Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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§ - The personalistic Worlds as a structural mechanism of creating your own destiny and surrounding reality. Part 2

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 3

3.0325 You may ask, “Does strong affection to someone or something mean that such a person is focused in the scenario of whom he or she is very affected to? (The entire family or some family members, friends, lovers, co-workers, brothers in arms etc.)” Generally, any affection is a mechanism for switching the Focus of your Close Attention to the person whom you are affected. It is necessary to understand and decide as soon as possible what is more important for you: either affection that constantly distracts you by egocentric tendencies from the following to your cherished goal, or your goal itself. Because any affection demands your attention, time as well as physical and mental efforts. However, an affection itself does not affect your personalistic World, because very often it is formed by interrelations of some subjective affections or preferences to someone or something.

3.0326 An affection as a possible cause of your refocusing in someone’s sporadic World is of no importance, if you remain in the principle position you always use, and not lower the overall level of quality of your vital creativity. You have probably ideal as a goal of your life, the high-quality development directions that determine the depth of the entire essence of your existence. The more your reactions match with your ideals the more stable you are focused in your own personalistic World.

3.0327 For example, a mother's affection to her children or family drains a lot of her physical strength and creative energy. In other circumstances, she could use it for greater benefits, for self- perfection in chosen life Direction creativity. But if this woman despite the additional care, continue to be faithful and focused on the principles by which she wants to achieve her goals, this deep affection will not affect the stability of her personalistic World. Then her Views will organize the circumstances of her life she has been always dreaming about, where the appropriate place is given to her family also. Along with the possibility of her own creative realization, the harmonious relationship, well-being, prosperity, happiness and mutual respect among all members of her family will be formed and maintained.

3.0328 Each of women’s family members also have their own plans, desires, interests and aspirations. They also want to achieve their own goals at any cost. These goals may not coincide with her goal or it may be even diametrically opposed to it. Children are perhaps the most sophisticated psychologists. They are simply the best in invention of ways to manipulate the behavior and choices of their parents. If most of them do not gain their point peacefully or by whining, they start using aggressive tactics. Some others may also withdraw into themselves in a pointed manner that is also a very effective form of manipulation.

3.0329. At this moment, the greatest difficulties or even insurmountable obstacles are on the watch for a woman sometimes. She can be in a dilemma: a continuous war for her beliefs and the triumph of the plans or a permanent surrender to selfish immoderate demands of some family members. Therefore, her own principle concepts fall into a rigid dependence and powerful manipulation by lower quality СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms. Finally, she sacrifices her own views, tastes, desires, interests and aspirations to the family (or some family members). The mother should manifest to the behavior of her child the reactions appropriate to her own high ideas. In time, she should notice their discontent, irritability, rudeness, boorishness and selfishness. If she does not attempt to change anything in them by persistent actions of her own СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms on their Self-Consciousness, she will quickly turn into a hostage of the scenario where her child is the "main character". It is impossible to predict what role she would play in their sporadic Worlds. Most often, this role is dramatic or tragic.

3.0330 Such a constantly subordinated state of mother's Focus Dynamics and her irresponsible attitude to the education and selfish tendencies of her children can lead to unpredictable results. Than in order to effectively cultivate more qualitative characters in children's self-consciousness her "death" should happen in their personalistic World. For example, once a child played with matches and his (her) mother did not tell them about the danger of such games. On another occasion, he (she) driven by curiosity, set fire to the table to see how many minutes it takes to burn. Again, the mother only rebuked him (her) slightly and did not share her experience by explaining many things. She excused children’s offense by their intellectual curiosity and keen interest to all. Finally, once their recklessness and inexperience caused not only her own death, but also death of many people, or property loss. So the child will have to live with this tragic experience his (her) whole life, building on its base the relationship with many other people (sporadic Worlds).

3.0331 This is just one possible scenario of the unlimited diversity of child's direction of development. The fates of many people, one way or another are connected with this family (geographically or mentally). However in this scenario other people represent  only a "working material", psycho-emotional public "background", which is intended to influence the development of both the child and his(her) mother's Consciusness in some way. In other scenarios, the representatives of this "background" were able to defend their better principles and instill more qualitative tendencies to the members of those family. They did so through their sustainable indifferent to the fate of the mother and her children and more responsible attention to the problem of improving the relationship between them. Therefore in their personalistic Worlds, the representatives of "background" refocused into better scenarios where eather the tragedy did not happen, or material losses and victims was much less.

