Iissiidiology Fundamentals. Volume 3

The diversity of Creative Realization Forms of The Cosmic Human

Cover volume 2

 The third volume of «IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals» allows readers to go deeper into yet completely unexplored by us structures that provide functioning of human Samosoznaniye and its interconnections with Formy Samosoznaniya focused by it. First two volumes of «IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals» thoroughly describe the deep Nature of Causes and Mechanisms of Creative Activity of everything manifested in multidimensional and different-quality Mirozdaniye, including also qualitative Basis of Universe Structures Formo-Creators Focus Dinamics. The third volume in its turn focuses on the detailed description of basic Principles of Human and other Self-Consciousness Form manifestation in all the diversity of different-dimensional diapasons of Tertiary Illusion.

To allow the reader to fully comprehend the essence of the notion «Self-Consciousness Form», the author describes realization functions of these structures at the example of subjective formation – as a result of life creativity of every personality – of so called "personalistic Worlds", which goes far beyond existing scientific notions about the surrounding reality and peculiarities of interaction between Forms, structuring it, whether it is a human, a planet, or an elementary particle. Furthermore, he describes different-dimensional variety of Forms of lluuvvumic development Direction and characteristics of focus realization of Collective Cosmic Intelligence of the Humanity as a unified LLUU-VVU-Entity.

The third volume ends with a detailed description of multi-level manifestation of Ranges of Plasma Forces of our Universe, which are described from a position of their subjective interpretation through the specific peculiarities of human Perception systems. Endless inner transformations of Universe Illusion, as mechanisms of the Cosmic Human evolutional growth on its Way to its Universe Future, lets inquisitive readers to form in their Self-Consciousness own highly intuitive conceptions about endless varieties of all possible development variants, where goes the process of eternal multidimensional Existence of every human personality.