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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 3

3.0261. There is a subjective and conditional notion about simultaneous existence of countless personalistic ("own") and sporadic (another’s) Worlds in the structures of space-time continuum where we live now. These Worlds are organized and directed specifically for each "person". In the above notion, I just mean the illusionary exceptional ability of each of you to put yourself at the top of the objective processes that really regulate all the current circumstances of your life. I emphasize the words "subjective" and "conditional" because objectively there are no personalistic Worlds in the multidimensional structure of the universe that Someone or Something specifically created for each "human being". At the same time, the personalistic ("own") and sporadic (another’s) Worlds belong not only to our imagination.

3.0262 A good example of a sustainable stay of person’s Focus Dynamics in sporadic (another’s) Worlds may be all little children. For now, they do not have their own principles and views on life.  Therefore, they have to be guided in their choices, reactions and preferences only by those outlooks, which are carefully imposed on them by parents, relatives and the other people as well. As long as the children do not learn to determine what is "good" and what is "bad" (it is not important whether for them or for family, friends, society and the entire world), they are obliged to remain constantly in a strong dependence on the quality of someone's sporadic worlds. In fact, they must always rely in their choices, preferences and interests on someone's opinions, attitudes, values, priorities, views and relations. Their own opinion is ignored and not taken seriously by adults. It is considered incompetent and naive because children’s opinion does not supported by their own empirical experience.

3.0263 Seeing such a frivolous attitude to their opinion, the children instinctively isolate and lock themselves from the outside world. By such a way, they try to protect "their own" personalistic world from cheeky, pushy and unrespectable intrusion into it by adults. These shy attempts most often fail, because none of the adults or even teenagers do not perceive small kids seriously. By such an attitude, we actually turned all the small children into hostage and forced accessory of someone's sporadic scenarios of life. We doom them to the fate of the innocent victims of someone’s imperfect views, ignorant outlooks, selfish relations and ambitious choices.

3.02064 So for the time being children live in someone's "foreign" (sporadic) Worlds and if something happens to them there is no their fault. Because their "Death", diseases, traumas, dramatic or extreme situations, all sorts of accidents and other circumstances of their "personal" Life are not parts of their own conscious choices. It is simply originally programmed conditions of those scenarios that have chosen for them by their parents, older brothers and sisters, neighbors or even some street teenagers. How often adults force young children to do what they really do not want themselves. If the children had other ideas about a particular situation, and they had a real opportunity to refuse to do what they personally consider it wrong, perhaps many of the tragic incidents in their life could have been easily avoided.

3.0265.At the same time the relations between many children and their parents or relatives are a good example of how easily the adults themselves may become permanent hostage to the selfish and unpredictable personalistic Worlds of their spoilt and freakish children. As the kids can confidently manipulate adults on any slightest occasion when it affects their own interests. It does not look like the kind relationships between close relatives but more like the directive actions of unbalanced boss to his (her) subordinates, who simply have no right to object or express their own opinion.

3.0266 Typically, such a dominant children’s individualism is inflated with powerful egocentric energies of greed and resentment, envy and jealousy, self-conceit and arrogance. It involves the most dramatic and fatal consequences for all the parties of such a one-sided relations. Because selfishness, impulsiveness, unpredictability and manipulator’s lack of experience unambiguously initiate the deep refocusing to non-human direction. I mean that situation when talk that someone stays in their unfavorable and forced circumstances which is created by others disharmonious sporadic Worlds.

3.0267. There is a significant difference in the subjective psychological reactions of different people on the same manifestations of surrounding life. This can be explained by the fact that each of us observe the reality based on our "own" views. By these views, we constantly form our "own" personalistic World. Although these "personal" reactions are qualitatively very different from each other, nevertheless all people, animals and plants incomprehensible linked by the same circumstances and events. They are closely "intertwined" and "connected" to each other on the levels of their active "emanations", "psychonations" and "karmanations" (thoughts, feelings, desires, words and actions). The better Focus dynamics of "personality", than the clearer, deeper and faster this "personality" is capable to realize in every moment the signs of difference between their personalistic world and sporadic worlds of other people. This “personality” carefully forms the personalistic World based on their own well-established life priorities and values so he (she) is possibly able to observe some events, which are quite elusive for others. 

3.0268 The representatives of different kinds and types of animals realize themselves through the entire set of subjective views peculiar to their forms of Self-Consciousness. Each of them also arrange the perception of the reality in an identical manner as human beings. Therefore, if we are talking about different quality of animal’s Focus Dynamics we can also use such terms as "personalistic" and "sporadic"(foreign) Worlds.  For example if a person, has a stable and very close psycho-mental contact with their pet, then Focus Dynamics may cross each other on some levels of their personalistic Worlds. Feeling too strong affection or excessive love to their animal, the owner can become just a participant of “crowd scene” in the animal’s personalistic Worlds. Thus, the owner falls into greater dependence on specific desires, needs, or simply "innocent" caprice and pranks of their pet. The results of such a careless “training” may affect not only other animals, but also human beings. They may suffer from serious injury, wound or even death especially in case of small children.

