Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § - Pure Cosmic Qualities and Synthesis processes. Notion about Dimensions

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1


1.0070 Everything in the Macrocosmos is objectively structured by infinite diversity of realizational self-conscious Elements (Self-Consciousnesses Forms) whose different-qualitative Configurations in whole represent all possible synthetic combinations of Creativity Aspects of an infinite set of superdeveloped and superintelligent Cosmic Entities (OO-UU); I had to hypothetically combine (unite only to make it more convenient to explain the iissiidiological Knowledge!) the universal dynamics of these Entities’ multidimensional manifestation according to their characteristic features into thirty six types of OO-UU-Entities or SUPRA-Universal Pure Cosmic Qualities (SSS-YUIYY-YY-SSS), whose slloogrent Configurations are formed by specific combinations of 24 Combined Pure Cosmic Qualities (EI-YY-UI-YY), and 12 Pure Cosmic Qualities (LIIY-FFMI-LLI). The entire objectively-inseparable Unity of the Creative Activity of These OO-UU-Entities represents complete energoinformational dynamics and Principles of synthetic manifestation of Energy-Plasma (within the Diapason from the nominal «zero» dimension to the 36th dimension).

1.0071 All possible synthetic combinations of creative Aspects’ Configurations of These Cosmic Entities (carriers of universal properties of Information) with resonationally-corresponding Configurations of Form-Creators (carriers of universal properties of Energy) represent the whole energoinformational basis of Energy-Plasma (Energy + Information) for a simultaneous multidimensional manifestation of entire diversity of Collective Cosmic Intelligences (TOO-UU) in It and Their different-qualitative, synthetic Self-Consciousnesses Forms (SVOO-UU) that structure any of simultaneously manifested parts within general slloogrentness of Space-Time (of the Macrocosmos).

1.0072 Only the tiniest part of These structural self-conscious Elements of the Macrocosmos that specifically carry out the inertial dynamics of our outer reality’s Forms can be somehow perceived and subjectively interpreted by you as fields known in science: electric and magnetic, gravitational, as well as weak and strong nuclear interactions. All of them, as well as an infinite diversity of much more universal, self-conscious Elements of the Macrocosmos, are defined in IISSIIDIOLOGY as Fields-Consciousnesses Whose slloogrent Dynamics are beyond usual Space-Time parameters for your Perception system. In fact, all the diversity of Life is the result of existence and interaction of the different-qualitative Nature of all possible Forms and types of Self-Consciousnesses. We have considered them earlier, in the 4th subsection.


1.0073 They all have continuous, dynamic, energoinformational interactions among themselves that provide the multilevel and multidimensional Process of inter-Qualitative Synthesis and determine not only the whole qualitative gamut of incessant psycho-mental transmutations of all possible Self-Consciousnesses Forms, but also physical parameters of absolutely all types of space-time structures in the 3-4-dimensional diapason of manifestation (characteristics of interaction and behavior of elementary particles, of atomic and molecular structures, as well as electromagnetic, gravitational, and other fields unknown yet). As a result of sequential implementation of all different-qualitative Synthesis Schemes (types), new Cosmic Qualities can manifest in Space-Time which I called Creative Cosmic States; although These States represent intermediate synthetic stages, they also provide corresponding Self-Consciousnesses Forms with necessary opportunities to participate in higher-quality (more synthesized) form-creating processes.

1.0074 A greater degree of Synthesis between individual structural Elements of the Pure Cosmic Qualities provides corresponding Self-Consciousnesses Forms with more possibilities to manipulate (have conscious interactions with) the creative potential on more differentiated Levels that represent less synthesized states. In addition, Form-Creators from higher-dimensional Levels of Self-Consciousness integrate inside themselves the whole empirical Experience of creative realizations of Form-Creators from lower-dimensional Levels, simultaneously transgressing Information into their Focus Dynamics, which we usually define as a nonempirical (intuitive) Experience (nonlogical insights, experimentally unfounded conclusions, a hunch, discernment). The notion dimension* directly corresponds to the Synthesis degree of Cosmic Qualities, and in its simplified interpretation it has two components: a frequency* component (energy, vibration) and a qualitative component (sense-bearing, information).
* See details in subsection 12 of Axiomatic Conceptions of IISSIIDIOLOGY.