3.0332 In the more favorable options of our "future", parents do not take full responsibility for the upbringing and education of the younger generation, because many of parents require the same attention and assistance as children. So the educational function will be held by the best specialists such as psychomodelirologists, teachers-meditologists, mentors-transedentologists,  educators-iissiidiologists. Their experience and knowledge are gained by deepest studying the new scientific directions of the “future”. There are some examples.  Aaylliiethics is fundamentals of sensible interactions.  Sfuurmmvvuology is the art of reconstruction of subjective reality. Svuullogistry is a regulation of emotional connections, iisstllics is the fundamentals of mental interactions. Coarddiirlogy is the targeted modeling of “rotation Cycles” (i.e. the purposeful modelling of future scenarios). Psychobionics is biosystem’s conditions correction. Psychogenetics is thoughts and senses influence on DNA chromosomal mutations. Vitoscopy is a telepathic communication. There are also many others.

3.0333  Your Focus of Close Attention may move occasionally and briefly anywhere, in any direction of life creativity. If its operational dynamics does not reduce quality of СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms and the range of your common Focus of Creative Activity, you still continue to refocus to your goal. The transformations in your Focus Dynamics are accompanied by brief refocusing in someone's sporadic Worlds. However, this is only a result of "gaps" in your Self-Consciousness in the synthesis of certain ranges of Energy-Plasma of the relationship between aspects of some Qualities. Without synthesis of these Qualities, it is simply impossible for you to refocus in the higher frequency levels, which are structured by those groups of Space-Time Continuums, where your cherished goal has been already reached. 

3.0334 At any moment, as soon as you actively manifest your principal mental and sensual response that reflects the position of your Self-Consciousness to the choices and actions of "main character", the situation and the roles may immediately change. (It is not necessary that your response should be higher quality). If, in spite of the resistance of the potential "main characters" of any of the others sporadic Worlds, you stand on your guns and manage to implement your СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms then you become the “main character" of your own scenario in relations to others. You (not someone else) adjust and model the situation on your own. At the same time, there are options for all other people who have a positive or negative response to your ideas or actions.  Being in your scenario by their Focus Dynamics, they can either remain in their own personalistic Worlds (if what you are doing, is also favorable to their goals) or they refocus to your "crowd scene" (if you have “won” in the situation, but your arguments do not correspond to their ideas about possible solutions of the issue or conflict). 

3.0335 You are very much mistaken when you think that the fact of your non-participation in something, which does not match your ideas, provides you with focusing in your own personalistic World. Not at all! You should support this position each subsequent moment by your specific decisions, reactions, actions, preferences and statements. All your decisions should conform (fix in Self-Consciousness) the dominance in your Focus Dynamics of your own principle position in relation to someone or something. Otherwise, your passivity, keeping silent and indulging in things that you do not agree immediately change your role from “main character” to the member of someone's "crowd scenes". Remember, in most cases the silence or inaction are very active psycho-emotional position. It manifests the vibrational spectrum of qualities, which form the current Configuration of your Self-Consciousness.

3.0336 Sometimes, you cowardly keep silent when you do not agree with something around and you do not even try to change the situation, by declaring publicly your personal opinion.  Sometimes, you sit on your hands when somebody violate your own principles or rights and you do not even try to prevent someone’s lawlessness, crime or aggression. Thus, in all cases you clearly and definitely generate in Space-Time the accurate "coordinates" of the following focusing of your rotation Cycle (you manifest yourselves in relevant following scenarios).  You “affirm” that at this moment of your life you are able to express yourselves only in these levels of Self-Consciousness. Sometimes, you silently disagree with something, when you feel that “something is wrong", but do not declare it publicly. Thereby you allow non-qualitative trends to intensify and develop in words, actions and reactions of other person. It is also the way of your destructive refocusing. Thus, you become a member of the "crowd scene" in the scenario of this person.