3.0269 Good example of such refocusing to pets’ personalistic Worlds are people who regularly visit special SPA salons, resorts for cats, and dogs. At fantastic rates they wash their “beloved” bets with the most expensive shampoos, make them a haircut, perm, massage, and recolor. They sew expensive custom-made suites for pets, and then take them to special very expensive restaurants. Sometimes pet’s owners after death leave them a multi-million dollar wealth, not even thinking about the fact that with these funds it is possible to make food accessible for the millions of most vulnerable, build schools, hospitals or shelters for homeless people.

3.0270 These are just a few good examples how dog’s and cat’s personalistic Worlds can influence upon human beings, and also vice versa it could be forced influence of human concepts to the cat’s and dog’s Worlds. Indeed, we cannot know or even reliably assume weather animals themselves really want to live in these conditions or not. The conditions are comfortable only from our point of view. Pets cannot voluntarily choose how, where and with whom to live. Using our human conceptions of happiness, we put them in such circumstances by force. However, animals have no need for these conditions, as they seek to unite with nature and with others like them as their cherished life goals. 

3.0271 There are many people, which are led in their life’s choices by Form-Creators of the two lower IISSIIDI Centers. (The representatives of cosmic civilizations of ungs, argllaamurs, ssvoouns and inglimilins realize themselves through the lower Centers). As a result, those people are fixed only on the material egoistic perception of the reality around them. Their natural way is to consider all the circumstances of life only based on their own limited vision of each situation. It is too one-sidedly and unambiguously so they do not even think about such a “hangouts” as personalistic and sporadic worlds or they are simply not able to catch the difference that is obvious to others. Because of very subjective and often completely opposite views in its essence on the same events, the life of such people is constantly accompanied by numerous cases of misunderstanding and confusion, conflicts and dissensions, misfortunes and disasters. All this is the main teaching, empirical, spiritual and educational base for each of such people. Thanks to the circumstances, they constantly do their self-perfection.

3.0272 As already mentioned, the main objectives of life and specific ideas about how to achieve them are more or less different from others for each one of you. Sometimes your objectives take dual opposing positions in relation to the objectives of other people.  Regardless of its degree of quality, urgency and usefulness for the rest of the community, the objectives are also no less important and valuable for them than your own objectives are important for you. Therefore, you are constantly faced with attempts of direct "intervention" or even rude aggressive "invasion" in "your" personalistic world by powerful СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of sporadic Worlds of other people. These people do not just surround you, but also are actively involved in the creative dynamics of your subjective life’s scenarios as a kind of the necessary "sense load". The sense load is just for you! In cinematic words speaking, you definitely play the most important and dominant role and the people surrounding you are background extras, crowd scene playing the supporting characters.

3.0273 Appearing together with you in your subjective scenario, all of people around you play a wide variety of "supporting characters". They create the necessary background for the creative implementation of yourselves as you play the "leading role" in your scenario. They make it through the activity of “chakram personalities “of the certain active levels of their IISSIIDI Centers using their own subjective perceptions, activities and choices, as well as the objective abilities and capabilities. However, in the same way, voluntarily or not, your own personalistic Focus Dynamics being implemented by resonation into personalistic Worlds of other people. In these worlds (which are sporadic towards you), you are no longer a “main hero” but a "supporting character" playing in various "crowd scenes".

3.0274 In fact, you constantly refocus in other scenarios of your rotational Cycle, which is more in line with your current choices. Although subjectively not leaving your own scenarios you become a member of someone’s sporadic Worlds when you have contacts with other people. The only exceptions of this rule are those cases where you all the time persevere to stick principal positions, attitudes, beliefs, priorities in any situations and circumstances arising in your life.  

3.0275 Your focusing in sporadic Worlds inevitably introduces the vital question: ‘Who are you?”. At each moment, you can be conscious Creator who purposefully and consciously creates your "own" version of subjective reality. In this case, you carefully regulate your Focus Dynamics, СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations. Your choices and actions are deeply and specifically perceived and admirably reasoned.

Your other option is to be a voice of someone's chaotic, instinctive, impulsive realizations. It could be someone who, without taking into account your opinions and interests in its own discretion activates the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness through selfish СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms of two lower IISSIIDI centers’  karmic Channels.

3.0276. Let's say you set a high goal. To reach the goal, you need to bring your outlook into complete qualitative accord with your other personal interpretation that structure those group of Continuums and scenarios of development, where your goal is already reached. For the rapid implementation of this goal, you need to learn how to focus deeply and emphatically on specific details of the “picture” that describes in detail not only your personal “future“ feelings but also characteristics of the accompanied surrounding reality. And if someone tries to correct your Focus Dynamics by improper СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms and interests, you should find in yourself even in the most difficult and critical situations all power and possibilities to be able to insist on your own principles in order to continue refocusing in the chosen direction of your life's creativity.

3.0277 It is extremely difficult to stay at your own principles in every situation. Very often, the conditions of your "personal" life (work, finances, place of residence, family, religion, and so on) do not completely depend on your own preferences and expectations.  These conditions are subject to someone’s (or something) strict regulations. Your circumstances may depend on your boss, colleagues, business partners, the state, religion, laws, morality, ethics etc. Nevertheless, the most difficult and dangerous thing is that you are often mistaken thinking that you still continue to move forward your own goal in the situations when  you come under someone's powerful destructive or manipulative influence. If you do not have enough fidelity to principles, determination, perseverance, aspiration and responsibility to yourselves, then your way to the goal will become cluttered with all sorts of interference and obstacles. It might be other people's interests and outlooks, views and opinions, criteria and desires, which are not coincide with your own attitude.

