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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § - Formo- and Info-Creators

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1


1.0049 First, I would like to specify that not Formo-Creators involve in the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’ Higher Cosmic Intelligence, but their “projections”. In each case of their manifestation, they represent all possible subjective Conceptions of the Universal Self-Consciousness of the information ССС-Entity about “Itself”. We will consider it in detail later, while hereafter, in order to avoid any confusion, let us use the term “Formo-Creators” in its simplified form, without specifying their Nature as “projections”. We will remember it only when it will have the principle meaning to mention it in order to explain something.

1.0050 So, what are Formo-Creators? They are initial carriers of all universal properties of Cosmic Energy that is special “builders”. Their primary task is to create the whole infinite set of diverse Forms of “themselves” in the Creation, which they need for their own creative Self-expression. For this purpose, they use Information, the only “material” initially available to them. Every type of Formo-Creators, depending on the qualitative state of their manifestation in the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’ Higher Intelligence, represents a certain type of Cosmic Energy, and therefore it can purposefully manipulate the Cosmic Information type that qualitatively corresponds to it. This is a joint combination-manipulation state. (I intentionally do not use the word “synthesis”, because not all States of the Macrocosmos are manifested by means of an interquality Synthesis.) This combination brings forth in Energy-Plasma the “crystallization” of an infinite set of results of such energy-information interactions – Focuses. The Focuses are arranged into manifestation Rezomirals according to the principle of Rezonation. The universal basis of multifunctional properties of Rezomirals is formed by Configurations of “karmonation” Fields-Consciousnesses. These karmonations are narrowly-specific Forms of creative cooperation between most kovarllert [1] kinds of Energy and Information. The manifestation Rezomirals represent (on the part of the Cosmic Energy Potential) the fundamental basis for the formation of the slloogrent Configuration (“geometry”) of Space, Time, and the Macrocosmos in whole.

1.0051 Let us consider what I imply by the term “Info-Creators” and how they participate in the manifestation of all Formo-structures of the Macrocosmos. The first thing you should understand is that slloogrent Configurations of the whole diversity of different-quality Info-Creators are structured by an innumerable set of sub-…-sub-Aspects of one of the 12 Pure Cosmic Qualities. These are elementary fragments of Information and their specific rezonational combinations. For example, УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-formation represents structural combinations of Info-Creators’ Configurations characteristic of the ЛЛУУ-ВВУ {LLUU-VVU} -oriented Synthesis Scheme (lluuvvuumicheskiy*); the symbol “-ВВУ {VVU} means that the Creators’ Focus Dynamics are involved in the Synthesis according to this Scheme. By the way, Synthesis can be carried out in the Focus Dynamics between innumerable sub-Aspects and Aspects of one Pure Quality (interaspectal Synthesis) as well as between Aspects of different Pure Qualities (interquality Synthesis). Interquality Synthesis is always anticipated after corresponding interaspect interactions, which are carried out with the help of Formo-Creators of each synthesized Quality.
* lluuvvuumicheskiy Synthesis Scheme (development) - the development in the real Human direction.

1.0052 In their entire heterogeneous total, these fragments represent the Cosmic Information Potential of Energy-Plasma or Its Initial Essence. They cannot be manifested independently in any way without one characteristic feature of Energy-Plasma conditioned by “the Cosmic Law of conservation of Information-Energy Balance” [2] *(ФФЛААЙЙ-ТТААРР ) {FFLAAYY-TTAARR}. There is one of Its Principles of Rezonational Response that is valid in all carriers of Energy and Information: each creative state of Energy corresponds to a strictly-definite creative state of Information, and vice versa.
[1] See the kovarllertnost principle in the last subsection of Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology.
[2] Cosmic Laws will be described in detail in the next volumes of Iissiidiology Fundamentals.