3.0337 Your passive attitude and shameful (often-cowardly) silence in situations where you feel that the level of reactions of your relatives or friends does not match the idea of the World you aspire are very active position too. It is the same position as any action that provokes low-quality tendencies in someone (but first of all - in yourself). Often you silently indulge someone's mistakes, unconscious actions and wrongdoings while you see that it might end in failure for the person and someone from his (her) surroundings or it might lead to other harmful effects. If you excuse such actions by saying that “it is just his (her) own path” and indulge someone's irresponsibility, carelessness, slovenliness, miserliness, jealousy, envy, lying and duplicity, you have chosen a fundamentally wrong position. 

3.0338 You should not be indifferent to anything, and especially to things that do not fit your СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms (your ideas). Try at least to declare to the outside world about your active position in order to strengthen its Focus Dynamics by your higher quality ideas. That is, when you do not have the real opportunity to influence the course of events, you just have to disagree with the situation. Do not sacrifice your principles to someone’s hypocritical approval in order to please them and to hear their flattering words. Otherwise, your goal itself becomes unprincipled itself. It turns into a kind of farfetched game just because of your lack of understanding of the following fact. Each of your "casually meteoric thought”, unexpected emotion, thoughtless word, fleeting  scornful look and even your acquiescence to someone's aggressive (stupid, evil, cynical) actions can instantly re-focus you in the most unfavorable circumstances of your life. Therefore, it would be difficult to refocus again to the former most favored state.

3.0339 The false modesty and shyness are synonymous of irresponsibility, often turning into a criminal connivance. Such a person does not understand the consequences of his or her silence. It could be not only in relation to someone’s offense, but also first for themselves. This can be compared with the situation when you look at the globe or map and know your geographical location exactly. Regardless of globe turning, you can always show your location. That is, you should demonstrate the definite reaction and response coordinated by your conscious choice in relation to something that happens either around you or at the unattainable distance. You should always know exactly where you feel yourself in any of the countless options of your coming "now”. Only this way, you can stabilize your Focus Dynamics in the levels of life’s creativity that best fit goals and tasks of your life.

3.0340 In any situation the most important thing is not what you say or do but what you think, feel and experience now. Your personal involvement in everything that you say is important. After all, you can say everything that people say themselves or something they wish to hear from you. And perhaps it will be said from his (her) own false, double-faced and selfish World that they clever disguise under the perfect one. By believing in this, you unconsciously start doing the same things, multiplying lie, sowing seeds of discord, creating hostility, dislike, chaos, envy and distrust.

3.0341 This is the way every lie multiplies and amplifies. The lie which is based on attractive and encouraging words, but in reality it has a completely opposite, selfish, materialistic, and sometimes carefully hidden very aggressive and misanthropic purpose. The quality of your personal refocusings in the worlds around you is determined only by your personal internal states. In this subjective process, it is important only what you personally feels when you make a remark to others. Is it just a blame on your part or the sincere attempt to make better the World of another person? Then, even if you have made a mistake, saying others that they are is in unworthy state, your sincere inner impulse is natural and true. It is not false and lie. Even if your ideas are far-fetched by yourself but after all, the most important for your stable focusing in "your own" personalistis World is only what YOU firmly believe and aspire to.

3.0342 Some of you often say to others right and good words, but sometimes they do so not to help overcoming some disadvantages in themselves. They just show again their own superiority in a more detailed understanding of something, although the exact studied repetition of someone's clever ideas and quotes does not necessarily imply the existence of wisdom. Very often, they do glorious deeds only in order to sweeten their ambitions: “You see, here I am, and I can do it. You think that I am bad but I am very good; I am not as you think about me; but you couldn’t do the way I did; I did it so good, so altruistically”.

3.0343 Yes, it is possible that for this manifestation the person hides a sincere desire to reform him/herself to the better, to prove that he/she is much better than it appears from an outside viewpoint. Nevertheless, the motivation of these actions is entirely based on the ambitions and selfish desires. Others express their opinions and views because they simply cannot keep it to themselves, if they feel that something in the world around them is not going the way they imagine it.

3.0344 Yes, very often the words and opinions of such people are too subjective, not correct, dogmatic and maximum demanding, but anyway, it is strong pronounced position of Creators of their own Worlds. They firmly know what exactly they want and they are well aware of how this can be achieved. They just need to shift their interests from ambitious and selfish activities of the two lower IISSIIDI-Centers into altruistic and high intellectual sphere of creativity of next pair of Centers. And if they could be provided with high quality Knowledge that allow to realize themselves in higher Levels of Self Consciousness we would all have focused in much better and more harmonious Worlds than we are now. 