3.0278 However, very often, your impatience and irrepressible craving to achieve the desired quickly are not assistants, but powerful obstacles in a progress towards your Goal. Because at the same time you simply do not have real psycho-mental mechanisms and capacities to reach your Goal. In addition, the over-craving to get the desired as quickly as possible focuses you not on the real achievements but on your ephemeral, illusory and contrived expectations as well as skillfully rigged self-image. Nothing can manifest itself in your life miraculously without any effort. Moreover, if you too much keen on virtual, imaginary perspectives, rather than real opportunities, all your dreams and plans for a favorable "future" may collapse like a house of cards under the invincible power of objective circumstances. These circumstances can be necessary conditions for the realization of "someone’s" (sporadic) Worlds in your own scenarios. Usually such collapses of your dreams happen at the most inopportune moment of your fictitious life. Therefore, at the beginning of the definition and detailed planning of your way to the Goal you need to impartially analyze and realistically estimate all your qualities, opportunities and prospects. You need to do it without any compromise or even the slightest exaggeration. It is exactly this case when it is better to underestimate something in yourself than to come up with something that doesn’t really exists because you will not be able to use it practically.

3.0279 It happens very often that the Configuration of НУУ-ВВУ{NUU-VVU} -Forms you use for your refocusing process is still very far from the ideal in terms of quality. It is about Configuration that you would need to reach rapidly too high Goals for scenarios of this group of Continuums. Therefore, you need first to simulate carefully and then achieve many intermediate goals. It is necessary to go through some lower quality realizations in order to focus consistently in other НУУ-ВВУ{NUU-VVU} -Forms. Their configuration will have more and more those aspects of Qualities that is needed to achieve the main goal.

3.0280 This rule applies particularly when you try getting rid of the entire set of СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms, provoking active manifestations in your Focus Dynamics aggressive, negative or rude sexual reactions. Such reactions are completely incompatible to the implementation of your highly spiritual tasks as well as your acquisition of stable extra sensual psychic abilities. Because the abilities will impose the higher personal responsibility on each of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Thus, at your own discretion you use the "supporting characters" or “participants of daily crowd scenes" (at work, at home, on the street, in public transport, and so on). Either you move to your goals as the main Creator of your "own" personalistic World or you are being involved in someone else's sporadic World. Usually it happens so imperceptibly and unexpectedly for yourself that as a result, you quickly turn from the “leading hero” into one of the members of "crowd scenes". 

3.0281 All the Worlds of your conscious presence ALREADY exist in the system of the Universe. These Worlds ORIGINALY exist in absolute fullness of subjective views of your own existence and intended nature of your missions on Earth. In each of Worlds, you have certain abilities and perform a certain role. When in certain life circumstances, you either successfully solve all your problems and live happily, creatively, efficiently, or give up and fall into a deep depression. Therefore, initially, you should clear and hierarchically estimate a consecutive progress of the main goals of your life, then select the most urgent of them and specify them in the common details. Through this psycho and mental process, you gradually have more and more understanding and awareness of who you are in your "present" and then who you should be in the best version of your "future". In such a way, you start programming your nearest and farther “future”. 

3.0282 Periodically comparing the views of “current” and “future” yourself, you will be better able to realize in every moment of "now" at what point of the way to the main goals you stay. This is the main condition of your refocusing into those of existing versions of your personalistic Worlds where these goals are already reached.Every moment of life makes us to deal with the manifestations of other people’s creativity. Depending on the quality of our own views, we interpret this creativity with such words as "evil”, "rage”, "hatred”, "envy", "indifference", "love", "good", "understanding", "patience", "responsiveness" and so on. But are these people really such as we interpret them in our subjective understanding? Of course not!

3.0283 The relationship of these people with us is just what they are able to generate and "project" into their surrounding World at present time and in particular circumstances. They “project” themselves through their own psycho-emotional system, through the level of consciousness that is temporarily activated in them. Moreover, no matter in which way each of other people perceive them. It is their own creativity. It is their own manifestation of "personal" understanding of "themselves". It is their own Life, and they have the right to control this Life at own discretion.

3.0284 To keep your presence in own personalistic world it is always very important to understand whether each of your reaction to any of the manifestations of those people’s life creativity towards you or someone else answer the main purpose of your Life or not. If your "current" reactions does not match your image of yourself “in "the future", where the goal is reached, then you quite unwittingly and unconsciously have refocused in "foreign" sporadic World. It happens through uncontrolled reactions and realizations and now you execute in someone's scenario supporting and secondary role. This means that you no longer control your refocusing process, but someone else. You become the participant of the “crowd scenes” instead of being the “main character” playing the decisive role in the choice of means to achieve your goals. Now you are already in a “foreign” scenario that may develop in quite unpredictable ways.

