscular disorders).

3.0201 Unfortunately, we still focus via peculiar to us Interests in so imperfect STC groups where wave properties of SFUURMM-Forms serve not powerful intellectual-spiritual development of all the humankind and growth of its wellbeing, but are more and more actively being used by various military departments, intelligence agencies and criminal structures for forced processing (targeted zombieing) Levels of collective Unconscious and personal Self-Consciousness of any unwanted by them person (or group of people), as a result of which he or she loses directing contact with own past and is programmed for unquestioning, unconscious submission to «master’s» orders. In the basis of physics of that phenomena there lay Notions that all wave structures possess characteristics of so called «object» wave (object, exposed to the influence of certain emanation), or «illuminating» wave (that «projects» into space holographic image of such object and recreates on the screen of the device the configuration of its psychic). Focus Dynamics of any Self-Consciousness Form (the process of TEC-unpackings) also operates according to the principle of hologram.

3.0202 Not every person can be zombified: people with strong willpower and high nutation (spiritual) thoughts are much less exposed to purposeful sfuurmmformal influences, which being channeled to them might just not reach the goal, because in Perception system of percipient in the given diapason of modulated from the outside frequencies there does not originate powerful enough effect of resonance (however, in any case similar impact will influence their psychic state: when strong will power resists some influences, it usually expresses in tiredness, exinanition). Most people, if they are not in highly ampliative psychical states, can be easily controlled, being directed to almost any actions, including a suicide or a murder.

3.0203 Intensified zombieing stably and forcedly integrates SFUURMM-Forms (behavioral Notions and reactions) necessary to a «master» into Focus Dynamics of a person. That radically changes behavior of zombified person: the expression on the face becomes detached and does not correspond to emotions expressed in words, clearly changes the color of eye whites, there prevail anaemic intonation in the voice, speech becomes grammarless, the ability to concentrate is lost, reactions and movements slow down, appear gaps in memory and absurd fixedness in the behavior. Here I would like to underline once again that the best protection from such zombieing is active cultivation in own Focus Dynamics of such ampliative psychical states as high-feeling Intellect and high-intellect Altruism, which makes it impossible for Form-Creators of Self-Consciousness to be in resonance with any depliative SFUURMM-Forms. In opposite case you can blame only yourself in what happened.

3.0204 While «soft» zombieing (the program realizes in a «sleeping» mode) the «personality,» in fact, does not differ from other people in any way, but in the moment necessary to the «master» it is capable in a distance to execute all its orders in full obedience. At that in Focus Dynamics there can be dominantly unpack in sequence — depending on the solution of the assigned task — qualitatively different UU-VVU-conglomerates, giving the person qualities and characteristics of seemingly several completely different «personalities.» At switching from one conglomerate of SFUURMM-Forms to the other, its voice, manners, pace, smile, eyes and face expression distinctively change, there also happen selective activation of memory and Experience, professional and creative skills and also intellectual, feeling and physical abilities.

3.0205 At the impact on Focus Dynamics of «personality» of SFUURMM-Forms of ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic radiation (UHF — decimeter waves, wave length is from 1 meter to 10 cm, frequency — from 300 MHz to 3GHz), there happen pathological deviation in the functioning of different organs responsible for human life activity. For example, it can activate organism cancer cells and oncology disease. Exposure to SFUURMM-Forms of super-high-frequency (microwave) radiation (SHF, wave length is from 10 cm to 1 cm, frequency — from 3 GHz up to 30 GHz) engage bioelectric current with the frequency from 1 Hz to 35 Hz, which can lead to failures in reality perception, tonus increase and decrease, tiredness, nausea and headache, with following full sterilization of instinctive sphere, heart, brain and central nerve system damages.

3.0206 SFUURMM-Forms modeled with the help of EHF (millimeter waves, frequencies from 30GHz to 300GHz, wave length from 1 cm to 1 mm) influence central nerve system and brain; they cause unfavorable pathological disturbances in the function of inner organs. For a certain period of time brainwork becomes impossible because of the difficulties in self-control (irritation appears) and orientation in the external environment. If SFUURMM-Forms are generated and intrude into Focus Dynamics with the help of roentgen (wavelength is from 10-8 m to 10-12 m; frequency 3x1016 Hz — 3x1020 Hz) or gamma-radiation (wave length — 10 pm, frequency — 30 EHz), they can be used to liquidate any person in a distance or through the wall imitating lethal outcome like from a usual disease. It selectively damages certain brain centers responsible for memory, heart-vascular system or other functional centers. What is more, it harms brain structures without damaging external brain lining.

3.0207 It happens because high nutation emanations are structured by more powerful by its energoinformational potential SFUURMM-Forms, which due to the peculiar to them universality (hence, permeability!) at its primariusive intrusion into FD of bio-Creators of mixtum Self-Consciousnesses Forms are capable to sharply increase in them the processes of inter-Qualitative Synthesis, inevitable result of which are «postmortem» refocusings of Form-Creators of affected «personality.» In biological organism such emanations suppress and damage functional interconnections (some of active neural chains are liquidated) between bio-Creators of those systems and organs, which f-Configurations are in more degree structured by signs combinations impersept relative to SFUURMM-Forms of the given FD. Having carried out a certain number of «postmortem» refocusings, Form-Creators of FD of the given «personality» increase the degree of covarllertness of interconnections relative to Energy and Information generated by the given emanation, in the result of which bio-Creators of the brain develop completely new types of neuron interactions. Exactly therefore weak and pre-dosed acts of radioactive radiation are capable not only to immensely improve the functioning of physiological organism of separate people, but open some of the potential creative abilities.

