Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 15

Conscious way to the Human Worlds of “personal” Immortality

Cover volume 2

NOTICE: Only a few chapters of the book have been translated until present.

“Conscious Path to Human Worlds of “personal” immortality” – is the title of the new volume from the series of books by Oris "Immortality is accessible to everyone."

At first glance, it may seem to be an offer of the philosophical thinking. However, appealing to its loyal readers, the author hopes for understanding and perception of the question in a broader or if you want a deeper awareness of it. Philosophical concepts offer us sensually contemplative, mostly associative images regarding this or that question. The author also proposes us in this work, as a logical continuation of the previous volumes, the detailed practical perspectives of personality development in the True, knowing his spirituality Human.

In addition to mechanisms of work with ownSelf-Consciousness,which will leadpeopleas a Humansto personalconsciousImmortality, ORISdescribesour«future Worlds», prospects of manifestations of approaching times. But in order everyone has understanding of their own Path, awareness of choose their spiritual development, the author not only draws "bright" prospects, but also describes in detail the obstacles that each of us may face, not noticing or not specifying their nature, unconsciously and under influence of those or otherreasonsmay deviate in ourmovement towards the Human direction.

With this bookyou will be ableto determine thequalities, that truly inherent in people, andbe able tofigure outfinallyhow to developthese qualities, whicharereallythe Human-with a capital letter. Having experienceinthe highly sensuousIntelligence,you will understand whyonly usinghighly intelligent Altruismyou canfind the Path tothe cherished Goalof your spiritualfuture!

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