3.0285 Moreover, if you continue to show a greater lack of principles and character, faintheartedness and inconstancy, then you can become a "stunt man". The dubbing actor continuously makes the most dangerous "stunts" instead of the “main character” that is, you will become just a scapegoat. Accidents, illness, unintentional crime, imprisonment, dismissal from a prestigious job, etc can happen with you. Such unfavorable situations can occur in case you take responsibility for those Life lessons that should be experienced by other persons. So, as a rule you refocus into their sporadic Worlds through your uncontrolled reactions, subjective attitude and specific thoughts, emotions, and actions.

3.0286 Lessons of Life are consequences of your actions that do not already fit your former life’s goals and objectives, your “new-born” ideas and your spiritual Essence. You have already sufficiently delivered from some of the old temptations as well as interests and you unconsciously set your spiritual Essence as the most priority value. The fact of the existence in your Self-Consciousness the stable spiritual aspiration does not mean that your life no longer has all sorts of difficulties and obstacles. It causes by high “Tension” (qualitative difference) between the old Interests (but very familiar to you) and the new Interests (which you specifically do not yet aware of). In contrast, the number of difficult and unforeseen situations in your life that require your completely different approach and qualitatively different solutions increases like an avalanche. Unfortunately, it makes you repeatedly think about the correction of your new preferences.

3.0287. Thus, there is a constantly increasing tensor between what you have managed to achieve, deeply understand and master until today and the new what you are not yet acquainted with, but that attracts you with its mystery and anticipation of some discoveries. Immediately СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms with qualitatively new interconnections intensively involve in your Focus Dynamics. This brings an intensive general dissonance between the Focus Dynamics of group of Continuums you live and your own Focus Dynamics, which are actively engaged in the search for those new obvious signs that simply does not exist in the current group of Continuums. However, you have decided to find these signs and get to know it at any cost. At that time, the circumstances that you interpret as a lesson appear in your life: difficult choices, unexpected solutions, and a radical change of attitude, taste and priorities. Due to lack of your necessary experience, all sorts of collisions, catastrophes, “personal” dramas, breaking of old ties and establishing the new ones, accompany it. In such an unstable mental state, it is very easy to lose important guiding lines of your Goal or begin to doubt about its correctness and value. In the state it also becomes possible that you start looking for something else, alternately engaging in the "ocean" of sporadic Worlds around you.

3.0288 Even if you do not yet take any action, but just think about something or someone by certain way that has nothing to do with your best representation of “yourself in the future”, you immediately change the previously selected Vector of your refocusing quality. In this case, you automatically “re-project” your Focus dynamics from the group of favorable scenarios (where you are the “main character”) to other ones. Although the other scenarios may look almost the same but qualitatively, they are completely different! They are less favorable or even dramatic for you, because your fate is to be a humble part of “crowd scenes". In this situation, nothing depends on you as long as you manifest your fidelity to principles, outstanding perseverance and persistence answering your purpose. But once you decide on new priorities and finally convince yourselves that the new purpose of your life is much more important and desirable than the former one, you immediately refocus from someone's sporadic World into your own personalistic World. The same effect occurs when you are disappointed in your new results and achievements, so you decide to return to your former goals.

3.0289 If you rather strongly resonate with many of "the main character’s” ideas in some mental qualities you fall into their scenarios. Then the large number of energy-informational compatible interconnections between Form-Creators of your forms are established. It makes your Destinies very similar in many moments. You, as an active and minor participant of someone else's scenario face with some negative events, which was “designed” especially for reactions of “the main character”. As a result, you react in a similar way or even faster than they do. And here already you instead of them (or them and you too!) become a murderer, robber, abuser or bastard, spoiling the lives of many people.

3.0290 Very often the prisoner’s dock is occupied by not the real perpetrators of crime, but those people who felt into the sporadic ("foreign") World. Not having either the strength and the will nor the elementary sense to resist the powerful influence of “foreign” СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms, you can actually find yourself in a situation similar to those that the “main character” must inevitably experience themselves in other scenarios of Life. There are such situations as a conviction the innocent, violent "imprisonment", moving into hard drugs, car or other types of accidents that happen not by your fault, the purchase of tickets for planes, trains and ships, which then suffer a crash, and many other things you may deal with in unfavorable scenarios.  All of this we call like “unconsciously doing stunts instead of the main character."

3.0291 Sporadic scenarios represent only the interests and the specific conditions for development of the "main character". So no one can know what fate and the duration of existence of your "personal interpretation” are provided in any of sporadic (‘foreign”) scenarios. For example, for the “main character’s” edification or for the purpose of his (her) gaining the subjective experience, skills, attitudes, psycho and emotional states, suddenly it becomes possible for you to “die” in air, car or railway crash. You may become the victim of an accident occurred because of sloppiness, carelessness, falsehood, greediness, irresponsibility, frivolity or ambitions of the “main character”. That is, in each of sporadic Worlds all your "Death" are only necessary information "material" for the targeted psycho and mental impact on the "main character". These are also just possibilities to provide an effective influence at the right time on the different creative processes  in someone's Consciousness.

3.0292 However, you can qualitatively change the circumstances in someone else's scenario bringing you to tragic situations or "death". To do so you need to be in your own personalistic World at the right moment. You need to show a little more persistence, firmness and fidelity to principles in relation to things that do not meet both your goals and your highest quality conceptions of yourself. 

