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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § - Rotationness, Space, Time and Inertia

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1


1.0119 A continuous qualitative transformation of the Focus Dynamics of any Self-Consciousness Form from one state into another one is conditioned by the presence of the Universal Principle of rotationness in Energy-Plasma, which is the main Reason of the formation (in Self-Consciousness’ energoinformational structures) of such specific «manifestation» effects which we subjectively define as «Space,» «Time,» and «Inertia.» We have found out that all specific features of the so-called «outer reality» («Space») in the Tertiary State of Energy-Plasma are individually and specifically formed not anywhere «outside you» or by anybody who exists «externally to you,» but in the structures of your own Self-Consciousness. This «manifestation» effect is provided by the fulfillment of the Principle of Resonation through the Focus Dynamics of Rezomirals’ Form-Creators that slloogrently structure all their focal Configurations by their typical interconnections.

1.0120 The joint Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators of your Self-Consciousness Form always individually resonate only with some «part» of Focuses that structure entire slloogrentness of Configurations of protoformal Rezomirals, and automatically «choose» (particularly manifest, «become involved») from among an infinite set of their combinations only strictly-definite «parts» that are in the state of absolute resonation towards the multipolarization Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness reflected through a particular qualitative state; it is the focal Configurations of a given «part» within one of manifestation Rezomirals that become the Form in which you begin to subjectively perceive yourself, that is, you identify yourself with the Form as «a manifested personality» the way you subjectively imagine and perceive yourself.

1.0121 The situation with the manifestation principle for all details and characteristics of your outer reality is slightly more complex, although the reflection principle (FCA + FDR = Space-Time) remains the same. During countless «quantum shifts,» your stable subjective Conceptions of yourself are reflected («quantized») at the «bioscreen» of your Perception system (the brain) due to «the projection» of an innumerable set of Stereo-Types that are configurationally very similar to each other and are structured by qualitatively-corresponding Conceptions concerning the details of your external appearance, individual features, bents, character, and so on. Each detail of your outer reality is modeled and modified by the equally steady Focus Dynamics not only of the Form-Creators of the focused-by-you NUU-VVU-Configurations, but also of many other people who are manifested together with you and inhabit other STC (that is, other Time Flows). The moment you were born, the world around you, with all its details, already existed (that is, had been modeled and realized in various periods by the Focus Dynamics of all other Self-Consciousnesses Forms — people, microorganisms, animals, plants, minerals, specifics of interaction between molecules, atoms, and elementary particles, as well as by Collective Intelligences of Planetary, Star, Galactic, and Universal Cosmic Entities) in the form that corresponded to the moment of your birth.

1.0122 This resembles the principle of Information recording on a compact disk. Let me remind you that data are recorded on a spiral disk track that have microscopic indents with encoded Information: it is encoded on the track by an alternation of recesses that do not reflect light, and intervals between them that reflect light, which allows to distinguish them with the help of a special tool — a laser head. Information is recorded with a laser beam by heating parts of the plastic layer, changing their structure (they become darker), and light cannot penetrate to the reflecting layer. So, a sequence of reflecting and non-reflecting sections appears on a blank disk through the burning process. Now imagine that the laser beam, whose impulse power depends at every moment of time on the frequency of Information that structures it, represents your own Focus Dynamics formed by different-qualitative «quantum shifts» structured by various SFUURMM-Forms that belong not only to you, but also to all other Self-Consciousnesses Forms around you. Your «personalized» Perception system (the brain and its individual «bioscreen» of Self-Consciousness) may be figuratively compared with the reading device of the laser head that specifically reads (individually decodes) corresponding (to its frequency) parts of the slloogrent «record» «initially» recorded on «the Universal CD.»