3.0345 The higher vibration of Self Consciousness a person has the more and clearly, he/she manifests the need to stay on their principle positions in all areas of life creativity. Yes, for those preferring the ways where everything is familiar and predictable, such people are always very uncomfortable and powerful catalysts for negative reactions. Any person, who takes a better position of principle in relation to any manifestation of life, becomes an outlaw, something very uncomfortable, unpleasant and annoying for those who look at the same things quite differently. According to the level of their understanding, these people immediately stick hundreds of labels on others.

3.0346 After all, it is necessary to pass all of this and carry the things that is most valuable for you in your life. It is necessary to bring yourself and other people presenting in your own qualitative World to the highest goal you have set. It is important to keep this position in spite of others who disagree with you and trying to either push or entice with all sorts of benefits and privileges. While carrying out any matter, you should have a fine appreciation of what may bring obvious benefits to others or hidden harm. We must uncompromisingly monitor our decisions making, without getting tired to ask ourselves: “Where and who am I in this particular choice and situation& Am I the one who is in the center of my cherished Goal?” 

3.0347 There is nobody in your personalistic World but yourself. Everyone else one way or another appears in "your" world only in order to provide you with real opportunities to manifest actively yourself in many different ways of life creativity. Therefore, thanks to them, experiencing a variety of psycho-mental states, one day you will be able to track, understand and become aware of the qualitative difference between the “versions of yourselves." Than finally you will make it clear once and forever that in the simultaneous existence of the Universe there is not only you, but also an infinite number and variety of different-quality interpretations of yourself. These versions of your eternal "person" (Formo-Types) are united by one high spiritual, high intellectual and high altruistic Goal. It is impossible to reach this Goal at any cost other than by the way of consistent refocusing into your qualitative and better states of your holographic Self Consciousness. Everything else is secondary and vanity of vanities. 

3.0348. Quality and details of your Goal take a determining role in the effectiveness of your refocusing. The lower quality level of your Goal, the more your comfortable existence in someone’s sporadic Worlds become familiar and comfortable to you. It relieves you of "personal" responsibility for decisions as someone takes these decisions instead of you. Such goals are quite easily achievable and can be easily replaced by other mercantile goals. Therefore, such goals are a reliable mechanism for "switching" your Focus Dynamics from the most favorable circumstances of "your own" personalistic World to shady opportunities and situations of someone’s sporadic Worlds.

3.0349 You can feel a high Goal that is structured by a variety of positive motivations, logically or intuitively only.  You admire this Goal but still imagine all its details very weakly. The goal is not linked to your current priorities and values. However, positive motivations make you believe that you do the right choices and you become able to abandon your current interests for the sake of the Goal. So higher goal is a powerful stabilizing factor for your process of refocusing within a more universal СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of your personalistic World. Depending on how strong your life position is your inner resistance will be manifested.  According to the depth of your motivational assurance of the importance and value of your goals as well as your ideas about better yourselves, your stability against external influences and reactions will be shown. 

3.0350 If you are stable in aspiration to achieve your own Goal as soon as possible, your "personal" attitude to something will always be crucial. The understanding of need for this position’s demonstration and its constant protection will also be the most important for you. But it is not necessary for you to prove someone this psycho mental state or express it through some active actions. It often happens that in order to keep or express deeper your own principle position in some circumstances, it is possible to do so through peaceful silence, patience and tolerance rather than through unrestrained eloquence or some active steps. The refocusing process into relevant scenarios is carried out only through the quality of your own states.

3.0351 In this regard, there is one more point that is important. Often, you are alone somewhere and there is no one next to you. Therefore, it seems that no one has effect on you, and you do not need to play the role of “Big head”. Nevertheless, please make no mistake thinking that being alone, you are exempt from the possibility to refocus to someone’s sporadic Worlds. The information space of the world around you is always crowded with others thoughts and feelings, desires and interests. The world never remains inactive, passive and apathetic in relation to you. The reason for this is the resonation principle. It provides all the infinite variety and eternal continuity of any Form of Consciousness you focus. Your perception system is simply unable to visually monitor and adequately capture the entire Focus Dynamics of the surrounding reality.