1.0053 I must note that we can consider all energy-information Mechanisms described in Iissiidiology that deal with organization and fulfillment of all slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos only from a narrowly-specific point of view based on our subjective interpretation of any Information. We can rather consider everything on the ВВУ {VUU}-“principle” peculiar to the Focus Dynamics along with all other principles, which is characteristic of the focus Configurations of “our” – ЛЛУУ-ВВУ {LLUU-VVU} -oriented – Formo-Creators. We simply cannot know and understand anything else in any other way. This limitation is conditioned by an objectively formed organization of decoding Perception structures of our Self-Consciousness Forms differentiated in Space-Time by the Collective Cosmic Intelligence of ЛЛУУ-ВВУ {LLUU-VVU} . ЛЛУУ-ВВУ {LLUU-VVU} structures a more extensive – Collegial – type of Cosmic Intelligence of ГООЛГАМАА-А {GOOLGAMAA-A}. It happens together with an innumerable set of Collective Cosmic Intelligences that belong to all other Proto-Forms*. Our subjective Conceptions of this kind concerning anything that happens both inside ourselves and in our surrounding reality do not mean at all that THIS IS THE WAY IT REALLY IS. Formo-Creators of Self-Consciousness Forms that belong to other Proto-Forms of ГООЛГАМАА-А {GOOLGAMAA-A} subjectively consider, accordingly imagine and interpret the Macrocosmos other way in any particular manifestation spectrum of its typical slloogrent properties. Therefore, we should take into account that OTHER diversified combinations and kinds of Information typical of the Synthesis Schemes carried out by OTHER Proto-Forms structure the Macrocosmos also.

1.0054 The Conceptions are formed by Formo-Creators of Self-Consciousnesses that belong to other Proto-Forms on manifestation Levels identical to ours but in narrowly-specific conditions of their typical dimensional types. We cannot consider these Conceptions of lower or higher quality as compared to our own Conceptions, because these are incomparable categories of information combinations. Since we kleks (specifically model and “individually mark”) all our Knowledge only on the basis of ВВУ {VVU}-“principle” typical of people, you shouldn’t forget about the highest degree of subjectivism which we “apply to” (“project on”) any Information we specifically “unpack” and creatively use. The degree of this subjectivism decreases only when we activate and begin stably manipulating higher-frequency СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms in the information space of our Self-Consciousness. As compared to our previous Conceptions these СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms are structured by a much larger volume of rezonationally combined, heterogeneous information fragments.



1.0055 Any Focus Dynamics constantly have characteristic features of the Principle of Rezonation. Due to this fact the original carriers of Information (information fragments) also “become crystallized” in Energy-Plasma as an infinite set of Forms of their simultaneous rezonational interaction with original (fragmentary, elementary) carriers of Energy. As a result, along with Configurations of Formo-Creators, the Macrocosmos includes a narrowly-specific manifestation of strictly-corresponding (in vibrations) Configurations of all possible Info-Creators. Info-Creators represent the information part of the abovementioned “karmonation-type” Fields-Consciousnesses (or simply “karmonations”). This characteristic part of specific Focus Dynamics of a Self-Consciousness has its own manifestation zone. This zone is not Formo-structures of Space-Time, which are just “a reflection mechanism”, but it is the information space of Self-Consciousness. There is an individual Sound Cosmic Code for this part – СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms. It is they who model and organize any of our subjective Conceptions.

1.0056 There are “generalized” states of СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms ,“beyond” any manifestation through a particular Self-Consciousness Form, that is, before their subjective manifestation in the information space. In this states they structure beyond-time, universal information formations within Energy-Plasma. This is part of Energy-Plasma, which can be figuratively designated as “Info-Plasma”. In Its Tertiary State – from the 0 to the 12th dimension – Info-Plasma is represented in the Focus Dynamics of any Self-Consciousness Form’s Formo-Creators by an infinite diversity of ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ-{OLLAKT-DRUOTMM} systems (ODS) and ФЛУУ-ЛУУ{FLUU-LLU}-complexes (FLK) . They are divided into general abstract Conceptions of Collective Intelligences according to their functionality- УУ {UU}-Forms, and specifically-fragmented УУ {UU}-copies. УУ {UU}-copies rezonationally form narrowly-specific configurational combinations– УУ {UU}-conglomerates in individual ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ-{OLLAKT-DRUOTMM} system (ODS) of every Self-Consciousness Form. (In ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU} -complexes, they are called ФЛУУ{FLUU} -doubles).