1.0123 Now let’s consider the effect of manifestation of Time. The situation with Time is different from the formation of Space. Each state of Time corresponds to a certain type of energoinformational interconnections initially recorded in focus structures (slloogrent Configurations ) that fill all manifestation Rezomirals (that is, the Macrocosmos). These stable interconnections between Form-Creators and Info-Creators, depending on the degree of their resonation on different dimensional Levels, form certain types of seemingly discrete (for our Perception systems) Configurations in spatial structures — in different states of the Time Flow («inside» each focus Rezomiral); and these Configurations differ from each other in a certain degree of duvuyllerrt qualitative inconformity (dissonation, destructiveness) with its own characteristics of «the shift» inside the general structure of the Rezomiral from lower-quality (subjectively less favorable) conditions or manifestation Levels into increasingly higher-quality states: with a decrease of dissonation relative to the general — most harmonized and balanced — Focus Dynamics of a given protoformal Rezomiral, conditions for the manifestation of the Configuration in space-time Continuums will improve.

1.0124 The Focus Dynamics initially encoded for constant perfection of interconnections between Creators both «inside» each Rezomiral and between protoformal Rezomirals are strictly «fixed» (that is, reflect) not only to particular energoinformational parameters (Configurations ) that characterize the quality degree (the Scheme and depth of inter-Qualitative Synthesis) of each «part» of configurational slloogrentness, but also to particular parameters of individual dissonation of lower-quality Configurations relative to their higher-quality versions. I define these parameters as «Time Flows,» and Perception systems of synthesized Self-Consciousnesses of different types subjectively crystallize on their basis their own individual Conceptions of certain «variability» and «fluctuation» of the outer reality which results in a logical «sequence» of Existence of all Forms. I designate such an individual attitude which is based on subjective comparisons of different-qualitative states of seemingly «the same» objects or phenomena as dissonational distance that characterizes and reflects duvuyllerrt «distance» of various different-qualitative versions of the general Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators.

1.0125 The iissiidiological notion of dissonational distance is similar to your Conceptions of chronological time. People have developed a subjective notion of «time» on the basis of a subjective analysis of qualitative differences in continuously registered results of this illusory effect manifested in «human» (and in all other protoformal) Continuum groups as a result of simultaneous multipolarization of the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses. Specific analogs of this notion also exist in other protoformal communities that have achieved certain development Levels. In addition to specific human Conceptions that express the subjective attitude to Time (through seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, and so on), different protoformal communities whose representatives also communicate with each other with the help of organized sound manipulations have their own Conceptions of inertial duration and sequence of events that reflect specific characteristics of their typical Perception systems (for example, «ismiluts,» «fukrums,» «osmes,» «prests,» «moms,» «plartats,» and others).

1.0126 The principle that forms the basis of each Self-Consciousness Form’s individual perception of the phenomenon of Time also serves as the primary Cause of manifestation (in our human and in any other type of Existence) of the specific effect which I define as «Inertia,» and my Conceptions about it are fundamentally different from traditional ones. Let me remind you that mechanics describes inertia as the property of a body to preserve steady rectilinear motion or the state of rest when there are no forces affecting it or when forces are mutually balanced. In contrast, inertia of our (or someone else’s) subjective perception of both our own and the universal Existence is based on various states of different-qualitative dissonation that are simultaneously possible between all Configurations of Form-Creators, because their energoinformational interconnections have certain qualitative differences or tensors (moments of dissonance, tension, misunderstanding, resistance).

1.0127 The more there are such destructive differences, the higher the degree of incompatibility between conditions that are necessary for the manifestation of some Configurations relative to specific conditions of manifestation of other Configurations. Each similar dissonational state between individual «parts» of slloogrent Configurations causes formation of countless dissonational distances in the simultaneous Focus Dynamics of different-qualitative Self-Consciousnesses Forms; and these distances differ from each other in a greater or lesser degree of resonation. Within the general Focus Dynamics of the same LLUU-VVU-Form, these dissonational distances, in turn, are the primary Causes for the manifestation of all possible Form-Types of a given LLUU-VVU*
in different Continuum groups and in different Time Flows; Configurations of these Form-Types approximately correspond to that which you call «incarnations of a personality» (although in reality these are just different-qualitative «parts» of one slloogrent Configuration of a NUU-VVU-Form-Type that is seemingly separated in Time by certain dissonational distances).