3.0208 Human cannot hear sound frequencies higher than 20 KHz with wave length about 0.017 m. However, SFUURMM-Forms, impulsively generated in ultrasonic diapason can stop heart function leaving no signs of violent «Death,» and it is impossible to disclose without special research on a molecular level done by an expert. They usually use modulated signal for that (so called «bio-noise method») when a person is attacked by a burst of new frequencies, to which it is simply impossible to adjust. These SFUURMM-Forms are capable to cause either insane fury, or heavy apathy, or strong pain, or exuberant high spirits or absolute terror. Emanation of SFUURMM-Forms in the given diapason greatly influences the mental structures, psychic and nerve system, causing headache, faintness, vision and breathing disorders, convulsions, loss of consciousness.

3.0209 Everything above mentioned has the most direct relation to the process of formation in your Focus Dynamics of all the multitude of different-Qualitative sfuurmmformal interconnections, which, as a matter of fact, determine in your Perception system all the subjective «picture» of realization in Space-Time of specific Notions structuring your personalistic World. What we interpret as «surrounding reality» — is the area of frequency realization of endless multitude of SFUURMM-Forms (from acoustic and light vibrations to interference «pictures» forming psychological order), and our brain is a special wave (vibrational, frequency) transformer unifying and modeling all those different-Qualitative fluctuations into subjective Word of everything we individually perceive, see, think and experience.

3.0210 Let me remind you that in the spectrum of wave frequencies which we are not capable to see or somehow feel and experience, there also exist not less authentic types of subjective Realities with own objects, people, animals, plants, Planets, Starts and Even Universes — in brief, with all that infinitely multifarious content which Form-Creators of our brain (strictly corresponding to their abilities and potential!) constantly «cross out» from multipolarizational Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses Forms of decoherently perceived by us Reality. When yogi, psychic mediums or spiritually self-developing people enter so called «transcendence» (deep Meditation), they, in fact, purposefully adjust FCA of their Perception system to resonant interception of emanations unperceivable by them in usual state. Form-Creators of brain constantly transform sensory manifestations of accessible for them wave diapason into the language of frequencies fully or partially ignoring simultaneous dynamics of extrasensory (supersensible) realms of Perception. In reality there exist an infinite multitude of variants of our simultaneous subjective Existence: «one» variant, in which we are definitely and clearly aware of focused by us NUU-VVU-Form structuring by its f-Configuration a certain «point of exhiberation» in skrruullerrt system of Space-Time, and many others, where we exist in parallel focusing in f-Configurations of NUU-VVU-Forms with some different qualitative characteristics.

3.0211 I give all these examples in order to underline once again: in the given type of subjective Reality the photon state is preceded by a certain slloogrent (doolls-wave and flaks-wave) state of SFUURMM-Forms, which, in its turn, is structured by an endless multitude of narrowly fragmented states of Self-Consciousness representing covarllert combinations of potentially (for each of acts of «local» Form of exhiberation!) interconnected between each other Energy and Information. These Configurations or so called UU-VVU-copies, — emanations of Thoughts (conditionally «mental» component of Energy-Plasma: ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence, ALL-Primordiality-ALL-Initiality, ALL-Mobility-ALL-Presence, ALL-Knowledge-ALL-Informedness, ALL-Aspiration + transitional ALL-Unity and ALL-Steadiness-ALL-Stability) and psychonations of Feelings (conditionally «astral» component of Energy-Plasma: ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom, ALL-Integrity, ALL-Essentiality-ALL-Permeability, ALL-Abundance-ALL-Fullness, ALL-Voidness-ALL-Vacuumness + transitional ALL-Unity and ALL-Steadiness-ALL-Stability) — in resonational way synthesize in Focus Dynamics (in a very narrow frequency diapasons) to the state of karmonations with a certain Potential of qualitatively corresponding to them Energy and Information.

3.0212 I want to remind you once again that SFUURMM-Forms by the Principle of their formation and subterransive exhiberation in concrete conditions of Space-Time represent that universal «assembly material» (combinations of different-Qualitative, but covarllert relative to each other informational interconnections) which simultaneously — through slloogrent Focus Dynamics of Macrocosmos! — structures and stimulates to exhiberation both synthetic f-Configurations of all diverse karmonational formations (Self-Consciousnesses Forms and CCI of Worlds’ Form-systems), and covarllert combinations of informational r-Configurations of emanations and psychonations which provide all the functionality of OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems and FLUU-LUU-complexes (as well as all the other Creativity Spheres of Info-Creators of RESOSCONTIONAL Qualitational Branch). Their specific combinations are able to self-organize in a particular way (both in ODS and Form-system) only under influence of resonational relative to them Focus of Close Attention, in its turn FCA cannot dynamically manifest (as a part of Focus Dynamics) without the presence in subterransive ODS of Self-Consciousness of corresponding to it SFUURMM-Forms or formed by them UU-VVU-Conglomerates.

3.0213 You should understand that any concrete Thoughts and Feelings do not appear in our personalistic Focus Dynamics for no reason, but are specifically chosen by «someone» or «somebody» from slloogrent Flow of multiple UU-VVU-Forms, after which they are covarllertly formed into more or less stable synthetic state, in which they are produced — on a frequency peculiar to the given combination — into general Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses Forms of the surrounding us reality. Therefore if we want to find an answer to an eternal question: «Who we are in reality? Who or what provides the whole process of our subterransive Self-Consciousness?» — we need to go into these Notions even deeper to some virtual «coordination center» which provides our manifested subjective Existence not only in the given diapason of dimension, but also in the multitude of Forms of other Levels of Self-Consciousness.



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