1.0057 I would like to emphasize the fact that УУ {UU}-Forms are not associated with definite types of self-expression, they rather represent a universal set with combinations of certain rekonverst*(unique, inimitable, and indivisible) Configurations of heterogeneous information fragments. УУ {UU}-Forms structure the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of ГООЛГАМАА-А’s {GOOLGAMAA} different-type Collective Intelligences through the Focus of Dual Reflection (FDO) and the Universal Multipolarization Impulse (UMPI). Since we can synthesize Information only in accordance with the ВВУ {VVU}-feature peculiar to the Focus Dynamics of our НУУ-ВВУ {NUU-VUU}-Forms, all УУ {UU}-Forms which we use during “unpacking” within our Self-Consciousnesses become human УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-Forms for the Conceptions modeled by us. While УУ {UU}-copies, УУ {UU}-conglomerates, and ФЛУУ{FLUU} -doubles formed within the multipolarization of focuses become correspondingly УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-copies, УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-conglomerates, and ФЛУУ-ВВУ {FLUU-VVU} -doubles of all possible human Conceptions.
*Rekonverstnost (from Latin “re” – “again”, “a repetition of an action” and conversio – a change, transformation) – the maximum (highest) degree of individualization of a certain information fragment’s feature, which keeps unchanged the fragment’s inherent Essence in any compositional variations of interactions with narrowly-specific features of other information fragments, as well as in any diversification transformations of combinations formed by them.

1.0058 Thus the entire infinite set of simultaneously-manifested Creative Activity Spheres for Formo-Creators of the Macrocosmos are structured by an infinite set of narrowly-specific reflections of different-quality manifestations of Info-Creators’ Creative Activity – УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-Forms. In the synthetic part of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma They are formed (transformed) into fragmented Self-Consciousness types which are subjective УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-copies of УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-conglomerates, or their more universal analogs – ФЛУУ-ВВУ {FLUU-VVU} -doubles. Rezonational aggregations of many УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}--copies form less fragmented Forms of their creative manifestation – УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}—conglomerates. УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}—conglomerates use the mechanisms of the Focus Dynamics of corresponding Self-Consciousness types for their independent and individual manifestation through rezonationally-corresponding Formo-structures of Space-Time.

1.0059 For example, “the space located above all living beings on the planet” is an УУ {UU}-Form. This space is denoted as “the sky” in any language or dialect people use. Therefore, this is an УУ-ВВУ -{UU-VVU} Form that reflects exactly human Conceptions about the “space”. While someone’s personal attitude to this УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU}-Form (“the blue sky”, “the beautiful sky”, “the cloudy sky”, “the ominous sky”, “the joyful sky”, “the sky heavy with clouds”, and so on) represents kinds of УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU} –copies which are synthesized by the Formo-Creators from various Self-Consciousness Levels on the basis of this УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU} -Form. According to the type of their creative directivity and the degree of their quality – positivity or negativity, sensuousness or rationality, depth or superficiality, figurativeness or formality, and so on – innumerable УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU} -copies are rezonationally combined in the information space of Self-Consciousness into УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU} –conglomerates. Specific Configurations of УУ-ВВУ {UU-VVU} –conglomerates can simultaneously structure “parts” of slloogrent Configurations of many manifestation Forms of this Self-Consciousness in different Time Flows and groups of Continuums. These Info-Creators form all possible ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ {OLLAKT-DRUOTMM} -systems and ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU} -complexes in the Macrocosmos by dynamics of their Focuses of Dual Reflection or Universal Multipolarization Impulses. ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ {OLLAKT-DRUOTMM} -systems and ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU} -complexes are the Spheres of prerogative realizational Creativity of Info-Creators.


1.0060 So, what have we just found out? First, Energy-Plasma and the Macrocosmos are two inseparable parts of One Whole. They represent, in different ways in Their common “Creation”, That which can be subjectively defined as “the Initial Essence of Everything”. Second, both Formo-Creators and Info-Creators are represented in the Macrocosmos only through Configurations of the Forms jointly constituted by them – “karmonations” or Fields-Consciousnesses. They simply do not have other – separate, isolated – means of manifestation of any Creative Activity, which are typical for both Energy and Information. Third, any sub-…-sub-Aspects or Aspects of Pure Qualities as such are not Info-Creators, they just structure Info-Creators’ slloogrent Configurations. The word “Creator” implies the presence of certain subjective dynamics expressed, for example, through the compatibility of Formo-Creators’ Focus of Close Attention (FCO) and Info-Creators’ Focus of Dual Reflection (FDR). These dynamics are carried out with the help of different-quality Self-Consciousness Forms. Fourth, the Sphere of predominance of Formo-Creators’ realizational Creativity includes Rezomirals of the Macrocosmos. Absolutely all subjective Worlds Formo-Systems, types of Realities, and Continuums are structured on the basis of Rezomirals. While the Sphere of predominance of Info-Creators’ realizational Creativity includes ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ {OLLAKT-DRUOTMM} -systems, ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU} -complexes, and other energy-information formations that structure the Macrocosmos just like Rezomirals.

