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How can IIAIDCs participants become an example for the cultivation of new True Human relations?

Ayfaars (IIAIDCs) are not ashrams or special settlements for joint living and survival. They are not monasteries, where people retreat and then remain there permanently. They are the training grounds of True Human development and mastering. They are designed to propagate and disseminate Principles and Ideas of higher Intellectual and Altruistic nature to the entire humanity, based on positive individual examples and demonstration of Ayfaarian lifestyle.

How IIAIDC’s practices of changing consciousness are different from other practices existing today?

How IIAIDC`s practices of changing consciousness are radically different from other practices existing today? The main difference is the lack of focusing on the negative aspects of your character and negative life’s circumstances. The main emphasis at IIAIDC’s is on the development of high sensuality and high intelligence. Briefly about the “2 minutes rule “as a method of working under negative behavioral reactions. About the studying of deep meditation process as an opportunity to choose from a flow of information those fragments that are most interested to you.