3.0293 You can focus in your personalistic World and play the role of "hero" (main character) there, only when standing your most active and principle position to meet your own goals and objectives. That is when you consciously do everything strictly according to your own principles and ideas; you are always in control of your thoughts, feelings and desires. You refuse to compromise towards everything that is not included in your estimated feature set of your main goals. You carefully filter in your Focus Dynamics those СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms, which by its quality can no longer be typical for you in the most favorable scenarios of the "future." In your "personalistic world" you are the absolute master of the situation, but in  the sporadic (foreign)  World you only an unintentional participant in the unforeseen circumstances. So in this case you never know for sure about the role, which is personally assigned for you and how they are supposed to use you. Willingly or unwillingly, you refocus in someone's sporadic World from time to time. There's always a "main character “there. The special scenario with your unconscious participation is performed expressly for him (her). 

3.0294. Not only the degree of your fidelity to principles, but also the quality of your subjective reactions fully determine the circumstances, which are organized around you in sporadic Worlds. The more you try to adjust your Focus Dynamics toward the ideas and Configuration of a “person", in whose personalistic World you have refocused, the greater your destiny will be formed on the basis of his (her) fate. The quality of his (her) fate will be absolutely and completely determined not by some external attributes and “life decorations” but by the quality of their choices and actions. Such choices are manifested through specific thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations and actions.

3.0295 Let’s suppose you schedule something very important for the process of your further improvement, or carry out your current plans. But your phone rings suddenly and someone once again has radically meddled in your decisions, plans and actions. Although you do not know exactly what can happen in the next moment, but you can imagine prospects in the coming things to do. So, of course, when reacting appropriately to many calls you should remain in your own outlook about how things should be organized around you. It also concerns your proper reactions to different requests, orders, negative circumstances or various aggressive information from newspapers, television, radio, Internet. By your positive (or at least neutral) response, you create the best conditions for the early realization of your cherished goal.

3.0296 If after your conversation on the phone, you motivate unexpected information as a possible way of your current self-improvement programs on a path to meet your goal, then it will not provoke your refocusing in sporadic World of those who has just called you. This choice will be more intelligent and altruistic in relation to the one who has demanded or asked you about the things that may negatively affect the implementation of your current plans. Your reaction to every unexpected intervention in your plans of someone or something should not be categorically negative just because a moment ago it was not among your planned current affairs. Otherwise, wishing to achieve “highly spiritual goals”, once you can refuse to help a blind or disabled person, children or parents just because you have scheduled meditation, reading useful information, or something else, that you count as a distraction from more important things to carry out someone’s request. Although, you should also keep in mind about the “quality” of their request.

3.0297 Perhaps a sincere and faithful implementation of someone's request will give you much more for your spiritual growth, than what you have planned, and it will be able to bring you closer to the cherished goal more quickly. You just need to see each of these possibilities, not to focus too much on yourself, on your own gain even if it is more "spiritual" in your opinion than what you are asked for. You should see it as your potential growth and learn how to motivate yourself positively to many unpleasant or inopportune requests, uninvited visits and unexpected actions of other people. Once you make such motivation and willingly accept unexpected circumstance as inevitable thing, but which is still potentially useful and spiritually beneficial to you, then you immediately refocus again into "your own" personalistic World.

3.0298 It should be mentioned here about those people who constantly speak on a phone or watch TV too much, listening to all the news without a break. They abundantly filled their Focus Dynamics with a different quality content of these information flows for a very long time. In fact, all of these people focus in sporadic ("foreign") Worlds most of the time in their life. They do not even realize that their "own" world simply does not exist. His or her World, behavior or "future" always depend on someone. It is always corrected by someone's calls, orders, judgments, rules, relationships, laws and so on.

3.0299 Those who failed to stay on a path of conscious life creativity become great dependents on various situations, surprises, accidents and other circumstances. This happens to them because they have not yet been able to realize their Way deeply and never seriously think about the true meaning of their existence, the major goals and objectives of their life. They just chaotically refocus from sporadic World of one "personality" into sporadic Worlds many other "personalities", changing a huge number of "foreign" Worlds during a day. It will not bring them closer to their own goals, and in most cases, it moves away from the goals more and more.

3.0300 Yes, it is very difficult in right time to track down and catch the beginning of your next involvement in someone else's scenario (sporadic World) as well as realize that you are no longer the "main character" in your life. But as long as you do not learn how to do this, you will have to constantly suffer from the results of someone else's will that much stronger than yours. Their will actively influences the majority of your decisions, your current plans and the quality of СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms making your Focus Dynamics. You will be lucky, if this influence come from the "personality" which is more harmonious and more advanced spiritually than you are. However, most often it happens just the opposite. Usually you have to adjust your choices under the "personal" interests or the more primitive ideas of someone else. This only happens because you think that your better solutions or statements can be a problem for "someone". It can hurt, angry, disappoint, disturb or lead to confusion others. It can cause envy, revenge, criticism, abuse, contempt and so on in respect of you. Very often, when you demonstrate your principled position that others can consider as critical or inappropriate, you lose friends, like-minded people and brothers in arms. As a rule, you gain a lot of secret enemies, guileful saboteurs and dastardly evil-wishers because your honesty and integrity literally “stick in their throat."