1.0075 Let me remind you that frequency is considered in science as the number of wave (that is, energy) oscillations made per unit of time. The more structural elements (self-conscious Aspects) of Cosmic Qualities are synthesized, the higher the frequency of dimension, while the different-qualitative content of the formed synthetic state, in turn, makes up the second, — quality-information, — component of dimension. In this respect, it is possible to say that the Creative Activity of Form-Creators from the SYNTHETIC Evolutional Branch is reflected in a greater degree in the 3-4-dimensional diapason of manifestation of the Focus Dynamics, in accordance with the LLUU-VVU-oriented Synthesis Scheme, through frequency (energy, vibrational) parameters of dimension, while the Creative Activity of Info-Creators of the RESOSCONTIONAL Involutional Branch is reflected through qualitative (sense-bearing, information) parameters. This, however, does not mean at all that there are — seemingly separately from all the rest! — Form-Creators and Info-Creators of Each Development Branch. No, all Creators are universal, and all possible Branches and Directions just reflect specific Mechanisms of Their Creative Activity that constitute innumerable types and kinds of «projections» of energoinformational (focus) Configurations formed by Them in various manifestation conditions of Collective Cosmic Intelligences and Self-Consciousnesses Forms.


1.0076 The notion «dimension» has one very important nuance, and the degree of your understanding of it determines the quality of all your further Conceptions about the slloogrent structure of the Macrocosmos. The point is that all Conceptions of dimensional Levels considered in IISSIIDIOLOGY may be formed and understood by you only on the basis of a specific inter-Qualitative Synthesis of Energy-Information based, in turn, on a specific organization of certain types of force interconnections («karmonations,» SFUURMM-Forms) that are characteristic of Form- and Info-Creators of the two initially-covarllert, dominant (for the LLUU-VVU-Direction) Pure Cosmic Qualities — ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom and ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence. All your Conceptions of dimension are based on specific characteristics of energoinformational interconnections accessible to your Understanding that are carried out between Form-Creators and Aspects of these two OO-UU-Entities.

1.0077 You must understand that Formo-Creators and Info-Creators of Self-Consciousness Forms that belong to all other Proto-Forms* that belong to all other Proto-Forms (synthetic TOO-UU-Entities) create their typical Conceptions «of themselves» and «of the outer reality» on the basis of completely different (from ours) energoinformational interconnections, and their Focus Dynamics are carried out according to completely different Schemes of inter-Qualitative Synthesis. Since «the outer reality» manifests (is subjectively reflected) in Continuums only individually, depending on the specific character and the quality of SFUURMM-Forms constantly «projected» from any Self-Consciousness into Rezomirals of Space-Time, energoinformational parameters of dimension that forms the manifestation range for every Proto-Form will differ more or less (depending on the difference between Synthesis Schemes of the Form-Creators that constitute this dimensional diapason using synthesized interconnections between different Qualities).
* Other than LLUU-VUU (Human) Proto-Forms such as: animals, microorganisms, plants, minerals etc.

1.0078 This means that different types of Self-Consciousnesses simultaneously «project» completely different types of Conceptions (that belong to people, animals, insects, plants, minerals, cosmic objects: planets, stars, black holes, quasars, and so on) onto each frequency of Energy manifested in some way in Space-Time; and these Conceptions have equal resonation relative to this type of Energy, but are structured by different Information. As a result, each type of frequency (that is, type of svilgs-spherational modulations) is seemingly «packed» into many diverse energoinformational interconnections (it can be schematically described as dandelion’s fluffy seeds) and represents a potential source of an innumerable set of diverse dimensional types in Space-Time. In reality, there are no such «dandelions» in the focus structure of the Macrocosmos — this is just a subjective Conception typical of our present Self-Consciousnesses Forms. Any dimension is structured only by multipolarization Focus Dynamics of different-qualitative Form-Creators of Self-Consciousness, due to which, in narrowly-specific conditions of each resonational zone of Space-Time, there is «construction» and initiation for a specific focus manifestation (through individual Perception systems!) of some conglomerate «sections» (Self-Consciousnesses Forms) of the general slloogrent Configuration of diffuzgently* compatible Collective Cosmic Intelligences.
* See details about diffuzgentness in the last subsection of Axiomatic Conceptions of IISSIIDIOLOGY.