1.0061 The true Meaning of “the Creation” of Energy-Plasma (in Essence – it is the Meaning of Energy-Plasma’s Reflection through the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos) is not in the fact of Its simultaneous, infinitely multiple manifestation, but in the universal multifunctionality of the Self-Consciousness that structures the Creation. This Self-Consciousness makes it possible for any type of Creative Activity within Energy-Plasma to manifest its unique “individuality”, which, however, is limited by the direct participation (manifestation) in the corresponding (in quality) collective Focus Dynamics. It may be approximately compared with a very powerful computer with very complex programs installed on it. The computer becomes completely useless without electric power. (That is, a computer without electric power is as useless as a Form without Self-Consciousness features in it). This can be also compared with a human body (organism) in “a vegetative” state or in coma. It seems that the body has everything necessary to provide normal Life. However, there is a lack of “something” that would specifically organize the manifestation of Life through the structures of this body.

1.0062 As you see, Energy-Plasma and Its qualitative Reflection – the Macrocosmos – cannot be considered in a simple and unambiguous way that might seems natural to you at first. To avoid the Illusion of abysmal subjectivism, each of you should thoroughly think over this Information. The Illusion of seeming (to you) “dynamism” of the outer reality is individually and specifically formed not somewhere “outside you”, but only in the information space of your Self-Consciousness. It happens due to the continuously-changing Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness’ Formo-Creators. In a result of existence of èglleroliftive and irrkogliktive Impulses in universal slloogrentnost of Energy-Plasma, Focus Dynamics are qualitatively changed and “projected” onto configurational features of other Forms, thus causing a subjective effect of Forms’ “motion” or “qualitative changes”. It looks like frames on a filmstrip that move at a certain speed relative to the observation point. The Macrocosmos’ Formo-structures – Rezomirals – “always” (in One Moment of Eternity) remain unchanged regardless of any multimillion dimensional Level of Space-Time we can consider.

1.0063 Absolutely EVERYTHING that can be self-consciously manifested (Exist) in Space-Time in the form of different-quality Self-Consciousness Forms, – already IS from the beginning. EVERYTHING always “was” and always “will be”. No one (either any “God” or any of you) can change anything at their discretion, because all variants of anything you could think of or wish already exist in “current” characteristic development scenarios of your ЛЛУУ-ВВУ{LLUU-VVU} -Form. You can only choose objects (СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms) for your Focus, change some Focuses by qualitatively-different ones. That is, you just change the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness), sequentially and intentionally refocusing from Configurations of the Forms that structure some development scenarios into Configurations from other scenarios.

1.0064 For your better understanding of this, I would like to use the following allegory: the nominal “static” state of Rezomirals can be compared with a reading room in the library that contains a definite number of books. They are systematized and put on the shelves in accordance with their subjects. Regardless of your activity (or that of any other person) before coming to the library and regardless of what you will do after that, the information contained in the books in this reading room was, is and will be constant. When you come to the library, you can use your Focus to attract rezonationally only those books from the library’s diversity into your Self-Consciousness, which are of interest to you at a given moment, while all other books seem as non-existent to you at that time! When you read a book in the reading room which you have taken from a certain bookshelf (Rezomiral), you can no way change the information contained in it (it cannot disappear anywhere from the book). You just individually imagine this information, identifying your Focus with a certain attitude towards the content of this information. After using the book, you put it back on a shelf, and all other readers can immediately use it, while your Focus is already involved in the content of another book.


1.0065 You might ask about the source of any Focus Dynamics, if EVERYTHING ALREADY IS and EVERYTHING is absolutely constant. What can change in this constancy? The Focus Dynamics that structure Configurations of Self-Consciousness Forms are just one of many Principles of the Universal Nature of Energy-Plasma. The “thing” we perceive as “the Macrocosmos” is just an Integral Form of Universal Reflection of all typical States of Energy-Plasma. Absolutely all states! However, only in their highest Expression, These States are absolutely harmonized and balanced, “projecting” (transgressing) Their typical Energy-Information into the entire infinite set of Configurations of lower-quality Forms of Their simultaneous and slloogrent Manifestation. That is, they “self-projects” into that Which we subjectively define as “the Macrocosmos”. These slloogrent Configurations represent “different-quality projections of individual Focus Dynamics” of absolutely all Fields-Consciousnesses (Formo-Creators + Info-Creators).