3.0301. So very often, you prefer not to tell people the truth about their imperfections and mistakes. You usually keep silence in the presence of insolent or cheeky fellows, rascals, scoundrels and dastards.  Unquestioningly and with servility, you obey to the idiotic and selfish orders of various sorts of bosses or the powerful ones of the world, who are willing to control your destiny at their own discretion and order around you at all levels of the bureaucratic hierarchy. It is not difficult to continue to infinity enumerating the poor and ugly results of your everyday servility. However, it will never bring for a moment each of you the real opportunity to start from this very second creating your personalistic World only by your own views, spiritual values and priorities. If you do not do it now, you will continue to be unconscious slaves and hostages in others (foreign) scenarios, plans, interests in others life. Very often you role is not what you really want and what you aim at. In addition, “people” or the circumstances that can really bring you closer to realizing your own plans do not surround you in those scenarios.

3.0302 How can you recognize the criteria to distinguish between your own personalistic worlds from the sporadic ("foreign") ones? Unexpected phone calls, unasked remarks and phrases cruelly steal your peace of mind, rest and quiet joy. After all, you cannot hide nowhere from these circumstances behind a feigned mask of indifference and apathy. You cannot take cover by trying to avoid the slightest disharmonious contacts, emotional disputes, critical decisions and radical actions. How should you respond to many forced and unforeseen circumstances, that every moment unbidden break into your life?

3.0303 There is no special wisdom. You only need not yield to everything that is dis-harmoniously manifested in your life with respect to your ideal conception of who you are in your most favorable "future". This “future” should be carefully considered and formed based on your most intelligent and altruistic СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms and Aspirations that confidently and firmly guide your process of refocusing towards a rapid achievement of your main goal. This means that for every change in the circumstances (unexpected phone calls, someone's orders or instructions, remarks or actions, requests or suggestions, laws or regulations, advices or threats, all kinds of events and phenomena, and so on) you have to learn to react so that in no way contrary to your own principles and fundamental attitude.

3.0304 Your reaction to any event in your life determines whether the vibration frequency of your thoughts, emotions, desires and actions that you respond to this event is in your allowable spectrum of relations. If you want to continue as effectively as possible to refocus to your the cherished goal, you set up own range of your reactions quality. In this process, it is impossible to do without the tireless cultivation in your Self-Consciousness of the critical needs of choices, which is based on Intellect and Altruism. This means that you have to learn how to treat your every choice uncompromisingly and preconceived. Are there in your choice the sighs of both high-sensual Intellect (or good reason at least), and high-intellectual Altruism (or lack of self-interest at least? If you cannot find these signs, it is better to wait, think twice and postpone this choice.  If you remain in this state and continue being very honest, soon a choice that matches required conditions will appear. Of course, in this case, you spend a little more time and mental effort, but the quality effect of your refocusing will be much better.

3.0305 What a gulf separates “to be obliged to be altruistic” and “to be altruistic”! For example, you may be obliged to make something altruistically under the pressure of unforeseen circumstances or just because you know, “it pays back”. However, it is impossible by definition to get any “personal” benefit from an altruistic action except for moral and spiritual satisfaction. There is a great abyss between these two choices. The same applies to the signs of high-sensual Intellect. Very often, it is convenient to replace the Intellect with demagogic philosophizing, selfish rationality and reasons, expediency, slyness, prudence and survival.

3.0306 Here, there is a one criterion. The mental component of high-sensual Intellect sign must be free of any kind of a "personal" benefit and ambitious (selfish) interest in the possible results of your choice. It is obvious that the vast majority of you lack the strength to make such choices, but without a persistent aspiration for doing so you will never become a real Human. This principle of choices can be established in your Self-Consciousness only if from hour to hour; from day to day and from year to year, you constantly will live and create under the aegis of СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of lluuvvumicheskiy (real Human!) direction of your development. It directs you to achieve the state of "Creative Space Potentiality". This state of high intellect and absolute altruism constantly motivate you to acts of kindness and unconditional love to all things without exemptions, and it brings to the spiritual unity with entire Universe.

3.0307 In all times people had to be satisfied with life that neither agree with their principled positions, or their desires, needs and aspirations. They have been constantly showing cowardice and faint-heartedness by experiencing a strong dependence on the willfulness of corrupted authorities and imperfect legislation. They have been always depending on someone's caprices, vices and selfish biased beliefs. Does this mean that all these people are forced to focus only in someone's sporadic Worlds? No, it does not. Because in order to be realized in "your own" but not in "foreign"(others’) World, you need reactions that meet your "personal" life philosophy. The attitudes reflect your own СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms and concepts about relationships in the society.

3.0308 It is no secret that many people have cowardly and double-faced positions, or, boorish, cynical and unprincipled ones. Such attitudes are the main guide to action, it assists them in a rapid achievement of their own selfish and immoral goals, fame, wealth, survival at any cost, ambitious realizations and getting power over others. They do not recognize and do not know others criteria and values in life. They also categorically and aggressively suppress any attempts to convince them otherwise. Their mottos always are “man is a wolf to man”, “tit for tat coll, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. So they are absolutely convinced that in order to achieve the goal it is necessary to cheat, bribe, crush under their own interests, intimidate or put aside someone. If they cannot manage it, they are ready to mutilate, offer somebody in sacrifice, morally or physically kill or destroy at any cost. They are willing to carry all this out with great pleasure and hazardously; being completely sure that they are right, because such choices show the best correlation with their principles and life goals.