1.0079 Configurations of all Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure the same groups of Continuums are slloogrent and can manifest in a definite, quite wide vibration range, therefore any manifestation of specific states in Self-Consciousness, which we subjectively identify with some dimension, can be interpreted as follows: a certain «point» of rezomiral structures of Space-Time has predominant, narrowly-specific conditions for realization of a strictly-definite set of SFUURMM-Forms manifested through their typical Self-Consciousnesses Forms. Since this process of joint «manifestation» of Form-Creators and Info-Creators in the Macrocosmos depends directly on the quality of Focus Dynamics within Self-Consciousnesses, any dimension represents a purely subjective phenomenon: from the point of view of each one of countless Proto-Forms simultaneously manifested in the same Continuums groups, the dimension of «the outer reality that individually surrounds every Proto-Form» will differ in quality in each particular case, that is, will be strictly «individual.»

1.0080 If we compare narrowly-specific features of Perception systems, for example, of an ant, a virus, a plant, a mineral, and a human being, the difference is obvious. But even if we consider the opinions of two arguing persons, we can understand why they cannot arrive at a common view: although they are manifested in one and the same «outer reality» (space-time Continuum), in the same frequency range, the dimension of the subjective Reality manifested before each of them changes every single moment individually for each of them, strictly in accordance with characteristics (the degree of protoformness, that is, predominance of SFUURMM-Forms of a protoformal Direction) of the LLUU-VVU-oriented Synthesis Scheme carried out individually in their Focus Dynamics at these moments.

1.0081 IISSIIDIOLOGY considers all processes only from the point of view of human subjective Realities and Continuums, therefore I state energoinformational parameters of all dimensional diapasons (… the 0-1st, the 1st-2nd, the 2nd-3rd, the 3rd-4th, the 4th -5th … ∞) taking into account only the Perception system’s characteristic features typical of Self-Consciousnesses Forms that belong to the human (LLUU-VVU-oriented) Synthesis Scheme manifested in very limited conditions of the 3-4-dimensional diapason. We can interpret (suggest) all the rest, which is typical of SFUURMM-Forms that structure Self-Consciousnesses Forms of other Proto-Forms, only from the point of view of our own subjective Conceptions about something. We should take into account the same «sane subjectivism» considering such hypothetical, indefinite and yet completely incomprehensible-to-you notions as: «Rezomirals,» «Worlds’ Form-Systems,» «Realities,» «Continuums,» «Space,» «Time,» «Energy-Plasma,» «Universe,» «Higher Intelligences,» «One Moment of Eternity,» «instantaneousness-simultaneity,» «slloogrentness,» «birvulyarity,» «duvuyllerrtness,» «skrruullerrtness,» «svilgs-spheration,» «eglleroliftivness,» «irrkoglictivness,» «covarllertness,» «imperseptness,» «liyllusceeveness,» «cruvursorrtness,» «geyliturgentness,» and so on.


1.0082 As we have found out earlier, the Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators from higher-dimensional Levels of Self-Consciousness (with higher values of dimensional parameters) are differentiated («projected») into Configurations of Form-Creators from lower-dimensional Levels as SFUURMM-Forms of all possible kinds of intuitive Experience. In turn, the potential intuitive Experience is gained due to a simultaneous «projection» (transmutational integration) of empirical Experience into higher-quality Configurations of Form-Creators, which is synthesized during creative realizations of the Form-Creators from lower-quality Levels of Self-Consciousness. Some types of Fields-Consciousnesses engage considerably easier and more intensively in mutual energoinformational interactions than others, that is, they tend to interact more with the Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators from certain synthetic Directions as compared to the Creative Activity of Form-Creators from other Directions (see Figure 1).


image1 small

 Figure 1. The correlation between empirical and intuitive Experiences through the different-level dimensional Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness Form-Creators

1.0083 From this point of view, induction (appearance of an electric field during manifestation of magnetic field dynamics) can be characterized as a greater tendency of Fields-Consciousnesses of some types (in this case, Aspects of the Pure Quality ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom) to the energoinformational interaction with Fields-Consciousnesses of other types (here, Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence). As opposed to the induction phenomenon, we need to imply a new meaning in such notion as reduction — a mutual suppression of a wave activity in some Fields-Consciousnesses if this «point» of Space has a certain degree of manifestation of the Creative Activity of Fields-Consciousnesses that represent Aspects of another Pure Quality.