1.0066 In essence, the simultaneous, different-type and different-Quality[1] “dynamics of Focuses” represent the Main Mechanism (the Cosmic Principle) of manifestation of any Space-Time Formo-structure (the so-called “geometry of space”). The question is where the Focuses are manifested. Where can they be reflected? They do it in themselves! Although this seemingly “complex statement” might be at first completely incomprehensible to many of you, you should at least remember the following: there is nothing in your outer reality except different-type and different-Quality combinations of Focuses (that is, the Focus Dynamics)! Everything that you subjectively perceive as “worlds” and “realities” is an intermediate product of “your” own thinking and psychological creativity, which is adapted to characteristics of your Self-Consciousness’ Perception system. We can put with certainty the equal sign between the definitions “Focuses” and “Configurations of Forms”. Formo-structures are sets of Configurations that have common “points” of different-Quality resonance.The Configurations are reflections of the qualitative state of Focuses. Therefore, nothing exists in the Macrocosmos that manifest any features of self-consciousness except specific (for each dimensional type) reflections of Focuses (Self-Consciousness Forms)!
[1] That which involves Aspects of different Qualities

1.0067 Higher States of Energy-Plasma are transgressed into the Macrocosmos (in One Instant of Eternity!) by means of slloogrent (in their Nature) èglleroliftive Impulses and irrkogliktive Impulses. Eglleroliftive Impulses specifically stimulate the focus Configurations of Formo-Creators and play the key role in the so-called “evolutional selection”). Irrkogliktive Impulses are initially inherent in the Configurations of Info-Creators. These Impulses form the energy-information basis for all svilgs-spherations* within the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness Forms on any multimillion-dimensional Level of manifestation of Energy-Plasma. These Impulses represent the States of absolute rezonation of Energy-Plasma. This is a hypothetical slloogrent “point” with its typical infinite Potential for manifestation of different-quality, mutually-NONrezonational (that is, dissonational to some extent) Focuses of possible Creative Activity of Fields-Consciousnesses of both synthetic and nonsynthetic nature!
*svilgs-spherations - directed, quality-transforming, Creative Activity of Formo-Creators strictly in accordance with their Synthesis Scheme and their type of birvulârtnost

1.0068 This means that any degree of manifestation of the Macrocosmos’ Formo-structures in the information space of Self-Consciousness is not an objective fact. It is specifically “projected” into the Perception system of this slloogrent Configuration of Self-Consciousness (Form). It is individually perceived, and subjectively interpreted by Form’s own Fields-Consciousnesses. As a result it leads to an inertial (focus-type, illusory) formation of corresponding dynamics as Conceptions about the outer “reality” in this information space. These СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Forms reflect not the objective Reality but only the degree of quality of Fields-Consciousnesses that directly participate in the process of this focus reflection. Their perception of the surrounding reality will always be EXCLUSIVELY SUBJECTIVE. The objective Reality is characteristic only of Collegial Cosmic Intelligences whose Focus Dynamics reflect the highest States of Energy-Plasma! Therefore, we can always talk only about “more objective” or “more subjective” Conceptions that will never reflect “the objective Truth” in its entirety and in the diversity of Its manifestations.

1.0069 Thus, it is possible to say that the mechanism of individual perception of “your surrounding reality” is always expressed because of your current subjective Conceptions about it. These Conceptions are inertially materialized with the help of the Formo-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of the focused-by-you “personal” Interpretation. The dynamic structure of Energy-Plasma (that is, the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’ Higher Intelligence) may be figuratively imagined as an integral totality of energy-information parameters of all multilevel Configurations of Self-Consciousnesses. The Configurations transform interquality Synthesis processes (as well as other processes) into mutually-and-slloogrently “projected” and more extensive energy-information Forms of development scenarios. The Essence of these scenarios is a reflection of various focus states. The general Focus Dynamics of the Collective Consciousness of “the current” humankind birvulârtly “penetrates” the entire infinite set of variants of different-quality synthetic processes, which are carried out in the narrow spectrum (Synthesis Direction) of the 3-4-dimensional range of Energy-Plasma. That is, it happens in accordance with the Universal Synthesis Scheme that at initial stages is provided by ЛЛУУ-ВВУ {LLUU-VVU} -Entities.



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