3.0352 If while staying alone, you are inferior to your low vibrational interests, weaknesses and vices, if you do not keep your principles, assuming that you can afford low-quality realizations , then it means you fix your Focus Dynamics in someone’s sporadic Worlds (not in your personalistic World). This can occur under strong or stable influence on your Focus Dynamics of other individuals’ low vibrational energies if they are actively engaged in the same realizations. The active source of such СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms generating can be either your neighbors or the heroes of the movie you are watching, authors and singers of the song(music) you are listening, even your own personal interpretations living in parallel similar scenarios.

3.0353 Being alone with yourself, you need to monitor your thoughts and feelings carefully, to be aware without any compromise of the fact, “who I am now." If the condemnation of someone comes, you have to catch yourself on this: "Why do I blame?”. You need to try tracing a possible motivation of someone's wrongdoing, "Yes, this person has done wrong, but for some reason he could not take another choice. that is much better. What prevents him make much better decision?  What he did not know? Perhaps if I had suggested it before, he would not do it now and this situation simply would not have happened!". 

3.0354 When you understand and realize your own guilt or at least a personal involvement in the fact of someone's offense, your condemnation will be gone or greatly reduced. Instead, more deep awareness can come, that every connivance on your part or untimely passing over with silence of something important to you, can lead to very serious consequences, such as someone else's mistakes, quarrels, offences, hurts, failures, troubles and even tragedies. An advanced remark or timely intervention can be much more valuable for the other "personality" than a whole tirade of words spoken to him (her) afterwards, when it will be very difficult to convince them in some ways or to try directing them to a more true way of a creative self-improvement.

3.0355 The quality of your creative, spiritual manifestations plays a huge role when doing any job, no matter how ordinary or routine it may seem to you. This allows you to either remain firmly focused on the process of achieving your goal (then you stay in your personalistic World) or grabs your attention from your principles and temporary activates some of other interests. (Then it involves  you in dynamics of sporadic Worlds).

3.0356. Anyway, all sporadic Worlds around you are not only someone's Worlds of "strangers”, but it is also yours! They become yours in the moment, when they are "projected" into your Focus Dynamics. The fact is that in this continuous refocusing process there is a very significant feature. All what you call "foreign" personalistic Worlds is also differently qualified reflection of your personalistic World’s Focus Dynamics at the same time but from different points of view . You somehow manifest yourself in someone's Focus Dynamics, providing with some effect on him or her. Therefore, any of these sporadic Worlds is also your scenario that is “made” by certain way “especially” for you. However, this scenario is much lower quality than many of those in this situation where you purposefully adjust it in the line with your own ideas about better "yourselves."

3.0357 Through someone's subjective understanding of your personality, these sporadic worlds are different reflections of those many options of your previous choices that you would like to erase from your life with pleasure. They, like the sword of Damocles hanging over each of your "current" choices are ready to cross out and destroy all of your "current" achievements and successes. Suppose you said or did something wrong. Then someone's misconceptions about you immediately fall upon you by public accusation without mercy. Very often, it drives you to the aggression and despair, offense or depression, hatred or deep guilt for your previous   faults and mistakes. This could permanently distract you from your goal’s achievement; therefore, this refocuses you in the states of “crowd scenes” which are always dependent on something or someone. In the "foreign" scenarios, you are more controlled by the actions of other people; you do not do what you really want.

3.0358 We actively model and implement conflict situations in different ways. The conflicts are the product of the activities of the first pair of IISSIIDI centers (survival and rough sexuality), as well as ambitious СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of lower-level centers of the second pair of IISSIIDI centers (ego-love and ego-mentality). As a rule conflicts are caused by an active influence on your Focus Dynamics by primitive and selfish conglomerates that give rise to the tendency towards separation, division, destruction and selfness. Our "future" Forms are free from intrusive influence of selfish conglomerates. Therefore, the state that we now perceive as a conflict is virtually absent, as all people try to make their choices based on the real human’s signs of High Sensual Intellect and Highly intellectual Altruism. The synthesis of these two characteristics generates in person’s Self Consciousness the СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of the new quality – Immunitantnaya Responsibility. (Absolutely unconditional liability).