1.0084 There are always such imperceptible Fields-Consciousnesses whose Creative Activity makes impossible any manifestation for any characteristic dynamics of some particular Fields-Consciousnesses in this point of Space-Time. Since imperceptible Fields-Consciousnesses tend to mutually ignore each other, any focus interactions between them are possible only through a preliminary formation of a certain intermediate — for them — qualitative state based on the synthetic interaction of one type of these Fields-Consciousnesses with a third inductive (more compatible, covarllert) type of Fields-Consciousnesses.

1.0085 In the same way, you can merge together lumps of copper and iron by melting and mixing them. They do not interact in their solid state and remain separate objects for each other, that is, in manifestation conditions that are usual for our Reality, they are imperceptible (we do not consider the diffusion process which is possible in any conditions). But when we heat and melt both lumps, it is possible to join them together. Therefore, their interaction is possible when we attract a third state with which Fields-Consciousnesses of copper and iron are covarllert.

1.0086 Owing to these characteristics of different-qualitative Fields-Consciousnesses, the Focus Dynamics of a narrowly-specific manifestation of every Self-Consciousness Form in the Macrocosmos’s slloogrent structure has some characteristic tendencies and features that can be strongly pronounced relative to some types of the general («around them») Focus Dynamics and less pronounced or very weak relative to other types of manifestations. This specific character of creative interaction between different-qualitative Fields-Consciousnesses determines simultaneous presence, on any manifestation Level of the Macrocosmos’s Form-structures, of «mutually-compatible» and «mutually-incompatible» types of Configurations of Worlds’ Form-Systems, Realities, Continuums, Conversums and Universums. It follows that some types of Configurations of Self-Consciousnesses Forms can structure only certain types of Form-Systems (catioleptic or GLEIIYO-dimensions), while other types of Configurations can structure some other types of Form-Systems (anioleptic or UDDVOO-dimensions). The joint manifestation of their Focus Dynamics is simply impossible in one resonational point of Space-Time.
* Read about Worlds’ Form-Systems, Realities, Continuums, Conversums, and Universums in Chapter Five of the second volume of Fundamentals (available in Russian only).

1.0087 You also should understand that I have chosen the terms «anioleptic» and «catioleptic» dimensions arbitrarily, and they represent a perfect example of the narrow subjectivism of our typical Perception systems. That is, as they can be applied only to the current manifestation range of our Self-Consciousnesses Forms, their association with different types of dimension can change: from the subjective points of view of Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure some groups of space-time Continuums (STC), their types of dimension can be perceived as catioleptic (seemingly with the «plus» sign), while from the points of view of Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure all other STC groups, the same types of dimension will be subjectively perceived as anioleptic (seemingly with the «minus» sign).

1.0088 For example, anioleptic UDDVOO-dimensions form Configurations of Worlds that are antipodal to our catioleptic Worlds’ Form-Systems. You should keep in mind that in every resonational point of manifestation within the slloogrent Dynamics of Energy-Plasma of each type of synthetic interaction between Form-Creators of «karmonations» that reflect any Quality Aspects (simultaneously in all Directions of Synthesis!), we deal with certain «opposite» (as compared to «ours») synthetic dynamics carried out in the same frequency, but in cardinally different conditions of manifestation. Quality Aspects (Fields-Consciousnesses) that are inertially imperceptible (hypothetically incompatible) «here» (in «our» Continuums) become covarllert (resonationally compatible) in other, much more synthesized «parts» of slloogrentness within the Collegial Intelligence of DDIIUYYI-Entity.


