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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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§ - Not a single Form of Self-Awareness, ever, under any circumstances HAS EVEN A SLIGHTEST OPPORTUNITY to be objectively "destroyed"

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 3

3.0440 You must never forget that you ALWAYS EXIST simultaneously all over the Multiverse not as primitive and more universal form of Self-Consciousness, or even TOO-UU-Entities, with which you, due to your energy-informational Nature, are simply forced to temporarily self-identify, but rather as the Universal Focuses of Self-Consciousness (UFS) of an SSS-Entity, for Which every single conscious "instant" of your manifestation in localized conditions of any of your subterransivny Lives is immediately lost in an endless stream of Universal Creative Cosmic Existence. You, in the entire timeless combination of instantaneously focused Forms of Your Self-Awareness, represent a Single energy-informational Flow of the Multiverse with an infinite set of diverse-Quality features that figuratively (and not literally!) are arranged in an endless amount of multidimensional synthesis "complexes", simultaneously self-propagated throughout all Levels of Energy -Plasma. Actually, These "complexes" form Everything, that you tend to interpret as either "the Entire Life" - МУУЛЛГ-ССС-МАА {MUULLG-SSS-MAA} , or as a "Self-Conscious Cosmic Existence" (МААИИЙГ-ССС-МАА{MAAIIYG-SSS-MAA} , filling all Collective Space Minds with variable intellectual manifestations and creative experiences.

3.0441 Therefore, following every single "Death" of innumerable quantity of Self-Consciousness Forms that you simultaneously focus upon, None of You - as well as mentioned Forms themselves – are EVER actually destroyed, regardless of how obvious (for the “current” You) that Form “decomposition” process may visually appear, because, in fact, there is simply Nothing and No One, that can actually be destroyed. Whenever at any "spot" of Space-Time” that Illusion will seem absolutely convincing and credible, remember that in "your own" reality, in "your own" personalized World, every one of you ALWAYS remains in their subjective "Current Now", regardless of how this event is perceived by others. Moreover, if in your Self-Consciousness at least one version of "now" (as there are always – zillions of them!), continues to exist, your subterransivny Focus Dynamics also continues its uninterruptible existence. It is irrelevant for your UFS through which of the existing Self-Consciousness Forms "you" subjectively experience your “current now". This process of your variable quality instantaneous refocusings in Space-Time from focus configurations of certain Forms into focus configurations of other Forms - is endless! While there is Time, you, along with the rest of your UFS variations, structure the Space by means of your Energy- Information.

3.0442 Whenever you want to experience yourself in any of the infinite multitude of Forms of Your Universal Consciousness (irrespective as to whether these forms - in "your" personalist world – are "dead" or are “not yet born"), You should properly focus in the appropriate range of vibrations, peculiar only to that chosen Form, experiencing any moment of its "individualized" existence in the most vivid and genuine fashion. This "practical" possibility of continuous, conscious and variable Quality experience of “yourselves” allows you to manifest actively – as an UFS - simultaneously throughout all possible variations of the subjective "past" and all variations of the subjective "future", perceiving energy-informational parameters inherent to them as your subterransivny “here and now".

3.0443 At the same time, whenever necessary, the essential Form of Self-Consciousness is not created anew, but ALREADY ALWAYS EXISTS, representing a continuous in Space-Time, dynamic Synthesis of zillions of more or less compatible Energy and Information constituents, aggregated into a single slloogrent Focus Configuration, some of which you, as the UFS, resonantly choose (in the framework of a 3-4-dimensional wave range by means of your Focus of Close Attention - FCA) the “part” that interests you the most (a form of Self-Consciousness), subjectively experiencing the specific Ideas regarding Your own Individual Identity at any moment of time in any particular circumstances.

3.0444 All Conscious-Field Form-Creators of any planetary Form systems structuring all types of wave subjective Realities are held together by an endless network of diverse different-Quality compatible focus-essential relationships, spheroidally permeating one other in qualitatively identical levels of Mental and Astral Plane-Overtones, but not directly "overlapping" (i.e. having no mutual manifestation parameters, except for special resonantly-functioning reference points) at levels of joint Form-Creators Focus Dynamics manifestations of Form-Matter (up to the 4th dimension) and Plasma-Matter (up to the 6th dimension). This can not be said about Conscious-Fields СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of Info-Creators of Duplex-Spheres of ODS or ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU} complexes, whose essential Configurations structure a simultaneous display of diverse and variable Focus Dynamics of the entire set of forms of Self-Consciousness Forms of the same subjective Reality.