*See the details about Form-Types, Stereo-Forms and their Stereo-Types that belong to a LLUU-VVU-Entity in the series of books “Immortality is accessible to everyone”.

1.0128 Owing to the presence of the eglleroliftive Impulse in Energy-Plasma, Inertia always tends to decrease in the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses Forms, because the degree of different-qualitative covarllertness between Creators’ Configurations constantly increases. This makes the Focus Dynamics «deeper» and «wider» towards miscellaneous synthetic interrelation that exist between Creators. Owing to this, tensors between very similar Configurations with the shortest qualitative dissonational distances between them (or in other words the shortest «time loops») are continuously annihilated through the svilgs-spherational dynamics of Focuses; as a result, several qualitatively-similar Configurations «merge together» (resonationally reunite into one «part» of slloogrentness) by the Focuses that structure them to make one, slightly more universal Configuration that includes the whole empirical Experience of the Form-Creators from «the previous» Configurations.

1.0129 In turn, as a result of still higher-quality Focus Dynamics, a certain amount of such Configurations also «merge together» by their «time loops,» making the dissonational distance even shorter relative to more universal states of the Macrocosmos. This happens continuously and eternally in the inertial sequence of all Focuses of Self-Consciousnesses Forms, while in the noo-time mode (that is, not depending on the influence from the Time factor) THIS was initially fulfilled in One Instant of Eternity. Besides, you should never forget that all this initially «happens» (is specifically manifested) just in information spaces of Self-Consciousnesses and only then is accordingly reflected in Space-Time — through the simultaneous-instantaneous Focus Dynamics of absolutely all Forms.


1.0130 So, I hope that now you understand better that these specific effects — Space, Time, and Inertia — form the basis of manifestation of any Focus Dynamics types in your Self-Consciousness, which you subjectively perceive as certain versions of sequence in the fulfillment of some «synthetic processes.» No processes that are interpreted as creation of anything new by anybody can exist in the Macrocosmos in principle, because any of you, as well as any other Self-Consciousness Form represents in the slloogrent «geometry» of Space-Time just a reflection («projections») of resonational (relative to each other) «interactions» between Focuses carried out by the Form-Creators in a special way (through svilgs-spheration). There are no mechanical, chemical, nuclear, biological, or any other dynamics (except the Focus Dynamics!) in «the reality» that individually «surrounds» each of you, and cannot be — all the «mechanics» represent specific effects of Self-Consciousness. The synthetic (and any other!) structure of Energy-Plasma (that is, the Macrocosmos’s Form-System) is absolutely complete and constant from the very beginning.

1.0131 In turn, the diverse manifestation of all these effects is possible only because, along with other Cosmic Laws and Their Principles (slloogrentness, duvuyllerrtness, resonation, skrruullerrtness, and so on), Energy-Plasma also has an actively manifested Principle of rotationness. Owing to potential properties of resonation of any Configurations that slloogrently structure all dimensional Levels of Energy-Plasma, this Principle allows Form-Creators of different-qualitative Self-Consciousnesses Forms to be focused «moment-by-moment» in the «parts» of universal slloogrentness that correspond most to their Configurations (that is, resonationally «merge time loops together» between similar «parts» of Configurations ), thereby generating in the information space of Self-Consciousnesses the effect of subjective (very narrow, limited) perception of «themselves» in certain specific conditions of psycho-mental manifestation, whose «dense-plasma» versions you define as «physical» Space-Time.

1.0132 There is only one means to initiate «the launch» of different-qualitative synthesized energoinformational interconnections within Energy-Plasma — the Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness, which instantaneously-resonationally unites all «parts» of Energy-Plasma slloogrentness as an infinite set of different-qualitative Self-Consciousnesses Forms that represent specifically expressed properties that characterize all energoinformational types of interconnections (Configurations ). Any subjective Focus Dynamics are carried out not anywhere «outside you,» that is, in Space-Time that seems to exist independently from you, but only in the information space of the used-by-you Self-Consciousness Form; the Focus Dynamics are carried out rotationally («moment-by-moment»), strictly in accordance with the Principle of duvuyllerrtness: everything you «now» obviously and clearly perceive, becomes visually and psycho-mentally more and more inaccessible to your Perception system at every next moment, because the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness have already changed the Form of fixation, whose Configuration already structures in a greater degree the group of Worlds with slightly different frequency range parameters.