3.0359 What you can see in such movies as "Star Wars" about "evil extraterrestrial civilizations", attacking the Earth, cannot be implemented in practice of the relationship between the highly developed cosmic civilizations. The collective consciousness of all cosmic civilizations (including us) that have not reached yet a certain level of development remain locked-out (realizably closed) in their own planetary systems and have no possibility of entering the vast arena of the relationships in the space community. The deepest Understanding of the Essence of the Universal Cosmic Laws should be reached first. The sad current situation with cosmic cooperation remains as long as the lowest levels of Consciousness will not be sufficiently synthesized; otherwise, it can harm the development of other civilizations.

3.0360. Both the amplification (evolution in real Human qualities) of Self-Consciousness of any individual, and the amplification of the Collective Consciousness of an entire civilization (population) are supposed to be a continuous and consistent increase in the number of interconnections. These are interconnections between different quality Form-Creators, between persons or groups, between nations or countries. It provides a gradual harmonization, balancing and elimination of these interconnections (and relationships) to higher quality level.

3.0361 Therefore, the human society still have to go through many global trials and mass spiritual illuminations to accumulate the necessary experience, as well as intellectual and altruistic potential. It will allow the majority of earthlings to understand and accept the newest Iissiidiological knowledge, and to go beyond the low vibrational spectrum of implementations that do not allow modern humans, even in the most primitive form to join the highest Idea of altruistic- intellectual serving the Universe. There are no disharmonious states like modern conflicts (aggression, violence, destruction, murder) between the members of the “future” human community, where these levels of consciousness are already achieved and globally activated. Abilities of Understanding, tolerance, Responsibility and Initiative, intellectual and altruistic attitudes and mass people's aspiration for creative cooperation in various fields of creativity and development are the most important and fundamental values in the favorable options of our "future".

3.0362 The more highly developed is the relationship between people, the more idea about conditionally and subjective separation on “own” and “foreign” Worlds becomes leveled. That is the more a process of two Qualities (ALL LOVE-ALL WISE and ALL WILL-ALL MIND) Inter-Synthesis is implemented in Self-Consciousness, the less the need for selfish choices is activated in Focus Dynamics. Only state of egoism provokes conflicts!

3.0363 If you act most appropriate not only for yourself, but for others, you begin to treat your choices and actions very seriously and responsibly. So you carefully select from opportunities only those options that violate your own principles, and also not infringe upon anyone's interests and rights. If you are wise and human in your decisions then your actions, choices, words and actions will take into account not only your personal needs and current interests, but also a huge amount of states of the surrounding Worlds, which are already harmonically formed. You simply will not violate this harmony, realizing its importance and primacy for achieving your own Goals.

3.0364. So in any relationship from a variety of options of your next act or possible words you should always try to find the ones that are least able to be a cause of disharmonious state of all people around you. This is possible only through the constant integration of large number of different-qualitative characteristics and different levels of self-consciousness. When the high-motivational conceptions of higher levels are well balanced and stabilized in your Focus Dynamics, then the different manifestations of impulsive Creative Activity of low-motivational conglomerates obey the requirements of a quality experience much easier and faster.

3.0365 In fact, if you can constantly be guided in your choices by the ideas of those whom you acknowledge to be much better in quality and more developed. Then thereby you "collapse" Focus Dynamics with those configuration of your own ЛЛУУ-ВВУ{LLUU-VVU}-Form that already have identical Experience. This experience is formed by successive "projection" to each other of your future countless “death" - by mistakes and misfortunes, sufferings and hardships, losses and gains, dramas and tragedies, successes and good lucks. You are also able not to go through all of this in reality, but only to observe it and follow the principles of better "person" in your life by imitating his/her in most important and the best. One day each of you should answer yourself a very important question: "What is more important for me: to focus in" my own "personalistic, but lower quality Worlds, with a predominance of selfish principles, or to take the same efforts to "imitate" something better that has been already reached by someone? If you choose the first one, It will take a lot of time and mental strength. The second choice will allow more effectively forming your identical and intuitive experience. 