3.0445 Essential relationships of multi-level (reflected in the Space-Time Continuum - ”STC”, through different levels of Self-Consciousness) and single-level (manifesting within the single Level bearing different quality) Duplex-Spheres are "intertwined" by СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of tiered "causal” Streams so convoluted and intricate, "that even the most experienced "outside observer" would struggle to distinguish multitudes of subterransivny characteristics of energy-information formations, structuring them, particularly in the resonant areas of localization of multiple identical Perceptions (.i.e. at the reference "points" of multi-polarized scenarios). After all, none is able to notice when your "current" "personal" Interpretation Focus Dynamics, having left the previous scenario with your old - already "dead"! - body, is instantly "re-projects" into other scenario, resonantly possible for the given situation, which at best be reflected in your Perceptual system as a sudden sharp change of your existential circumstances.

3.0446 If you unconsciously "slipped" your Focus Dynamics in another part of the Duplex-Sphere, that does not mean that where you literally "just had been", you no longer exist. You (as some of your "personal" Interpretations) continuously, regardless of any dependence on the Close Attention to your Self-Consciousness Focus, constantly changing modes of fixation throughout Space-Time, always remain (for all your “individual" – “current" and "future" ones) in a potentially manifested state, realizing the ether-focus potential of only particular НУУ-ВВУ{NUU-VVU} -Configuration, that was originally assigned to each of the scenarios of your ЛЛУУ-ВВУ{LLUU-VVU} -Forms.

3.0447 In duvuyllerrt scenarios your homologous or congenial "personal" Interpretations are tied to very similar in quality energy-informational relationships that define for each of them almost the same (but NOT always similar!) relational, friendly, sympathetic, antagonistic, social, political, religious, geographical and other type of relations and states, that, due to minor difference in their focus Configurations of "previous" and "current" groups of SPCs have, although very similar, but "differently interpreted" subterransivny "storylines" for every Conscious-Field manifestations (i.e.- regarding every human, every animal and vegetation types, every egregorial formation, such as creative groups, political parties and religious confessions, nationalities, countries, continents, and so on).

3.0448 As an example, let us consider one version of such a multi-polarized organization of one of the plurality of narrowly-specific varieties of Formo-Plasma, which is typical for this type of human subjective Reality - ДС-ВВУ-У-ЛЛУ-ВВУ-ДС {DS-VVU-U-LLU-VVU-DS} , in which we are all simultaneously and subjectively focus in our common "here and now". Each of the current Reality’s multitude of resonantly interacting Form-Systems, specifically (by means of dvuinvaderentny Synthesis) is formed within the Focus Dynamics of all human Forms of Self-Consciousness due to kovarllert and geyliturgentny (in terms of their characteristics) relationship combinations that are peculiar to certain mental Matrix (Thought-Ideas or Thought-Forms) and their vital resonation analogues - "information clichés" (Archetypes).

3.0449 These stable relationships, formed in Duplex-Spheres of ODS and ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU} (FLKs) with the use of the presence in the Focus Dynamics of modern humans of diverse and common among them affektativny Aspirations, Desires, Interests and Perceptions, inherent to various levels of Consciousness. Provided for them, simultaneous activity of mental-sensual, karmic and physical basis of the Collective Consciousness of the given part of the Collective Cosmic Mind of Mankind - ПРООФФ-РРУ {PROOFF-RRU} - ("humanity" of the current subjective Reality or Collective Consciousness of "humanity") is continuously organized and updated by billions of people in the current STC groups.

3.0450 Out of all the existing НУУ-ВВУ {NUU-VVU} -Forms, each of them, forming with their psyche mental realizational activity the entire karmic (focus-dynamic) framework of our surrounding World Form-Systems, has to the smaller or larger degree, stable resonant relationships with УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU} -conglomerates, which simultaneously implement through other ЛЛУУ-ВВУ{LLUU-VVU} -Forms-Types of our own Forms of Self-Consciousness, structuring various historical periods and specifically revealed in the Focus Dynamics of not only the current (modern) mankind, but also through СФУУРММ {SFUURMM} -Forms of hundreds of thousands of generations of our ancestors, who – by means of their unique ways of reasoning and Levels of sensuousness - for millions of years, just like all of us, are actively initiating the manifestation of "their own" Worlds Form-Systems.

3.0451 In a multi-level multi-variance and multifunctional specifics of the entire Physical Plan-Overtone of ГРЭИЙСЛИИСС {GRE'IYSLIISS} , golohronno-simultaneously and alongside with us in the Space-Time, develop hundreds of human civilizations with signs of primariusivnost’ (distinctive attitude towards anything) in their slloogrent Focus Dynamics of somewhat different than ours, proto-form directed - СФУУРММ {SFUURMM} -Forms, structuring dvuinvaderentny lluuvvumicheskiy Synthesis Scheme. Even considering purely external Self-Consciousness Forms similarity of some of these civilizations, in comparison with our Forms, they, in peculiar to them implementations, manipulate not only with "their own" (peculiar only to their Focus Dynamics) Space-Time parameters, but also very different from ours existential values, moral and ethical laws, regulations; they have specific types of their own politics, economics, philosophy, science, art and culture, which in many ways are quite different from ours, just like, frankly, the specificity of existence of our own ancestors. Similarly, World Form-System models they synthesize (just as we do in our STC groups!), with all their, as it seems to us, uniformity and similarity, are also very much different from everything that we are accustomed to in our "present" environment.