3.0309 Those people are not necessarily in refocusing someone’s sporadic Worlds when constantly making their nefarious affairs, they perform orders to kill or play up to someone, extol or blacken someone. Because their reactions and decisions are no way in conflict with their own ideas about life. After all, the most important feature of focusing into your own sporadic worlds is that your choices are consistent with your principles you use achieving the goal. The essence of this goal is not important at all, because it determines only the direction of your refocusing into those groups of Continuums, where such goals have real opportunities to become a reality. Such subjective terms as "good" and "evil", the laws of “public morality” and “private ethics”are not quite valid. It does not affect the process of person’s focusing either in his (her) own personalistic world, or in any of a variety of sporadic Worlds, in case the person is forced to do something that is inconsistent with his(her) principles, due to an unfavorable combination of circumstances.

3.0310 Many people use different spiritual practices and preach the "good" and “humane” teachings. However, very often they are not even aware that they are simultaneously both the Creators, and the main managers of their own Worlds of existence, because of having powerful prohibiting limits and encodings in Self Consciousness that do not allow them to accept such a high-intuitive knowledge as IISSIIDIOLOGY for example. Since they do not possess this Information, they continuously continue to commit strategic mistakes in each of their choices and in entire life’s creativity as well. Although these people can be very good and kind, but at the same time, they can be strongly limited in something, fanatically devoted to very old spiritual or religious concepts. They can even theoretically not to recognize the existence of more true knowledge, than teaching they practice. If you pattern such people’s behavior, naively believing that he (she) always make better choices then you can easily become a credulous party of "crowd scenes" in their scenarios.

3.0310 Many people use different spiritual practices and preach the "good" and “humane” teachings. However, very often they are not even aware that they are simultaneously both the Creators, and the main managers of their own Worlds of existence, because of having powerful prohibiting limits and encodings in Self Consciousness that do not allow them to accept such a high-intuitive knowledge as IISSIIDIOLOGY for example. Since they do not possess this Information, they continuously continue to commit strategic mistakes in each of their choices and in entire life’s creativity as well. Although these people can be very good and kind, but at the same time, they can be strongly limited in something, fanatically devoted to very old spiritual or religious concepts. They can even theoretically not to recognize the existence of more true knowledge, than teaching they practice. If you pattern such people’s behavior, naively believing that he (she) always make better choices then you can easily become a credulous party of "crowd scenes" in their scenarios.

3.0311 If you correct someone’s СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms according to your own ideas, you participate in a potential improvement of someone's personalistic World quality. This can be done by making better choices showing to others the better opportunities to achieve specific goals. It does not matter if you use “your own” СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms or “foreign” ones. The result are crucial only. If the result is in line with your goals and more harmonious, then this is a state that I call "to be in one’s own world."

3.0312 Why are you afraid of going beyond the position of self-control over the circumstances of your life? Please stop to protect your perception of any other point of view, which does not coincide in something with your own one. By such “protection”, you show only your narrow-mindedness, spiritual immaturity, ignorance and ill will. Please learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff and do not be afraid to use the “foreign” wheat in your life’s creativity. It will help your own spiritual and intellectual self-perfection.

3.0313 Sporadic Worlds of many people can lead to the same goals as yours, although methods of realization and the choices of these "people" may be very different from yours. Why go to extremes by cultivating the fear to be caught on someone’s fishing line? It will be just the evidence of your narrow-mindedness, worthless anxiety and a poor quality of representation of your goals in intellectual and spiritual development. Try to find in everything and everywhere the reasonable grain of truth, which is somehow in tune with your worldview. Only in cases of diametrically opposite contradiction with your own principles, find the strength and arguments to convince and assure opponents that you are right.

3.0314 Imagine that some of you who practice any scientific, philosophical or religious concepts would meet with author of Iissiidiology. And you would not talk to him just because of the fact that he describes a completely unimaginable things for you. You would be afraid to fall under the influence of his no understandable ideas of his personalistic World. You would not be guided by a thirst for the new self-cognition and a sincere desire for self-improvement, which is impossible without constant progress. It would be just a fear of losing confidence in your faith, doctrine or discipline. You would be afraid of doubting about your habitual dogmas and ideas.  Without using them, you simply cannot think of "yourselves" in any other way. Yes if you deviate from communicating with him, you would not be refocusing to his personalistic World, but you would lose the opportunity to improve "your own” World which is possibly more primitive and limited.

3.0315 It makes sense for you to gain an experience from people seeking the same goal as you, and who have better level of Knowledge, higher developed Will, Purposefulness, Conviction and Responsibility. It is wise to look closely to their choices and decisions in order to correct your own personalistic World by better decisions. By running after them, you actually set up your own Focus Dynamics on the progress in the same direction of development. That is, you take all the best from more advanced personality for yourself. You use them as a good example if you feel he (she) would behave more wisely then you do in some situations and then you act in the same way. Making such compilations, you gradually improve the quality of your СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms, so you improve the scenarios of your “future” life. As a result, your life goals, objectives and methods of their achievement significantly change.

