Cosmic codes are given in Iissiidiology to allow anyone to get information in meditation

It is obvious that it is impossible for Oris to describe everything he is aware of due to the lack of existing terms and words today. When he returns from deep meditation, he describes only the part that is suitable for adaptation with known conceptions. Therefore, 99% of all information beyond the description currently. However, there are Universal Cosmic codes and people who will approach IISSIIDIOLOGY more deeply, will be able to use them in meditations to receive information themselves without any intermediaries.

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Deep meditation qualitative difference from other meditative states (for example Samadhi)

Oris continues answering questions about deep meditation he uses to obtain Iissiidiology information. He explains in this video that the deep meditation state is cannot be compared with Buddhist’s and other eastern practices of meditation. This is the state something like “when you just become a part of EVERYTHING, a part of entire Knowledge and then you just KNOW the answer of any question”. The problem is to describe it in existing words. That what Oris is trying to do in Iissiidiology books.