1.0089 The primary material (form-organizing) basis for manifestation of any object and subject of our («human») outer subjective Reality in our Self-Consciousnesses’ structures are elementary particles and the four types of fundamental interactions known to our scientists. However, any slightest spectral changes in the Synthesis Scheme of Pure Qualities’ Aspects lead to the formation of a fundamentally different type of «subjective materiality» and to the activation of completely different, fundamental (dominant) interactions, within structures of our Self-Consciousnesses Forms, that stimulate the manifestation (subjective reflection in our Perception systems) of space-time Continuums with different parameters of energoinformational interconnections (between Form-Creators and Info-Creators).

1.0090 This means that Formo-Creators of all possible particles and their diverse interactions among themselves do not exist by themselves. They do not realize themselves randomly, in isolation from the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness Forms within the subjective realities that they structure. On the contrary, they are also Forms that express certain interrelations between Pure Qualities and act according to the corresponding Laws and Principles. For example, due to the individual Focus Dynamics typical of our Perception systems, we (to be more exact, Formo-Creators of our Self-Consciousness Forms) have continuous and determined qualitative interrelations with the Formo-Creators of particles. When we quite stably “project” our typical Conceptions, Aspirations, and Desires into their Focus Dynamics, we literally modify our surrounding reality according to our own individual demands, needs, and interests.

1.0091 If the Activity of Form-Creators of one of the two human Dominants begins to rapidly decrease as a result of great changes in the Focus Dynamics, being replaced by the Activity of Aspects of one of the ten background Qualities, then, within bordering energoinformational parameters of diffuzgentness for LLUU-VVU-Forms relative to the Proto-Forms of a given development Direction (which is now becoming dominant), the NON-LLUU-VVU-oriented type of refocusings of Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators will make it impossible for the Form-Creators to interact with previous human SFUURMM-Forms, and they will form the subjective Reality according to the Scheme characteristic of this protoformal Direction.

1.0092 This results not only in a complete change of previous psycho-mental priorities in the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness, but also in a change of manifestation parameters of the outer reality (for example, Perception systems of Self-Consciousnesses Forms of animals, microorganisms, plants, minerals, and representatives of many nonhuman cosmic civilizations are organized in a completely different way and are oriented to the Creative Activity in slightly different synthetic combinations, as compared with those of people). Moreover, protoformal groups of Continuums (where the subjective Reality reflects not human SFUURMM-Form, but, for example, Conceptions of some animal kinds) have completely different type of dimension, that is, different subjective parameters for expressing the dimension than those perceived in human subjective Realities, because a different protoformal dimension is structured by completely different types of energoinformational interconnections (other Schemes of inter-Qualitative Synthesis).

1.0093 Similar transformations of the Self-Consciousness Focus Dynamics also happen during a great intensification of the refocusing process towards increasingly higher-quality SFUURMM-Forms characteristic of the LLUU-VVU-oriented development Direction. The point is that for the time being all of you — according to the quality of your thinking and feelings — are more focused on the Synthesis of SFUURMM-Forms typical of the entire set of protoformal Directions that are birvulyart-diffuzgent relative to the Synthesis Scheme carried out by realizational Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure slloogrentness of the joint Self-Consciousness Configuration of any LLUU-VVU-Entity. That is, characteristics of the Focus Dynamics (predominance of egoism or egocentrism over Intellect and Altruism) of Self-Consciousnesses’ Form-Creators of 99.99% of modern people still do not fully reflect the features of psycho-mental creativity typical of SFUURMM-Forms in the human development Direction.

1.0094 This is why duvuyllerrt groups of subjective Realities and Continuums constantly reflected in Space-Time by means of your imperfect Focus Dynamics are as imperfect, destructive, and primitive as your own subjective Conceptions of «yourselves» and of «your outer reality.» If you use the high-frequency SFUURMM-Forms of the iissiidiological Knowledge to stably refocus in the Directions that are closer to the LLUU-VVU-oriented one, and eventually to take the LLUU-VVU-oriented Direction itself, then the qualitative parameters of Continuums around you will also bring you nearer to more and more favorable conditions (for your development as People instead of representatives of other Proto-Forms), which will depend on the intensity and the extent of qualitative changes that you will stably make within the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness. This transformation of the Focus must be continuously carried out only towards a decrease of realizational possibilities for your manifestations in negative and egoistic dynamics and an increase of your intellectuality and altruism.