1.0133 Here, the word «inaccessible» means just the impossibility to repeated manifestation of your Self-Consciousness’ Focus Dynamics through a particular Configuration. The whole empirical Experience peculiar to all the previous and the newly-focaled-by-you Forms is accordingly encoded (energoinformationally changed, kleksed) and preserved in the information space of your Self-Consciousness in the form of SFUURMM-Forms of your individual ODS, which is similar to the medical term «memory.» ODS is something like Universal Sources of eternal (noo-time) «storage» («duplication» of Form-images) of Configurations of absolutely all, already initially synthesized, Information that is unique for each Type of Universal Entities simultaneously manifested in the Macrocosmos. This reminds an all-encompassing, slloogrent «copy» or a very detailed «replica» of information results of all Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators, which They have fulfilled in One Instant of Eternity; and this «replica» is forever reflected in configurational combinations of Information without any association with Time (each Configuration of these «copies» manifests in Time and in Inertia only through the information space of Self-Consciousness and has a resonational interaction with Form-Creators’ Focuses). As I have mentioned earlier, the Tertiary State of Energy-Plasma has more universal analogs of ODS — FLUU-LUU-complexes.

1.0134 In proportion to a decrease of resonance between your Focus of Close Attention (SSVUU-SSMM that reflects your Creative Interest constantly initiated in the Self-Consciousness by an internal eglleroliftive Impulse) and World groups’ Configurations that continuously «move away» one after another in the course of rotational changes, every version of everything that is «visible» and «evident» to you now goes farther and farther, beyond the limits of optimal vibrational conditions that provide possibilities of a simultaneous manifestation in the same resopason with you (this means that the degree of dissonation between your Configurations increases); and, finally, in a second, it seems to «leaves» the accessibility sphere of your Focus Dynamics. Nevertheless, anything that you directly perceived just a moment ago or some time earlier and that is no longer perceptible to you, does not disappear anywhere and is not annihilated, but always continues to be the same manifested part in its individually-corresponding space-time conditions (Worlds’ Form-Systems).


1.0135 The rotation Principle determines the presence in Energy-Plasma of all the diversity of manifestations of the simultaneous Focus Dynamics associated with different-type Collective Intelligences (for example, it determines the qualitative change of conditions in the outer reality depending on subjective Conceptions about it that are typical of your Self-Consciousness). Every rotation Shift is carried out simultaneously, duvuyllerrtly, and resonationally both in the information space of Self-Consciousness, and in Energy-Plasma. The Shift is initiated by the irrkoglictive Impulse in the information space, while in Energy-Plasma it is initiated by the eglleroliftive Impulse. As a result of this energoinformational interaction between different Aspects of Pure Qualities, a certain degree of dissonance appears on the 3-4-dimensional Levels of Energy-Plasma between the ideal state (a covarllert combination of heterogeneous information fragments) and the real focal Configuration formed by «projections» of this combination and is structured simultaneously both by covarllert and imperceptible interconnections.

1.0136 Due to imperseptness, a certain dissonance is initiated in the Focus Dynamics of Energy-Plasma between an existing ideal combination (which, however, is manifested in this form in slightly different qualitative conditions) and an imperfect Self-Consciousness Form «projected» from the ideal combination through specifically deformed SFUURMM-Forms typical of various Rezomirals. As a result of this dissonance, an effect of moment-by-moment (that is, inertial) qualitative transformation of the Self-Consciousness Configuration appears in the Focus Dynamics of Energy-Plasma (which you perceive as «a new» part of the Space «geometry»), and, based on the quality of your previous experience, subjective Conceptions about «the passage» of Time are formed in your Perception system (that is, in the individual ODS of the information space).