3.0452 Just like you are experiencing your "current" Life "here and now", continuing your fully conscious "individual" existence through the multitude of various scenarios, whose "story lines" of Focus Dynamics are "interwoven" in various historical moments and a multitude of diverse “human” collective consciousness development periods, all those, whom you consider to be your distant relatives or "dead ancestors", similarly continue their conscious "individual" existence, in parallel with your "present" one, focusing by means of their Focuses of Close Attention all throughout other ODS duplex Realms, thus reflected with their Focus Dynamics in other skrruullerrt structures of Space-Time through their inherent information parameters of Focuses of dual Reflection. In your subjective Perception they are considered "dead", while they, continuing to live consciously in their Space-Time Stream, subjectively relate to you as these, who are not yet born (in the same way as you perceive all possible manifestations on Earth of all your "future" descendants).

3.0453 Not a single Form of Self-Awareness, ever, under any circumstances, (from photons and atoms, cells and bacteria to planets and stars, galaxies and the Multiverse) HAS EVEN A SLIGHTEST OPPORTUNITY to be objectively "destroyed" in any microscopic or cosmological Processes, as these "Processes" themselves are subterransively carried out only in the systems of subjective Perception of the very Forms of Self-Consciousness, while in actuality, the only process that takes place - is continuous, various quality refocusings (multi-polarized "re-projections") of Self-Consciousness Form-Creators, from certain "parts" of its slloogrentnyy Focus Configurations into its other "parts".

3.0454 At that, the "personalities themselves", initiating in systems of Perception of the entire dynamics spectrum of these refocusings, are unaware of the qualitative changes they undergo during the process of their innumerable "postmortem" refocusings. That is because Essentially (i.e. objectively), NO "TRANSITION" ever takes place, since absolutely all Forms of Self-Consciousness, existing throughout the Multiverse, along with their Collective Cosmic Intellects, which organize their dynamics, in each of the infinite levels of their Cosmic Creativity, simultaneously Exist through Focus Dynamics of zillions of their multi-Qualitative analogs, structuring the entire infiniteness of subjective Space-Time Continuums, Conversums and Universums.

3.0455 Aspectabilnost’ (clear visual and obvious perceptibility of something) of a process of "disappearance" of obvious to us, signs of anyone or anything’s existence from Conscious-Fields manifestations parameters of any observable subjective Reality (for example, the facts of apparent "Death" of any "personality", or "destruction" of animals, plants, minerals, populations, civilizations, Planets, Stars or Galaxies), is a natural consequence of duvuyllerrt quality FCA "offsets" of each of these Forms of Self-Consciousness from "parts" that structure Focus-Configuration of the given group of STCs, into the existing "parts" of Focus-Configurations, structuring other groups of STCs. "Disappearances" and "genesis" of new civilizations, Forms and Types of the Planetary and Space Life - these are just purely "external", the most accessible to your perception, Metamorphoses of the same slloogrent Life and Self-Consciousness Forms of the same slloogrent Collective Intellects, instantaneously-simultaneously transforming their Focus Dynamics throughout various spectrums of an infinite amount of own multi-quality Interpretations, realized in the same infiniteness of various subterransivny Time Fields.

3.0456 Signs of "Death" of any human "individual" (just like a plant or an animal) arise in our Self-Consciousness only because subterransivny parameters of "projection" of FCA of various Forms of Self-Awareness (bacteria, fungi, organs, cells or molecules) that by means of their joint efforts – following the strictly specified chain of relationships! - providing the creative realization of their collective form of manifestation (for instance, human "personality"), considerably differ from one another. Because of this, in the systems of the Perception of those, who are observing the current process from the same subjective Reality, the effect of aspectabilny preservation of the given Form is produced (in reality - fragmented existence of the multiple Forms, structuring it) in the current group of STCs, but without subterransively inherent to it signs of the collective functioning of all of its Forms (something, that was previously interpreted as a "Life of the person"). If these parameters were the same for all Forms of Self-Consciousness, providing the functionality of their collective manifestation Form, the given Form would instantaneously entirely would disappear out of your sight and senses, meaning that Form-Creators of absolutely all forms of Self-Consciousness would simultaneously refocus into resonantly correlating scenarios, where opportunities for their collective functioning exist.



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