1.0095 I should also note that, in the current state of development of the «humankind’s» Collective Consciousness, we (as different-type aggregates of different-qualitative Fields-Consciousnesses) individually (configurationally) «reproject ourselves» in many manifestation spectra within Energy-Plasma, and our collective Self-Consciousness Focus participates just in the tiniest part of synthetic processes the multiversion diversity of which are the potential creative part of our «future.» With an increase of harmony and stability of thinking-feeling manifestations in Self-Consciousness, there is an increase of realizational opportunities for the Form-Creators from high-frequency Levels, which results in the expansion of your own creative activity Sphere, and you gradually open new methods for manipulating more diversified and more universal (that is, synthesized with more Qualities) «parts» of Energy-Plasma.

1.0096 I should also mention that IISSIIDIOLOGY considers just three primary (comprehensible to us!) States, through Which Energy-Plasma is manifested as the simultaneous (single-moment) Focus Dynamics of absolutely all Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure the Macrocosmos: the Primary State (from the ±36th to the ±24th dimension, SSUI-SS-SFAA Form-Creators), the Secondary State (from the ±24th to the ±12th dimension, SSLOO-SS-SNAA Form-Creators), and the Tertiary State (from the ±12th to the hypothetical 0-dimension, SLAA-SS-MII Form-Creators). Why is it «hypothetical»? This is because everything that can belong to the Focus Dynamics between Form-Creators and Info-Creators manifested «below» this Level of energoinformational interconnections is beyond the Creativity Sphere of the LLUU-VVU-oriented Direction’s Form-Creators; therefore, it is inaccessible to their Focus Dynamics.


Figure 2. A figurative depiction of dimensional diapasons of the Collective Cosmic Intelligence in slloogrentness of Energy-Plasma

1.0097 But these States do not mean at all that all the Focus Dynamics of Energy-Plasma Creators are limited within these bounds, — specific manifestations of the general slloogrentness of Configurations in the Macrocosmos exist in absolute infinity of all possible energoinformational interconnections (in mathematical expression, from +∞ to -∞). You also should not confuse the subjective notion «the zero dimensional diapason» (from the 0 dimension to the ±1st dimension) with the objective State of Energy-Plasma which I define as the zero ingredient of dimension simultaneously manifested on any Level of dimension (from +∞ to -∞).

1.0098 One of countless possible interpretations of the iissiidiological notion «dimension» is shown at Figure. 2, where dimensional diapasons are depicted both as negative and positive dimensions. The problem of understanding dimensional diapasons by the reader is that they perceive a negative dimension as the one below the zero dimension. The diagram shows a parabolic curve. So, the positive and the negative dimensions are situated in opposite mirror-like parts of the curve. The zero dimension is at the bottom, while all the creativity of Form-Creators that belong to the SYNTHETIC Evolutional Branch of development can be «projected» inside the parabola. Therefore, there is no diapason of negative dimensions below the zero dimension, this diapason is indefinite. We can, for example, call the dimensions below zero [A and -A], [B and -B], [C and -C], and so on.

1.0099 If we imagine a 3D analogy, then, instead of the parabola, we will have a paraboloid. It turns out that the Focus Dynamics typical of the Form-Creators from the LLUU-VVU-oriented Direction «illuminate» in this way (figuratively speaking, a flashlight beam creatively activates) a part of Energy-Plasma, and there are all possible dimensions inside this «light beam.» If we make one-level sections (shown as horizontal lines at the diagram), the inner part of each section will have both positive and negative dimensions of the same value. This means that one section has the same frequency of Creative Activity in Energy-Plasma, and the difference between sections is reflected by covarllertness between Aspects of certain Qualities. This Universal Mechanism of dimensional structuring represents the basis of formation and interaction of the whole focus structure of the Macrocosmos, and this structure is reflected in the Focus Dynamics of our 36-dimensional Universal DDIIUYYI-Entity through the state of Energy-Plasma which I define as the Diapason of Plasmic Forces. You will be able to study this universal state and the structure of its typical focal interconnections in detail in the next volumes of «IISSIIDIOLOGY. Fundamentals.»



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