1.0137 Thus, any Self-Consciousness Form can subjectively perceive Energy-Plasma as «a continuously-changing outer reality» exclusively within the Time Flow structured by the Form, that is, — in the inertial dynamics of sequential transformations of imperceptible interconnections that belong to imperfect Self-Consciousnesses Forms into covarllert interconnections of potentially ideal states of these Forms. Our subjective Perception associates these qualitative transformations as a certain psycho-mental duration — Time. It is possible to say that Time is a multidimensional, coherent (mutually-coordinated, logically-sequential) structure of the Cosmic Self-Consciousness that resonationally correlates, in Energy-Plasma (through the universal Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators), the whole slloogrent «picture» of «instantaneous» fulfillment of a duvuyllerrtly-sequential order of all synthetic processes carried out in Energy-Plasma by Form-Creators of all Self-Consciousnesses Forms).

1.0138 The specific space-time «trajectory» of the Focus Dynamics that reflects all details (includes many features) for the sequential transformation of the Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators through Synthesis processes is called an individual rotation Cycle. The Dynamics of the rotation Cycle are carried out (undergo particular changes) during every act of Focus multipolarization, and, as a result, all simultaneous different-qualitative versions of the Self-Consciousness’ Synthesis Directions (development scenarios) that structure various Continuum groups are formed in Time.

1.0139 An individual rotation Cycle is approximately that which you extremely subjectively define as «my personal life» (with all particular attributes of the memory). But in fact, at each instant of your eternal Existence, owing to the Focus Dynamics’ multipolarization, each of you is simultaneously manifested through countless different-qualitative versions of «yourself» («personalized» Interpretations) in innumerable «personal lives» whose development scenarios «are dispersed» in many duvuyllerrt groups of different-qualitative Continuums.

1.0140 All the simultaneous rotation dynamics may be hypothetically differentiated into a set of different-type kinds, such as INTER-Universal (DYYURRUULLS) and Universal (SSARFFAYYS) rotation Cycles, rotation Cycles of subjective Realities within Form-Systems (FAARMLOODDS), and rotation Cycles of subjective Worlds (TUULLUFFS), as well as rotation Cycles of Proto-Forms that belong to Collective Cosmic Intelligences (STAAKLAVVS), and others. Owing to their rotation dynamics, Form-Creators of Self-Consciousnesses Forms’ Configurations that structure these types of energoinformational interactions can be constantly «reprojected» into resonationally-corresponding (to their current Configurations ) interpretations of individually perceived Space-Time manifestations whose qualitative dynamics change strictly in accordance with the dynamic changes of psycho-mental states of each Self-Consciousness Form, that is, depending on the quality of individual refocusings.

1.0141 For example, for human Self-Consciousnesses Forms (manifested in this type of subjective Reality of the 3-4-dimensional diapason), on average, «the duration» of one second is objectively differentiated into 328 rotation Shifts*. An increase of the frequency of these «spheroidal» energoinformational Shifts leads to a decrease in quality (in intensity of Quality Aspects’ Synthesis per unit of time) of Perception systems in manifestation Forms, while a decrease of this parameter increases the Perception abilities and the quality of Energy-Information processing at «the same» time interval. Now, let me remind you the previous visual image for your better understanding: when you are in a dark room, it is difficult for you to quickly find the exit holding a flashlight near the walls (in this analogy, it is the implementation of a certain inter-Qualitative Synthesis), and before you approach the exit your body will receive many bumps and injuries from invisible objects in the room (that is, passing through processes of sub-Aspect Synthesis).

* Iissiidiology Books

1.0142 This situation is similar to the behavior of Form-Creators in various types of subjective Realities with a larger number of rotation Shifts per second, because the Focus Dynamics of a Self-Consciousness Form, regardless of great potential possibilities for realization, do not have quite active SFUURMM-Forms (Experience) yet that would allow for their more effective use. When there is a lot of light in the room (that is, necessary Experience and corresponding Conceptions) and the way to the door is obvious, in order to achieve the goal, you do not have to make unnecessary movements, which is analogous to less rotation Shifts per second (in this case, every Shift is structured by higher-quality combinations of Energy-Information).


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