3.0316. When you start “borrowing" better СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -forms from someone else, you get used to them very soon. Then you consider them as your own ones and forget about yours former self. Thus, you can constantly transform your outlook that is out of your satisfaction into more updated and relevant to your new worldview. Therefore, you consistently improve your own" personalistic World. It is impossible completely and irreversibly to focus only in somebody's (foreign) scenario, because you constantly adjust your choices. And if you do something wrong, you always have the opportunity to change the situation by doing what is right in your own sight.

3.03017 If both yours and others’ choices agree in substance, then you make your choices from your personalistic World, and others do it in their own personalistic World. You are independent from each other. Taking from someone else that you see fit, you do not refocus to “foreign” scenario. If you see something good in someone, that you do not have yet, this does not mean that you become dependent on him or her. You just have copied into your personalistic World those concepts that have attracted you in someone’s sporadic World because their ideas agree quite deeply with your goal.

3.0318 Perhaps, the person whom you have taken an example from could not do in other situations what you are able to do. However, his (her) concept (СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Form) about the very possibility of such choices may become yours. You constantly get information from all sorts of books, movies, Internet and the mass media as СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of writers, screenwriters, film directors, journalists and bloggers. Great number of specific "personalities" present their ideas in the form of thoughts and words. They import personal feelings and the vision of the possible development of mutual relations. Maybe they are unable to act as they want themselves, but their expressed ideas do not become less valuable to you. Of course if you decide to use it to improve your Focus Dynamics to achieve your goal.

3.0319 Many levels of your two lower IISSIIDI centers (ego-survival and horny sexuality) are not synthesized yet. Unfortunately, due to the lack of experience needed for existence in these levels, you periodically have to shift your Focus of Close Attention to the levels that are incompatible with your high goals. You realize that these levels of your thinking and feeling do not correspond to highly spiritual Image and the ideal you seek. Therefore, you must find and assimilate a solid positive motivation that may convince you to go through this temporary intermediate stage of changes in your Focus Dynamics. Then after synthesizing the missing experience, you can return to implementation of your main goals.

3.0320 Imagine that we are walking on the road and suddenly a bog appears right in front of us. We are trying to go a one way around, but it is impossible to pass. It is even worth to the other side; there are an abyss and a rapid river. Not too many choices! We can try to either go through the bog or give up the opportunity to go further. And we force a crossing over the bog, but not to spend a lifetime in the stink among the putrefactive terrible smell. After weighing all pros and cons, we accept that it is impossible to achieve the goal without going through the bog. There is no other way, and then we should go for it, if we ever want to come to our goal. What does it help us to squeeze through the jungle and the mud? The thought is that, when we finally get out of the bog, we can thoroughly wash, clean, freshen up ourselves and then go to the goal on the clean road again. Wade through the jungle and the mud helps us only thought that went out, and finally out of the swamp, we can thoroughly wash, cleanse, freshen up, and then again to go to the goal on a clean road. We consciously go through the objective circumstances (such as rough sex, morbid ambitions, negative reactions), but in order to achieve later much higher goals.

3.0321 You need to hold this thought in Self Consciousness in each moment when lowering your Focus of Close Attention into non-positive levels of two lower IISSIIDI centers. Just cheer yourself: “Yes, I agree, it goes against my principles, my views and my ideas of what I should become, but I have to do it, because otherwise, the synthesis of energy and information of required quality does not happen in my Self Consciousness. Therefore, my Configuration cannot be combined in a whole with my more perfect form to which I aspire”. You just have to fill this quality "gap" with the deep and diverse experience of self-knowledge in some specific situations.

3.0322 When your reactions go down to the low quality stage such as some internal aggression, faultfinding or censure, you should to notice it as soon as possible and try to get through it and experience deeply these moments. You have to feel those moments so conscious way, to be able to transmute them, that is to refocus from these states into the more qualitative of your "personal" interpretations. Of course, being in positive states you can accelerate this process or even reduce its time to a few seconds. Because your Focus Dynamics are structured by СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms that already contain a subjective experience of such outliving, and therefore you do not feel interest in its realization.

3.0323 The mechanisms of turning and refocusing into positive mental states are high vibrational motivations only. The motivations should be created on a better understanding of cause-and-effect relationships that form absolutely all circumstances of your life. If such convincing personal Motivation is missing or not available yet to you , then when in the destructive situation it is necessary for you at least to try relying on a deep faith in the fact that “every why has a wherefore" or “there is a reason in roasting eggs”. Trust this universal motivation even if you do not see the slightest signs of this cause or good at this moment, and then you will be able to overcome the internal crisis quickly.

3.0324 The faster you will be able to estimate the situation without bias the better. It is important to catch yourself as soon as possible in a non-positive stage and be conscious self in anger, scathing denunciation, criticism or uncontrolled excitement. The more sincerely you offer all your ambitions, arrogance, criticism, impatience and intolerance in sacrifice of your high goals the more greater degree you will be able to transmute these negative energies into your positive experience. The transformation of these destructive realizations in higher levels of your Consciousness happens faster and awareness will grow that it is not interested to you. You will not overreact to previous unfavorable situations. Even if you make a negative reaction, you should clearly realize that it is caused by a temporary imperfection of your present НУУ-ВВУ {NUU-VVU}–Configuration. The main thing is to keep it in mind and use best efforts in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.



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