3.0366 If you really aim at high goals, not just on words, you just cannot keep silent, observing something that contrary to your understanding and Ideas. For example, when you see a child running for the ball flown away to the highway, you are not going to think silently about the fact how lucky or not the child is. You try to save him from possible danger, do not you? This powerful impulse happens inside by natural way. The same natural way and aspiration to correct something in accordance with your own qualitative ideas should be performed in all of your choices every moment.

3.0367 If the shame of something that you can modify or prevent naturally appears, you should do your best that after making these changes, not to be ashamed of either yourselves or others. Your principal position on any occasion should always be active. You are not forced to do so, but you will just feel obliged at least to try fixing someone's mistake. You should learn to activate your principal position in the world and affect the unfavorable situations and circumstances in order to initiate a refocusing of their people into "your" personalistic World, where the only positive reactions and altruistic actions are possible.

3.0368 Consciously or unconsciously, each of us is a kind of mentor or teacher for the people around us. Our life and choices have caused to others either the desire to imitate or it can be a good example of how not to do. However, in these cases do not get the words "teacher" and "mentor" in one-sided meaning. Do not take it with the position of indulgence to all of your egocentrism, hiding behind the fact that you do something supposedly to teach someone a good “lesson". 

3.0369 First of all, this "teaching", is extremely irresponsible to yourselves, since by this way you quietly drive yourselves to the sharp corners of your own weakness such as pride, arrogance, ambition, envy, jealousy, etc. You are simply unable to cope with them, therefore you realize them through covert negativity and sophisticated "false lessons" of your duplicity that you intend to give to other people. The true teacher is one who will remind the person about the possibility of making better decisions without any condemnation. With a deep understanding, he/she will remind about possibility of better choices and gently show more qualitative options. The true teacher will help someone effectively, not in words, to get rid of the illusion of egoism as well as all that prevents other people of approaching their lofty goals.

3.0370 In your scenarios of life you can witness such events as the crisis that you haven’t started, a war that you haven’t unleashed, murder, rape, robbery, false and corrupted politics as well as many more that is not appropriate with your СФУУРММ-Формы {SFUURMM-forms} (your own conceptions). Your principal position should be based on a clear understanding of the root causes of such situations origin in the world. These causes are deeply disclosed in Iissiidiologycal Knowledge. Therefore, in order not to feed this dynamics by own manifestations of extreme negativism, rejection and aggression, we should better use the appropriate, more reliable information base. Then we will not to be led by those who benefit from the panic, agiotage, rush and explosions of public opinion.

3.0371 If any global negative or dramatic situation happens against your will, without your participation and you have no possibility to fix something by your strong influence, you should first calm down and begin to treat the situation with a deep philosophical understanding. Your task in all life circumstances is always to ensure that you do not dive into the emotions of irritability, blame, offence, hatred or similar negative states. You should try to find in your experience, any positive motivation convincing for you in order to not to be involved unconsciously in the destructive process and to keep in your Focus Dynamics the mental and sensual (intellectual and altruistic) balance. The same applies to your subjective “personal” perception of all kinds of disasters and catastrophes, when everything collapses around you and something happens you would not want to have in your personalistic world.

3.0372 In difficult and questionable situations, you should just uphold your opinion and principal position calmly and confidently (if you believe in them and think they are better and more harmonious than others are). Not imposing your point, you should report it to everyone it may concern. Therefore, if despite all your reasonable efforts a different decision is made, you will not refocus in "foreign" world and continue to remain in "your own" personalistic world, being confident that you are right. Then, you remain in “your own world” even in spite of the fact that the event quite undesirable for you happens. With no blame, you should react on these things as an inexplicable reality that you do not know yet. Because it happens in your life for your own benefits only, for the acquisition of some experience that is so necessary for you right now.

3.0373 The biggest obstacle to these positive states are your own primitive notions of "Death" as the imminence and inevitability of the "end" of your "personal" existence. The entire illusion of the subjective perception of the events surrounding your life or someone else's facts of "Death" is based on the predominance of low vibrational factors in your Focus Dynamics. For example, SVUULL-VVU-activity (lower levels of your two lowest energetic centers) conceptual ignorance and primitivism objectively limit the cognitive and implementation capacity of your subjective perception system. Due to this, you are able to choose and treat only a single option from the great "kaleidoscope" of simultaneous and parallel events that occur around you. Therefore, you make your subjective conclusions about what exists and what does not exist based on the energy-informational content of this only option.



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