Thought And MeditationThought and meditation cover

Thoughts, like objects, are not yours; they come from somewhere, stay and interact with your Consciousness for a while and then quietly disappear.
By mastering the art of mental transformation you will have an absolutely realistic means of consciously controlling the material conditions of your earthly existence.
By advancing in this direction your mentality may reach the point when it becomes possible to control the powerful factors of the elemental elements of Nature, influencing with the Power of your Mind not only the weather, but also such destructive phenomena as tornadoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis...
On realizing deeply the main principle of Creation - 'THE UNIVERSE IS THE THINKING' - you will be able to direct your thinking towards higher spiritual transformations, because everything that you call 'psychic phenomena' or 'mental effects' is realized through the same principle - 'EVERYTHING IS THE THOUGHT'.

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